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Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Layout !!!

Huuuuray!!!!! My blog new layout is done!!!  Thanks to my designer Priscilla!!!
She did a great job, honestly this is more than what I've expected : >
I'm a designer, but I know nothing about codes /HTML , I HATE TO SEE CODES!!!!!! 
I'd rather pay some1 to do it for me... so I contact my friend ( she's the top student in my class, yes priscilla you are! ) and she like all these vintage , feminine , mermaid , pastel color stuffs so I think she can handle it very well ! and I'm 1000000% put my trust on her, just roughly told her what I want . 
she knew I like baby pink baby blue, polka dots , lace & stuffs so she all added in 
For almost 2 weeks I dint login my blog to see how's the progress and she told me to 
( well of course I can't wait to see la!!!! everyday keep telling my self no no no not yet!) 

and FINALLY! She said OK ALREADY!!!! I slept at 10pm plus and received her msg on 12am plus i think, so I check my phone msg on 3am & i went to my blog straight away
(although my eyes can barely open...still in sleeping mood) 
when I saw it my eyes straight away open 100% LOL, because its so pretty!!!! ahhhhh!!!!
keep scroll up and down up and down endlessly 
Thanks Priscilla !!!! I LOVE IT MAX!!!!

For gals out there if you're interested too you may contact her 
her Facebook :
Her Email :

不好意思啦,2个礼拜没有写过任何的分享文,是因为让我的设计师帮我从新设计我网页! 是不是很美!
我完全交给她去发挥,绝对放心她做的东西 (*´∀`*) v

so we start our short tour alright?
 banner, how pretty r u!!! as you can see the picture of me keep changing~ 
why? because 1 is NEVER ENOUGH (*´∀`*) v

好啦,废话不多说, 让我做导游开始小小的介绍吧
因为一张永远不够啊!! 哈哈 (*´∀`*) v

and I requested a place to show my instagram pictures, so you can see my different face everyday (°◇°;)
Follow my Instagram : 


再来就放 instagram 的照片,也是会自动更换的。

and a notice board!
 where I'll write lots of craps / event that I'm going / new post / give away contest and blah blah blah 

再来的有 布告栏
我会将会出席的活动/ 比赛/新文等等的质料全部写在这边的

A short self description, and my contact 

一些简介, 还有我的联络方式

and uhm, my Facebook Page, please click like, if you haven't  (─‿‿─) haha
我的面子书,还没加我的,请加我哦 (─‿‿─) 

and this is very useful for you all too! next time if you're interested in my cosmetics post only you can click 'cosmetics' labels button and view all the cosmetics post. Before this I've went to few famous blogger such as xiaxue, cheeserland, bongqiuqiu blog surprisingly seems like they doesn't have this labels category. But for me i think is very useful for all my readers la

这个也是我要求设计师帮我弄的链接。 你如果要看指甲的文你可以按指甲,就全部都是指甲文了。 要看化妆的话就按化妆的如此推类。 我看了几位出名的部落格达人,可是她们都没有放,对我而言我觉得这个很重要呢,希望让各位读者更方便。 

Lastly , a little me on the bottom left is to let readers click it and automatically back to top of the blog.
最后呢,你们看到左边一个小小的我吗? 按她就直接跳到去最顶哦

a picture of us few years ago , awwww I miss you all so badly  (´Д`。) #throwback
From left to right Liang Liang , me , Priscilla (the designer of my blog!)  and  Vernnie

(´Д`。) sobbing

Hope you like my new blog layout! Please come here always :D and I'm having a give away contest soon!   


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  1. Valerie,
    This is so pretty <3 <3 <3 Wanna go ask your friend about blog design :-)