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Monday, 25 November 2013

Amazing 3CE Lip Lacquer

have you heard of 3CE this brand from Korea? 
No? Yes? 
it's selling like hot cakes all around the world especial Korea .
Honestly the quality of their cosmetics is considered as professional level.
Can even compare with Bobbi Brown, MAC , shiseido & others big brand. 
and the price is not cheap, but still slightly cheaper than the others big brand that I mentioned. 

Today I'm going to do a review on 3ce Lip Lacquer and 3ce waterful concealer . 
because previous post is about Moilip Lip care, 
so now you should be able to wear any nice lip products (if you bought la. haha)
what is Lip Lacquer ?
I believe most of us heard Lip stick, Lip gloss, Lip stain, Lip balm, but Lip Lacquer? Not really 
here's a short lesson

-Lip stick - high Pigmented & stay long on our lip (weakness- most of them are dry )
-Lip Gloss - glossy and shinny healthy lip (weakness - the color doesn't really shown up)
-Lip Stain - last really long and waterproof ( weakness- only 3 colors, pink, orange and red) 
-Lip balm - lip care for daily usage ( weakness- no color? )
-Lip Lacquer -high pigmented yet still have the glossy dewy look , lots of colors, last really long (weakness - price is not cheap)

Total 10 colors
all of them is super super super nice color !!!!
if you ask me to choose i'm gonna take all back T_T 
where can we get it from ? 

你们有听过3ce 这个韩国牌子吗? 
我接触了3ce的粉底,口红,唇彩, 高光液,遮瑕膏,眼线膏,啊啊,全部都好满意啊!
效果和质地完全不输大牌 MAD, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido 等等的大牌子
3ce 不像etude house, elianto, skin food 等等这些牌子,



什么是唇漆? 我们来上一上课吧
*唇膏 - 颜色明显,持久 ( 缺点 - 大部分都很干)
*唇蜜 - 看起来很光泽感,很健康 (缺点 -颜色很淡很不明显)
*唇染液 - 很持久,防水 (缺点- 只有3个颜色,红,粉红 和橙色 )
*护唇膏 - 保护嘴唇 ( 没颜色)
*唇漆 -颜色超明显,保湿度好,很多颜色可选,很持久,不易脱妆(缺点 -比较贵)


without flash & without flash
自然光线 和 室内灯光下

first of all I'm using 3ce waterful concealer in #001 
首先我先简单的介绍3ce的遮瑕液,我用的是 色号 #001

The texture is like what the tittle said, 'waterful'.  
it's very easy to blend well with our skin tone color , can be use for for lips and dark circle  as well !

质地很水,可是遮瑕能力又不错的一款遮瑕液, 在这边再提醒各位,
优点- 遮瑕能力最强,持久度很好 
缺点- 厚重,难推均匀,卡粉,新手不适合
 优点- 滋润,容易推均匀,轻薄不厚重
 缺点- 遮瑕力和持久力就比较差一点


start with bare lip bare face 0_0
裸唇裸脸开始 (我觉得我好大胆) 

apply the concealer on the lip and blend it well 
the reason we put this on our lip is for our lip stick color can become sharper and last longer .

涂上遮瑕液 ,不需要很多。然后用手指推均匀就可以了。

let me introduce  you my 3ce lip lacquer *clap clap clap*
so I bought 4 colors (how I wish i can grab all of them ,but my wallet not allow )

主角登场!3ce lip lacquer *拍手*
我自己有4个颜色 (其实好想每个颜色都买下来,因为全部都很美啦)

The tip of the brush is with a soft and bouncy fluffy brush, easy to take out the amount that we needed.

刷头是这样的海绵头,很好推,很舒服 然后又可以一次过拿到适量的唇漆。

top to bottom -
Super Coral
Bubble gum


Just 1 swipe you can see the color is how pigmented and able to cover my original lip color. 

看到吗? 这个 bon bon是最浅色的,可是只要一层就轻轻松松盖完我的唇色了。

Bon-bon is a light orangy color
Bonbon is suitable for girls who like light and natural make up. 
Not recommend to put on bare face, you'll look sick .trust me.

