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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

EverSoft Skinz UVwhite blogger launching event and review

Hi ladies! 
How's your day :) 

Today I'm gonna blog about EverSoft Skinz NEW range of Skin care UV white !
thanks Eversoft for the invitation

so, here we are , at Ativo Plaza , RONDAEVOO restaurant . 

After we registered we're very surprised , they've already prepared every things on every tables every seats. including a full range of UV white products , a mirror, towel , hair clips,  hair ban even a bowl of water for us to wash our face. That's really heart warming :') 

so here is my table, my documents provided by Eversoft Skinz Msia
me and Janice managed to grab a front row seat because we reach quite early =D  

enjoying my breakfast sandwich in a comfortable place 

lately she always attend with me together, her name is Janice
do visit her blog to show some support yea ^_^ 

Cheesie why you so pretty ! face so small and sharp, totally no need photoshop Q_Q 

Total 9 products from UV white Series 
from left to right 

-Purifying Facial Foam RM14.90
-Youth Recall Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil (not under UVwhite series)  RM20.90
-Purifying Facial Scrub RM14.90
-Instant Radiance Rinse-Off Face Mask RM16.90
-Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator RM20.90
-Clarifying Toner RM16.90
- Intense Whitening Serum  RM39.90
-Intensive Night Moisturiser RM32.90 
-Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA ++  RM32.90
- BB cream with SPF30PA++  RM42.90 

Among all the 10 products I'll pick my favourite one's to show you all 

-Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA ++ 
I don't really see much moisturiser in the market now came with SPF20PA + 
which enough for our daily sun protect. 
for busy people like us now this combination is definitely a bonus point. 
texture is creamy & rich , but I guess is more suitable for people who with dry to normal skin. 
for oily skin maybe just a very thin layer is enough. 

-Intensive Night Moisturiser 
Creamy & rich as well, suitable for dry, normal , oily , combination skin. 
I'll put a thick layer before sleep. The next day your skin will 'poing poing * very bouncy and smooth. 

highly recommend this! UVwhite BB cream with SPF30PA++  
Lately I've used a soap called 'GAMILA Secret ' 
Sadly it no longer available in Malaysia anymore, Last time it available in The gardens & Sunway Pyramid. Went to find their counter last few weeks by no longer available . 
Nearest you can get is from Singapore, Gamila Secret first month will helps us detox all the problem, so my face is full with pimples , BIG pimples omg T_T especially jaw area. 
I barely use foundation/ bb cream on my face now, wanna let them recover first . 
Until Janice told me the BB cream is very nice & very light . 
so I went back home and try. 
Surprisingly , yes! It is very very nice to blend on our skin, the texture is soooo light !  
BB cream is suitable for every skin tone too 

Please remember remember remember to put on sun screen once you step out from your house,
especially if you're driving to somewhere else. Under the hot sun and the UV is really harm our skin. 
Pigments it wouldn't show out immediately, actually it is slowly growing under your skin, 
maybe few years later it'll appear and there is NOTHING or VERY VERY hard to make it fade or disappear . 
remember that girls :) 

super super easy to blend & the texture is very smooth 

lighten my skin tone 
Price - Good
Correct skin tone - Good 
Moisturise - Good 
Coverage - Normal 
Smell - Normal 
the next one I like is this Youth Recall Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil 
suitable for every skin type 

1. Dispense 3 - 4 pumps of cleansing oil onto dry hands. Gently apply and smooth all over dry face. 2. Wet face with a few drops of water and gently rub to emulsify cleansing oil. Rinse off thoroughly. 3. Move on to complete double cleansing process. 

It gave me refreshing and clean feelings after the oil make up remover . 

I guess this set is great for girls who want a fair skin , but for oily skin I don't really recommend it. 
it's great for Dry to Normal skin :) 
and I think this set is really great for your mother! Especially mom that always have to go pasar, fetch you/ your brothers sisters to school, tuition etc. They need this set :) 

Hope you like my review ! 


Friday, 26 September 2014

TheCandySkin Velvet matte lip stick / flawless foundation and Oh! My own falsie mascara REVIEW

Hi girls!
How's your day? 
today is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures, 
First of all, thanks to TheCandySkin for sending me this big parcel to my doorstep!

if you're interested in their products you may visit here 

official website :


Instagram :

have you ever heard of TheCandySkin? 

