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Monday, 22 December 2014


Hi ladies! 

today is food post !! 
any one love snacks? love potato chips? 
yes I bet everyone loves it ! 
snacks is just perfect for any time, any occasion , any places ! 

Perfecto official fb

Freshly garnished on every crisp, where great flavours come alive!

Perfecto ‘fresh garnishings’ on every crisps.
 they has 3 flavours :
*natural sea salt
*sour cream and chives
*chilli and spice infusion.

I'm here with my yummy Perfecto chips ! 
dress code was black! 
every one is black on that day, look so classy 

here is our Perfecto Snack Bar ! 

 *Remember !* This campaign is only available from 13th Dec- 9th January Only

You can enjoy the dippings at these cafes: 

1. Wood & Steel (Halal) – 17th Dec onwards 

2. Fikcles (Halal)

3. Roast & Grind (Halal)

4. 42 East (Non Halal)

5. Dukes & Duchess (Non Halal)

Just pay RM3.50 and we are good to go ! 

Step1 : Choose your fav crisp! 
-natural sea salt
-sour cream and chives
-chilli and spice infusion

Step 2: Choose your fav Garnish ! 
-Sliced mushroom
-Parmesan cheese powder 
-Parsley Flakes 
-Chilli flakes 

Step 3 : Dip your fav sauce ! 
-Cheese Sauce 
-Mustard Sauce 

My favourite ! chilli and spice infusion! Cause it is spicy enough! 

Tada! This is what we all waiting for! 
you can now customize your own crisps with different dippings, how awesome!! 
 all I want is cheese cheese cheese ! 

Perfecto -freshly garnished on every crisp <3 is my cute little bowl of chips with lots of different sauces and garnish

My favourite combination was :
- chilli and spice infusion
-Sliced mushroom
-Cheese Sauce 
-Mayonnaise ! 


Perfecto also prepared a mini game for us ! 
find your group members and use all the foods that they prepared for us and create a nice 
food art with concepts within 5mins !!!! 

Tada!!!! Here is our creation!!!!  
awesome or not! 
and our team won!!! so happy XD

can I bring it back home T_T 


Don't forget to join ! 

Perfecto Instagram Contest: 

The Perfecto Snack Bar will be available at the abovementioned cafes from 13 December 2014 to 9 January 2015. Drop by these cafes to customize your Perfecto crisps with a variety of garnishings and sauces. 

For one month, Perfecto will be picking three lucky fans every week to receive a carton of Perfecto crisps each! If you want to stand a chance to win a carton, here's what you have to do: 

1) Take a picture of yourself enjoying Perfecto crisps at one of the cafes mentioned above. 

2) Upload that picture to Instagram with the hashtag #Perfectochips

remember share some with me if you won! :D


Monday, 15 December 2014

De Beaute Essences , ampoules & mask REVIEW

Hi ladies! 
Today I'm gonna review Le belle essences , ampoules & mask series! 
I never review any essences & ampoules before,
so here is my first one! 

La Belle, De Bueaute , 

Have you heard of La Belle  Paris ? 
La BelleTM was inspired by natural, healthy and affordable skincare with extract from natural ingredients, the careful blend of ingredients are so fine that allow for fast and effective absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. La BelleTM carries a wide range of skincare products with distributed through selected distribution channel of Professional Beauty Salon and Aesthetician Entrepreneurs .

We started off as online retailer solely on our passion for beauty. Despite having limited resources and new in the market, we emphasis on friendly approach, good quality skincare for customer and customer satisfaction. Now we have reputable retailer in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and more countries coming soon, to share our beauty secret to firmer, brighter and flawless skin.

We been working hard towards providing a high quality and effective natural botanical skincare products which are affordable by consumers. We always focus on after sales service and encourage customer to understand on product usage to improve skin condition and achieve desire result. Why? Simply because we love to see our customer to tell us that their condition improved and more self confident on their appearance.

Here is some basic knowledge that I know & I would like share

What is Ampoules ? 
Ampoules usually contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations and do not have any preservatives or chemicals due to the airtight packaging. Ampoules can have remarkable effects on various skin conditions,
hyper-- pigmentation, dry, oily, acne , as well as, ageing.

what is Essences ?

an extract or concentrate obtained from a plant or other matter and used for flavouring or scent.

