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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Laneige BB cushion [pore control] No .21 Natural Beige REVIEW

hi girls!! 
how to get a skin like kpop celebrities ? 
they always having glowy, flawless skin,
matte and glowy skin , I'll prefer glowy skin no doubt .
yes today I'm gonna review Laneige pore control BB cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 

where can you get it? 
every Laneige counter in Malaysia 
I got mine from Sunway Pyramid Parkson
they're having promotions now, purchase over RM100 can get RM10 parson voucher
and purchase this one can get RM15 voucher , you can purchase any other thing by using this voucher.
but not on perfume / make up / make up T_T

price : RM150 
with 1 refill 
15g x2 

I wanna have a glowy flawless skin like korean actress!! 

 available in 2 types of BB cushion 
1 is normal BB cushion , another 1 is BB cushion Pore control. 
BB cushion is suitable for dry skin-normal skin girl, that can create more growly and watery look.
BB cushion pore control is suitable for oily / combination skin, 

display on sunway pyramid Laneige counter 

like a celebrity... =X

try on another half by my own 

the coverage is awesome

due to the lighting I don't think can see clearly.
don't worry, I'l demo again with natural light. 

so here is my loot from laneige counter,
any purchase you are free to join their member!
all you need to do is just fill up a form. 

jeng jeng...our main product. 

yea, big price tag, RM150.00..

with 1 sealed refill pack too. 

i always like to take product picture <3 

the casing is kinda heavy and very good quality, doesn't have those plastic feels at all. 

their puff is very different from the others! 
the material they used is different, air cell dual textured puff is processed with a special technology. It holds nine times more water than its weight , for supple and glossy skin. 
slightly hinder than the synthetic rubber puff, its soft centre effectively absorbs BB and spreads it evenly on the skin. as for the texture is firm, it conceals pores perfectly and gives the face a radiant and natural finish. 

it is a sponge with lots of small holes , and when you press the puff in ,
the bb cream will come out. 

here is my half face. heap, that's my reaction while i look at my mirror 

lemme put down a line for you to see more clearly.
my pores are covered,
skin tone are even
plus, with glowy effect too! 

after apply the whole face! without any blusher/highlighter/ loose powder.
this is how it looks like.

korea actress flawless glowy skin! 

member card , so pretty *.*

with lots of voucher and gift set inside
it's free! why not =) 

sorry girls, I've already tried my best to type as much as possible, but due to something happened to me, I doesn't have much mood to type or talk currently...I just feel sad, down and hopeless. 
I just wanna be alone...a small getaway perhaps? 
I guess this was my first time, type my own emotional thinggy here. 
the story is too long and I don't wish to share it out to public. 
just wanna hide inside my room and cry till morning. but I know I can't...
 I can't help it... 
I . Just. can't. 

I tried to hide all the feelings
due all these confusion 
i cry but nobody hears me. 
it's my only solution.
I don't know what I want, I am lost. 

Lost  in no where. 

what I did, is what I've did. 
there's no way to ' be the old me/previous me' 
please don't so childish -_- 

alright, thanks for listening my 'mumbles' 
it might probably took & wasted your few secs time. lol...

Hope every things gonna be fine...



  1. Hmm this piece of writing is truly beneficial for me so keep up the posting more such like this one.
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  2. Hmm this piece of writing is truly beneficial for me so keep up the posting more such like this one.
    vine vera