TheCandySkin was founded in Malaysia in 2007.
Their products was designed to beautify women from inner to outer.
TheCandySkin was started by a young group of pretty & passionate girl in Malaysia.
 Support local ! 

all the goodies is well packed in a thick box with their pretty sticker on it. 

*heavy breath* 

so let's start from their latest products! which is the Velvet Matte Lip Stick! 

the packaging is just like a luxury pen! 

with their signature brand name on it 

Just couldn't stop starring at those pretty details *_* 
the packaging gave me a luxury laduree cosmetics feels

they have a total of 12 pretty shades !

one of TheCandySkin team members told me they've been choosing the colour again and again for almost half year ! 

here is the colour swatch from left to right 
-04 La Hélénie d’automne 堆心菊 
a warm color pinkish coral color, more suitable on fair skin 
-08 La Ficoïde glaciale 松葉菊
an orangy pinkish color, a very unique colour indeed ! not orange but orangy pink. 
you need to put on foundation & blusher to pull out this look. 
-05La Bruyére 石南
similar & slightly darker if compare to colour 04 , more suitable for office / natural look. 
suitable for every skin tone. 
-10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
my favourite ! Dark pink with a hint of purplish! 
suitable for every skin tone too, no matter how casual you wear, a sharp colour lip stick will bring out the entire look! 

all the colour is very pigmented and sharp, but before you apply you better make sure your lip conditions is good. This lip stick texture is matte , so if our lip is too dry, the lip line will be kinda obvious.

My suggestion? You can apply a thick layer of Vaseline before sleep. and rub off all the dead skins away the next morning. You're all set for the day! 

Using Velvet matte lipstick in No.10 

and you can try gradient lip colour too, using no10 & no4. both became a very nice gradient lip

another new products from TheCandySkin, 
Flawless Foundation Cream

here I have two of the lightest shades, 
Almond- more to natural skin tone. 
PinkGuava - more to pinkish fair skin tone. 

just 1 swipe , you can see the coverage & blend really well into my skin. 
dap more on dark circle it'll became like concealer. 
wore it for half a day outdoor and it still stays on my face, just that for my own opinion I think this flawless foundation cream is more suitable for combine-dry skin women, I'm considered combined skin,
after a few hours my T zone appeared some oil. But If I add a thin layer of loose powder is gonna be better and last even longer & oil-free. 

oh! My own falsie mascara 
cute name. lol , the packaging was sleek & simple. 

the brush is designed with special angle to let you brush your eyelashes easier and it contained a lot of fiber inside! 

look like fake lashes isn't it , it does maintain the curl of my eyelashes really well.

Flawless foundation in #Almond 
Oh! My own falsie mascara 
Velvet matte lip stick in #4 & #10 

is there any one who wants to get Free gifts from me & the candy skin? 

all you have to do is very simple! 

1 ) like TheCandySkin Facebook page, 

2) like my Facebook page,

3) Total how many shades do the Velvet Matte Lip Stick have ? 
 comment at below with your email address so that we can contact you! 

we will pick 2 lucky girls and inform by e-mail 
closing date :
1 OCT 2014
result will be announced
 on 2 oct 2014 
on my Facebook page 

Hope you like my review for today! 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Unbox Philips VisaPure cleansing device

Hi girls ! 
How's your day :) 
mine was great & kinda busy lately, that's why few days dint have time to update my blog. 
so, here it is ! 
After my Villa Manja Philips Visapure media launch post 

Today is unbox Visapure day ! 

Okay, let me ask you a question,
do you use any cleansing device to clean your face? 
by using hand? 
this is far not enough for our skin, if you have clog pores like me, you definitely need a good cleansing device! 

A Gentle Brush to Healthy Glowing Skin

New Philips VisaPure facial cleansing device is 10 times more effective
than cleansing by hand

Radiant, healthy skin is often the holy grail for women but at each stage of life, women constantly find themselves troubled with facial skin issues that differ according to age. The majority of young Malaysian adults worry about acne, facial scars and open pores while women in their 30s are tend to look out for the first signs of aging. When they are in their 40s, rejuvenating and restoring their skin from wrinkles and dullness then becomes their primary concern. There’s no need to wait in trepidation for visible signs of aging to appear, when it is possible to take preventive measures by including facial cleansing in the daily skincare regime. 