Both I think is kinda similar from what I understand , Normally I will use either one :D
*please let me if I'm wrong, I'm still learning*

lovely packaging!! 
simple yet so pretty  T_T hahaha 

what's inside my parcel? 

thanks for the lovely note Karen <3 

so first step , Karen asked what is my skin conditions, I told her I have serious pores problem, acne problem on both cheeks and jaw area, white head black head and oily outside, dehydrate inside.
Gosh, my skin so many problems . zzzz  T_T So Karen help me choose and decide what I needed for my skin ,  for ampoule she chose Fair Make upAncex and collagen for me . 
She choose fair make up for me because she know I'm a blogger and always need to attend event / try make up on my skin, so she chosen 4 fair make up for me too. how considered she is!  

here is function of the 3 different ampoule I having now. 

                   La Belle Fair Make-Up Ampoule (New Packing with New Improved Formula)
Dry, dehydrated and tired skin 干燥,暗沉与疲乏肌膚
Revitalizes tired skin. Moisture and provide essential minerals needed by the skin cells to rebuild the membranes for its normal functioning.

Acne, pimple and oily skin 适合肌肤: 暗瘡及油性肌膚

Soothes irritates area. Contain antiseptic effect on acne and pimples skin. Excellent in control breakouts.

Dehydrated, dull and loose skin 干燥、暗淡及下垂性肌膚
Combined 2 in 1 formula, Collagen & DNA Repair ampoule. Containing native collagen and hydrolyzed collagen that re-hydrates and firm loose and sagging skin. Meanwhile, it helps repair, smoothers & refines the skin texture. Anti-ageing, moisturizing, collagen and elastin strengthener.

Karen provided 2 empty jar with pump for me,
 so you can bring it out anytime , so mini yet convenient ! 

the ampoule and essence is totally not sticky not thick at all

just in few sec it absorb into my skin ! 

To obtain maximum results, carry out the treatment for 10 to 15 days. After careful cleansing, distribute the content of the ampoule evenly over the face, neck and décolleté. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the ingredient is fully absorbed. Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream.

they have many types of ampoules that suitable for everyone 
- La Belle Vita C Plus Ampoule
La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoule
La Belle Pore Minimizing Ampoule 
La Belle Lifting Astringent Ampoule
La Belle Fair Make-Up Ampoule
La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoule
La Belle Éclair Ampoule
La Belle Collagen Repair Ampoule
La Belle Clarifying Ampoule 
La Belle Acnex Ampoule

I'm sure there's one of it definitely will suitable for you. 

La Belle Hydra Essence (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

All skin type, especially for dry skin, Less toned 

LA BELLETM Hydra Essence contains high concentration of HA and blend with natural herbal extract is perfect combination to hydrate and & rejuvenate skin. It locks moisture and restore elasticity of the skin, hence minimize wrinkle and give the skin a youthful appearance
含有高浓度的玻尿酸和天然植物提取物,是恢复青春皮肤和 保湿的最佳组合滋润皮肤以锁定肌肤水分,恢复皮肤弹性,从而减少皱纹,让肌肤呈现年轻的外观。

To obtain maximum results, carry out the treatment for 10 to 15 days. After careful cleansing, distribute the content of the ampoule evenly over the face, neck and décolleté. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the ingredient is fully absorbed. Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream.

'Function: Provide moisturizing & smoothing effect. Promote skin suppleness & elasticity. Conditioning & balancing the skin as well.


Procedures for the use of powder mask
Mix 1 packet of powder mask with approximately 60ml of mineral water or 30ml of La Belle Rose Toner with 30ml mineral water (until it become a smooth paste).

Apply a thin layer of 1-3mm mask on face. After 15-30minutes drying, gently peel off the mask.

and you can put it on after shower to let it absorb better, because the pores .

it's actually kinda fun to do this mask, it's in powery form , 
tips !!! you can mix toner , a drops of La bella ampoule / essence into the mask ,
your mask can absorb more in the same time! 
I call it sandwich mask :P  
very useful, fast yet effective ! 

Hope you like my review for La Belle Essense & ampoules & mask! 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ciracle by muse by watsons

Hi ladies! 
Have you heard about Ciracle? 

here's a short intro and info's about Ciracle :) 

Ciracle is proud to launch its pimple solution CC powder at Muse by Watsons on 6th November 2014.