不推荐素颜用bon bon,比较难控制,
 要涂bonbon 你需要化一点妆,不然看起来比较没有精神那样。
化妆后用bonbon 会看起来很自然,适合淡妆的女孩们。

Super Coral 

super coral is slightly pinkish if compared to Bon-bon  , easier to handle
bare face with super coral on is still acceptable =)

这个颜色比bon bon带一点粉红色,比较容易掌控。

Bubble Gum

HAHA! I bet most of you must be waiting for this strong , sharp and weird color! so do I !
but let me tell you, this is my favorite among all ! it does look weird on the color chart, but when I applied to my lip it looks so pretty ! the color changed to a purple pinkish color! 
it's even ok to put on a BARE FACE !! can you believe that! here I present to you my bare face with #bubble gum on. 

我猜你们全部一定很想看这个bubble gum 紫色对吧? 我也是对这个颜色充满好奇心和疑问。
一涂,好惊讶,深紫色怎么会变成带点粉红色的紫色了? 好好看哦! 
话不多说,直接给你们看素颜涂这个 #bubble gum色! 


Here I'm using Korean K pop star technic to apply this color 
all you needed to do is apply concealer on your bare lip
and apply bubble gum on your inner lip 
and use finger tips blend the color out carefully . and you'll get a nice gradient lip! 
tips - to make sure you success, 
you must choose a strong color that can only bring out a nice gradient lip

再来这个是用咬唇妆的技巧来涂 bubble gum. 
先涂遮瑕液在嘴唇,再用bubble hum 涂内侧,再用手指慢慢拉紫色出来,
tips - 你要你的咬唇妆成功的话,


a medium dark red color , this was my top 2 favorite , suitable for vintage look and chinese new year (because chinese loveeeeee red right?) 
some people also said this is dracula color , for me dracula color should be more darker than this.
#Backstage this color will instantly make you become much fairer too~


Here's a picture of me attended friend birthday party with my #Backstage color lip lacquer.
a simple black dress with this red lip is so simple and nice =D

一件简单的黑色长礼服,再涂上这个鲜艳的红唇,简单又好看!而且好显白哦 >///<

when I back at home after the party, the color is still stay still !

match perfectly with smoky eyes too !

来一个smoky eye 再配上这个红唇,好成熟,好好看 

lets see if i use my tissue to wipe away the lip lacquer

only drop off a bit, still stay still on my lip ! 

love it?
 buy it ! =D

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you can win a 3ce Lip Pigment in Electro Pink worth RM60 just follow 3 simple steps !

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Shiseido Moilip Lip Care

Do you have a perfect lip? not lip shape not lip size What I mean is a moist & healthy lip!
juicy moist glowing healthy lips that we saw from Japanese & Taiwanese models.
I've noticed Malaysian doesn't really know how to take care our lips. 
Lip have mask and scrub just like our face, it needs maintenance too

I have a serious crack /dry lips since I was small,  my mom always told me because I dint drink enough water so my lips are dry until crack & bleed. ok, so I've drank a lot water but it became worst on the next day -_-'' so clearly not about water matter la. so went to watsons /guardian farmasi bought a lot different brand lip balm, you can named it and i tried it. totally useless...
 those are for normal daily lip care, is only for people who doesn't have serious dry lip.  
So in my make up pouch doesn't have any lip stick/ lip gloss...what i can do is just jealous  
so last few years , internet is more canggih already, so googled about is there any good lip care product, 
So I found Egyptian magic cream.
It's a very good multifunction cream, even can apply on pets! 100% natural ingredient
 (it works wonder as a night lip mask)
but what I want is instant lip crack fixer (girls always want more~)
 one day I  was reading a taiwan famous blogger , she's doing this Shiseido Moilip lip care review 
and it seems not bad! so I immediately google it and purchase it right away! 

you can purchase from here :

it's selling RM 42 excluding postage. 
Not cheap huh, but it works wonder ! definitely worth it ! 