With proper cleansing techniques and hydration, these skin concerns can be managed. “Despite knowing the importance of proper facial cleansing, many Malaysians have cited not having enough time to practice their daily skincare regime properly nor do they use the correct technique,” said Dr Christina Chea, a local aesthetic physician with more than 10 years of experience. “Proper cleansing techniques are vital as it ensures that the facial pores are unclogged, thus allowing your skin to breathe.”

The first thing came to your mind definitely is how much is this device right? 

Pricing and availability 

The new Philips VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores
-Harvey Norman
 RM799 for the SC5275 model (2 speed settings with 1 normal skin brush head and 1 sensitive skin brush head) 
and RM699 for the SC5265 model (1 speed setting and 1 normal skin brush head). 

BUT now they're having promotions now! 
RM699 instead of RM799 
RM599 instead of RM699 

discount RM100 for each unit! 

Philips VisaPure brush heads for different skin types are also sold separately
 -Normal skin replacement brush head SC5990 (RM59) 
-sensitive skin replacement brush head SC5991 (RM65)
 -exfoliating skin replacement brush head SC5992 (RM69)

 Do you know just using your bare hands to wash your face of dirt and makeup can be insufficient for proper cleansing. There might still be dirt residue, dead skin cells or sebum secretions left inside the pores. Furthermore, your hands are unable to reach certain contours of your face, resulting in an accumulation of residue in those areas that will clog up the pores and cause spots and dullness.

what's inside the box 
-1 units of VisaPure
-1 sensitive brush
-1 normal brush 
- 1 pouch 

the pouch design is very simple and compact , although there's a hole on top but don't worry, 
Visapure won't fall out . haha 

next let's move on to the brush !

Philips VisaPure’s silky-soft brush rotates and vibrates to gently remove make-up and dirt, and cleanses away dead skin cells. The vertical vibrating motion of the brush breaks up surface dirt, which is then swept away by the rotating movement, leaving the skin deeply cleansed and stimulated. Philips VisaPure’s ‘Dual Motion’ technology optimally prepares the skin for other skincare products and treatments, enhancing the absorption of beneficial ingredients. 

Philips VisaPure also comes with specifically designed brushes for skin types that require extra attention and care. The sensitive skin brush head is soft to the touch, minimising abrasion. For a deep clean, the exfoliating brush head has an exfoliating effect to gently remove dull and dead skin cells. 

Sensitive brush is super super super soft, just like baby hair 
for people who with thin face skin like me can use sensitive brush.
for people with normal skin can just use normal brush :) 

for me normal brush is a bit harsh for my skin, but sensitive brush works totally fine on my skin. 

very easy to change the brush, just twist and done! 

Philips VisaPure is simple to use with two settings: A ‘Gentle Cleansing’ and a ‘Deep Cleansing’ mode for tailored cleansing intensiveness 

what about charging problem? 
using battery? no, you can charge them. Just like our hand phone, 
One charge - 6 hours , you can just leave it overnight let it charge till morning. 
it is also compact and portable – perfect for travelling, with one full charge lasting up to two weeks.
One charge = 2 weeks ! 

Do you know just using your bare hands to wash your face of dirt and makeup can be insufficient for proper cleansing. There might still be dirt residue, dead skin cells or sebum secretions left inside the pores. Furthermore, your hands are unable to reach certain contours of your face, resulting in an accumulation of residue in those areas that will clog up the pores and cause spots and dullness.

My skin conditions is really really bad now, maybe because I always put new make up on my face to review and did not wash properly , so all my pores clog up. Ended up my forehead, jaw , cheeks is filled with white heads and pimples. No matter how good product I use , it still the same,
 on and off, on and off. Been to few beauty consultation all of them saying the main that cause my skin like this is due to I din't wash away my make up properly. Not enough clean T_T 

Tips from my beauty assistant from Mayfair 
she said always wash twice after you put on your make up oil/gel remover. 
one cleansing is far not enough . 
with hand some more! 

With cleansing device like Visapure is much cleaner, but I still insist to wash twice after makeup remover. I don't want those small bumps all over my face anymore :( 

I'll blog about my skin conditions 1 month later, hopefully no more clog pores no more black heads T.T
*corss fingers* 

Thanks all for today, thanks for visiting my blog once again =)