Ciracle is distributed in Malaysia by Essential Living sdn Bhd and purchasable online at 

GooGoo Beauty Stores or just visit Muse at Watsons located at Sunway Pyramid . 

The Pimple solution CC powder is a two-in-one solution. A concentrated locust tree extract and sulphur synthesist that provides effective and immediate results . Moreover , it naturally blends the trouble marks in your skin tone for a covering effect. 

Applying thicker layers of make up on areas you would like to cover could lead to further deterioration of your skin's conditions. 
Pimple Solution CC powder provides a 3-step action, from trouble care, skin protection to concealment . Not only does it soothes troubles, it also blends in naturally with your skin. 

Ciracle Pimple Solution CC powder is exclusively sold at Muse by Watsons and priced at RM66.

with lots of Ciracle products for us to try, I've even bought their pore refining toner too! 

on the spot we gonna try on the best seller of Ciracle! 
Good-Bye Blackhead !

Link : 

Ciracle Blackhead Off Cotton Mask contains 20 masks to assist in the removal of sebum, blackheads and whiteheads. Each Blackhead Off Cotton Mask is made with 100% cotton and is soaked in natural plant extracts such as Witch Hazel, Peppermint, Sage and Mistletoe, to help draw toxin out of the skin.
Price : RM84 

Properties of Blackhead Off Cotton Mask
Masks come in individual packets for easy travel
Contains natural plant extracts
Assists in the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, sebum and dirt, especially in the presence of blocked pores


1. Open one packet and place a Blackhead Off Cotton Mask on your nose. Spread mask evenly with your fingers.

2. Leave mask on for at least 15 minutes.

3. Remove. Wipe away exposed sebum, blackheads and whiteheads with a clean cotton swab or pad.

4. Follow up with toner if you wish.

Tip from Ciracle

For more effective results, open the pores beforehand by using warm water or placing a steamed towel on your face for a couple of minutes.

after take off my foundation on my nose area , just apply the cotton mask on it. 
tips : use it after hot shower to achieve even better result, cause after shower our pores are open. 
it's easier to let the blackheads out. Hoho. 

after 10-15 mins , all the blackheads really came out!!! 
no need peel, no need scrub , just apply the mask and all done. The blackheads appear by its own. 
so easy! 
after that you can squeeze it gently by CLEAN fingers or use cotton bud remove it gently. 
the whole progress is totally no pain at all. That's amazing! 

Look at the cotton bud . haha

this set was Ciracle best seller basic acne care set. Girl who have acne skin problem you should really check this brand :D  they're giving very professional and special care on acne/pores/blackheads problem. 

with my new blogger friend! 
 cute & friendly Melody <3 


Monday, 17 November 2014

OldTown The all new White Curry Series

Hi everyone! 
This gonna be my second food review! 
I loveeee love love loveeeee My Kuali white curry since mykuali just became super hot in Malaysia 
I've even ordered a box of it, hahaha! I'm his super fan. 
the great news is OLDTOWN is now partnership with Malaysia no1 white curry My Kuali !!!
 I am so excited when I heard about it !

But please remember ~ 
Available at the majority of OLDTOWN outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, the promotion will commence from today until 31 January 2015 or while stocks last.
this menu is only available for 2 months! 

for more informations you can check out here
OLDTOWN Official Facebook:

OLDTOWN -  One City USJ 

my all time favourite OLDTOWN white Coffee. I don't take any coffee at all, The ONLY coffee I take is only OLDTOWN white coffee. I like the milk taste very much =D 

jeng jeng jeng!!! 

can you feel your saliva is coming out?? hahaha
omg heaven!!! XD 
for people who like spicy foods like me, this is soooooo attractive 

The White Curry Series features a range of five White Curry noodle variants starting from 
RM 7.90 
for a bowl of White Curry Mee. Customers are allowed to choose their noodle combinations from :
-Pan Mee
-Hor Fun. 
There is also a featured Side Dish of White Curry FishBalls (From RM 3.90) 
for those who prefer a lighter meal or as a meal accompaniment.