所以那么慢才呕出来 >_< 
我来说说我自己的经历吧, 我从小到大嘴唇每天或2天内一定脱皮,干裂到很严重的那种。
自己含着/咬着嘴唇, 妈妈就说我因为没有喝水的关系所以缺少水分而导致这样。
妈妈带我去买那些watsons & guardian 可以买到的护唇膏, lip ice, skin food, the body shop, etude house, 等等什么屁都买过,就是没有一个行得通。有些导致更严重。。。
在前年我上网看了一个叫 Egyptian magic cream.
这个是万能的滋润膏,的确不错的,天然到甚至可以涂在宠物身上哦。功能多道数不清,有兴趣的朋友可以到她们的facebook 询问。
这个适合普通的滋润可是不够给我这种严重型的嘴唇 /_\ 
专门设计给严重‘嘴唇炎’的人, 嘴唇炎是什么? 我google了才知道我的是嘴唇炎,
一用!那个效果感动得都快哭了! 我的朋友看见我分享也去买了一支,她也猛说很好用!
你们可以在这边买到哦! 本地shiseido 是没有卖这个的(我已经问过了)。

这边 :

价钱是 RM42 还没包快递费。不便宜,可是你买了这个永远不会再浪费钱买别的护唇膏了。

Let's see few pictures of my awful dry lip ... 3 pictures was token at different place different time. 
my lip is just so dry and crack. this 3 pictures is considered ok if compare to last few years .


This one after apply lip stick, the colors all slip under my crack dry dead skin, so ugly :(


Tada !!!! My precious little Moilip , My lip couldn't live without it anymore v_v
packaging is simple and colorful 
*Picture grabbed from FlowerGirl Shop*


可以这边购买 :

She even won the best lip care from Cosme award


So let me show you how magical is this Moilip lip care!


my deadskin just became soft and disappear within a min !!!!! 
if you don't trust me, just spend RM42 and apply to your lip and you can see the result immediately.
I'm sure & very confident that there's a lot girl will come to say thanks to me because of saving their lip (hahahaha) I'm glad that I could help ! 

你会感谢我 XD

see~ became so moist and juicy already. your boy friend / husband will like to kiss you more lo
 if compare to DRY CRACK lip right? 



My nerdy look before sleep

The End? NOOOOOOO~ The amazing part is NOW! 
The Next day after a good sleep (I'm with my baby...impossible to have a good sleep T_T)
you will find out your lips like got a thick oily feel and might have a bit white spot /uneven spot on your lip. 

完了? 才没有! 好戏还在后头~

AFTER  you brush your teeth (if use warm water is even better) 
when your lips is still wet 
use your finger rub it gently 
you will see ALL THE DEAD SKIN came off !!!!!!
see mine!!! yuck !!!

当你刷完牙齿后 (用温水嗽口的话效果会更好哟!)

Tada!!!! here come the baby smooth lip!!! 
after rub your lips you'll find out 
-your lips will appear in brighter pinkish color 
-your lips is just like baby lip
- no more crack line 
-clean and refresh !!!

congratulation!!! you can go to buy a bunches of lip stick / lip gloss NOW !!!


The healthy shinny glowy lip 

no more crack line! 


after apply lip gloss. Your smile will be more confident now!


This is after a wedding dinner late night 10PM plus. 
My lip is still under moist condition . hehe
no more jealous / envy to magazine models !!!
my close friend know I NEVER EVER SMILE WITH MY MOUTH OPEN to the camera! 
Because lip was very dry, doesn't look good on camera and also sometimes dry until I smile and my lip bleeds. sigh. 
But now, I can smile as hard as I can  :')  sob , I'm so happy

定期用这个 moilip.一定能得到改善的。
不过现在我不需要遮遮掩掩了!可以有将大就笑将大!感动 :')

Love it Like it ?

你可以到以下的link 购买哟!
you can purchase from here :

Hope you like my review and hope it helps your lip!
if your lip doesn't need this you can also share this news to your friends who had the same problem with me :) 

嘴唇没有问题的人也可以分享给嘴唇有问题的朋友哦! 谢谢 :)