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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Daiso biggest fear - Yubiso Japan

I couldn't wait to share this exciting news to all my readers ! 
I'm Daiso HUGE fans, every time I went in definitely not gonna came out with empty hands. 
Because they offer cheap and good quality products from Japan(most of it). 
I believed a lot of you are the same ! 

Last week I went to Sunway Pyramid and wanna get something from Daiso ,
so when I pass by Daiso & saw this new shop call YUBISO from Japan!
well of course I went in without hesitate! 


''UBISO Japan dedicated to be global consumer friends. We aim to forge a true friendship between consumers and manufacturers. All these while most business entities always take big chunk of profits and consumers are left where no one taking care off. We tend to reverse the cycle by prioritize our consumers first! Becoming consumer’s best friends in our YUBISO World.

As YUBISO is a goods fashion designers company at Japan. Headquarter at Tokyo District, Japan, Our designer chief Mr. Hisashi Sato and his team has proudly provide us creative and innovative products all around the clock.

YUBISO emphasize on 3 main core value in his practice: Quality, Fashion and Low Price. YUBISO is proud in bringing quality goods from products designers all across the world and manufacture it in very large quantity so that YUBISO managed to achieve his target low price before mass distribute to YUBISO global stores. Prices of YUBISO items are starting from 100 Yen to 1000 Yen.

Most of YUBISO products are from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. YUBISO pay close attentions in their products management and quality before any contract is given. Most of YUBISO outlets are located in large shopping centers so that we are close to consumer’s lifestyle. We would never change our motto and stick to be consumers best friends.'' 

YUBISO Sunway Pyramid 

The first thing I put in to my shopping cart would be this one 
selfie stick! 
It came in 3 lovely colours 
Hot Pink, Light Blue and Mint colour. 
Mint colour is the nicest !!! 

The best part of this selfie stick it came with a cable link to the stick , just plug into your phone and press the button . As simple as that. 
No need to connect via Bluetooth ! So convenient right ! 

 Beauty category 
comb , makeup sponge , foundation sponge , hair curler , massage stick lip stick, shampoo, mask & many more ! 
But the mask is from Korea & Taiwan lol. 

Next stop! 
They have SO SO SO many different type of power bank,
mini size, medium size & large one. 
Colour wise, as you can see so pastel colour *_* 

which colour nicer? 
in the end I bought the baby blue one hehe. 

Finding cute & affordable earphone / headphones ? 
They have plenty too!!!! 
most of them came with cute design *_* 
Price range is RM5-RM15 only !!! 
quality I'm not sure but I can assure is 'made from Japan' 

pastel colourssssss 

This is a cute one! Imagine if you wear it and it'll appear like a pencil came out from ears. 
cute isn't it !!! 

Next, A TONS OF TUMBLER is waiting for you *_* !!! 
cute one, simple one , manly one, you name it, they have it ! 
Price range RM5-RM40+ only
all the quality is so good ! 

guys looking for gadgets? cables ? mouse ? charger ? 
they have it too! 
House ware ? 
pillow / container / bento box / cups / plates 
they have it too! 

pretty casing for your glasses and contact lens? 
they have it too!
Price : RM5 -RM10 each 

the casing is in velvet fabric! 
came with mirror too! 

coin purse and Large shoulder bags 
I bought one large bag cause it came with zip and a small pocket inside ! 
normally I'll use recycle bag But recycle bag doesn't came with zip T_T 
Malaysia a lot Pick pocket cases happening , it's the best to have a zip !

The One Academy student !
you're so lucky to have such cheap marker !!!
RM5 for 3?! This is SO CHEAP !!!! 
I'm already graduated & not using this anymore :( 
How I wish Yubiso were here when I'm still studying in The one Academy.
I can save a lot money from here...

But thanks for coming in Malaysia ! 
now I can shop Daiso & Yubiso ! 

Hope you like my review~



  1. i like the marker pen department too! though I dun think I will use them, but quite surprise to see so many colour available here!

    1. Yes!!! Market is Super cheap!!!!! OMG!!!

  2. Omg! I definitely have to check them out! I'm kinda sad that Daiso discontinued many awesome stuffs. :(

    1. Yes you should!!! They have many awesome stuffs! Although price is higher but the quality is superb!

  3. Had no idea what shop is this (there's one opening in 1U soon), so your blog post came up on Google. Thanks for the enlightenment :)

  4. They also have liquid glitter phone case!

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  6. May I know if they sell drinking bottle made from glass? tq

  7. can please tell what is the length of the selfie stick when fully extended? Thank you.