Yes macaroni ! Macaroni white curry! sound so interested no? 
OLDTOWN produced their own Mee as well ! 

with lots of yummy tofu's , mushroom , anchovies & veges~

*slurp! *

first bowl I try was macaroni , surprisingly it does match well with white curry, it's so soft ,
if you bored of normal mee , strongly recommend you to try macaroni !
the soup for my spice level is normal, not really spicy and I think suitable for everyone. 

To cool down the hot and spicy selection, there is a new drink made available just for the White Curry Series in the form of the Peanut White Freezy. This soya based peanut drink topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is a cooling, creamy perfect ending to a bowl of White Curry noodles! 

For the OLDTOWN coffee lovers, their signature White Coffee is available as an Add-On to any White Curry Noodle variant for only RM 2.00 for a regular size and RM 3.00 for an upsize version for even more white coffee goodness.

here's the new menu & price list for the white curry & Peanut white freezy 

with all the pretty nuffnang bloggers :3 

Remember visit them from today until 31 January 2015 to try out the yummy OLDTOWN white curry & Peanut White Freezy !


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kracie X Butterfly's Halloween event 31/10/2014

Hi ladies! 
This was my second time joining butterfly project , thanks for choosing me too!

Kracie is a well known beauty skincare / foods company from Japan. 
Kracie has a lotsssss of cute & creative d.i.y candies / chocolate!!! It's all under Kracie !
But today we gonna talk about Kracie beauty range ~haha 

where can you buy Kracie? 

Thanks Kracie for making us feeling special ! :3 
it held in FullHouse Sunway Pyramid 
my favourite restaurant of all time! 
a lot people said the foods is not nice but for me is considered nice, I like their spaghetti, 
maybe I'm not a picky person, so so far so good to me. their mushroom soup is very nice too :) 
best of all, the environment very nice, best for selfies or group photos :) 

This hair oil packaging is just too cute ! 
My favourite packaging among all, very vintage ,simple design :D
the smell is very nice too! 

they have demo on the spot on how to use the styling gel and how to set a simple japanese looking curly hair :) 

who? My twinnie Janice again :D 

this is what we get from the workshop, 
-All in 1 Face Mask 
-Eye Mask 
- styling gel 

the mask is super big pack! 

4 in 1, 
included lotion , serum , moisturiser and mask! 
after your cleanser you can straight away apply this to your face without applying any more skin care to your face :) and came with a super big zip bag , recycle, easy and convenient . 
this is suitable for every skin conditions, because it helps moisturise , tighten and lighten up our skin tone. 

This eye mask is for dehydrating eyes area , which I think suitable for every one, 
cause now every one is looking at laptop /pc / hp for most of the time, 
this can help you relax , moisturise and lighten your dark circles too! 

the packaging is just like wet tissues, simple yet easy to keep. 
when you go travel just bring this small pack go around. very convenient :) 

the eye mask is very very soft and it's made from 100% cotton I assumed? haha 
the entire box is full of essence , you can press down the essence and you can see all the essence flowing out~ 

apply on your bottom eyes and rest for around 10-15 minutes and take it off ,
you'll feel incredibly refresh and non sticky . 

Ichikami hair shampoo and hair conditioner 
what's so special about their hair products ? 

Gentle wild cherry blossom aroma.
Combines pure Japanese herbal essences with Rice Bran for a hair care line that repairs and moisturizes damaged hair!

Kracie brings us a hair care product line featuring pure herbal essence and rice bran ingredients from ancient Japan! Hiougi (Belamcanda chinensis), Camellia extract, Walnut oil, Yusuru essence (originated from Rice bran), Yusuru oil (originated from Rice bran), and Yusuru Lipid (originated from Rice bran) are the Japanese herbs featured in Ichikami's Hair Treatment.

Kracie Care & Style Jelly 
for girls who like to use curly/straightening tools , apply this before using the heating tools.
this is protect your hair from the heat and also giving more vitamins to your hair on the same time! 

Kracie Smoothing hair treatment
it's a hair treatment for more intense care for our hair, you can apply this on your hair which you concern about, and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off. 
you hair is very very smooth and it last up to 3 to 5 days long. so basically you can just do 1 or 2 times in a week. That's should be enough :) 

Thanks for your time once again! 

Hope you like my short review+ small workshop :)