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Monday, 17 November 2014

OldTown The all new White Curry Series

Hi everyone! 
This gonna be my second food review! 
I loveeee love love loveeeee My Kuali white curry since mykuali just became super hot in Malaysia 
I've even ordered a box of it, hahaha! I'm his super fan. 
the great news is OLDTOWN is now partnership with Malaysia no1 white curry My Kuali !!!
 I am so excited when I heard about it !

But please remember ~ 
Available at the majority of OLDTOWN outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, the promotion will commence from today until 31 January 2015 or while stocks last.
this menu is only available for 2 months! 

for more informations you can check out here
OLDTOWN Official Facebook:

OLDTOWN -  One City USJ 

my all time favourite OLDTOWN white Coffee. I don't take any coffee at all, The ONLY coffee I take is only OLDTOWN white coffee. I like the milk taste very much =D 

jeng jeng jeng!!! 

can you feel your saliva is coming out?? hahaha
omg heaven!!! XD 
for people who like spicy foods like me, this is soooooo attractive 

The White Curry Series features a range of five White Curry noodle variants starting from 
RM 7.90 
for a bowl of White Curry Mee. Customers are allowed to choose their noodle combinations from :
-Pan Mee
-Hor Fun. 
There is also a featured Side Dish of White Curry FishBalls (From RM 3.90) 
for those who prefer a lighter meal or as a meal accompaniment.

Yes macaroni ! Macaroni white curry! sound so interested no? 
OLDTOWN produced their own Mee as well ! 

with lots of yummy tofu's , mushroom , anchovies & veges~

*slurp! *

first bowl I try was macaroni , surprisingly it does match well with white curry, it's so soft ,
if you bored of normal mee , strongly recommend you to try macaroni !
the soup for my spice level is normal, not really spicy and I think suitable for everyone. 

To cool down the hot and spicy selection, there is a new drink made available just for the White Curry Series in the form of the Peanut White Freezy. This soya based peanut drink topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is a cooling, creamy perfect ending to a bowl of White Curry noodles! 

For the OLDTOWN coffee lovers, their signature White Coffee is available as an Add-On to any White Curry Noodle variant for only RM 2.00 for a regular size and RM 3.00 for an upsize version for even more white coffee goodness.

here's the new menu & price list for the white curry & Peanut white freezy 

with all the pretty nuffnang bloggers :3 

Remember visit them from today until 31 January 2015 to try out the yummy OLDTOWN white curry & Peanut White Freezy !


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kracie X Butterfly's Halloween event 31/10/2014

Hi ladies! 
This was my second time joining butterfly project , thanks for choosing me too!

Kracie is a well known beauty skincare / foods company from Japan. 
Kracie has a lotsssss of cute & creative d.i.y candies / chocolate!!! It's all under Kracie !
But today we gonna talk about Kracie beauty range ~haha 

where can you buy Kracie? 

Thanks Kracie for making us feeling special ! :3 
it held in FullHouse Sunway Pyramid 
my favourite restaurant of all time! 
a lot people said the foods is not nice but for me is considered nice, I like their spaghetti, 
maybe I'm not a picky person, so so far so good to me. their mushroom soup is very nice too :) 
best of all, the environment very nice, best for selfies or group photos :) 

This hair oil packaging is just too cute ! 
My favourite packaging among all, very vintage ,simple design :D
the smell is very nice too! 

they have demo on the spot on how to use the styling gel and how to set a simple japanese looking curly hair :) 

who? My twinnie Janice again :D 

this is what we get from the workshop, 
-All in 1 Face Mask 
-Eye Mask 
- styling gel 

the mask is super big pack! 

4 in 1, 
included lotion , serum , moisturiser and mask! 
after your cleanser you can straight away apply this to your face without applying any more skin care to your face :) and came with a super big zip bag , recycle, easy and convenient . 
this is suitable for every skin conditions, because it helps moisturise , tighten and lighten up our skin tone. 

This eye mask is for dehydrating eyes area , which I think suitable for every one, 
cause now every one is looking at laptop /pc / hp for most of the time, 
this can help you relax , moisturise and lighten your dark circles too! 

the packaging is just like wet tissues, simple yet easy to keep. 
when you go travel just bring this small pack go around. very convenient :) 

the eye mask is very very soft and it's made from 100% cotton I assumed? haha 
the entire box is full of essence , you can press down the essence and you can see all the essence flowing out~ 

apply on your bottom eyes and rest for around 10-15 minutes and take it off ,
you'll feel incredibly refresh and non sticky . 

Ichikami hair shampoo and hair conditioner 
what's so special about their hair products ? 

Gentle wild cherry blossom aroma.
Combines pure Japanese herbal essences with Rice Bran for a hair care line that repairs and moisturizes damaged hair!

Kracie brings us a hair care product line featuring pure herbal essence and rice bran ingredients from ancient Japan! Hiougi (Belamcanda chinensis), Camellia extract, Walnut oil, Yusuru essence (originated from Rice bran), Yusuru oil (originated from Rice bran), and Yusuru Lipid (originated from Rice bran) are the Japanese herbs featured in Ichikami's Hair Treatment.

Kracie Care & Style Jelly 
for girls who like to use curly/straightening tools , apply this before using the heating tools.
this is protect your hair from the heat and also giving more vitamins to your hair on the same time! 

Kracie Smoothing hair treatment
it's a hair treatment for more intense care for our hair, you can apply this on your hair which you concern about, and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off. 
you hair is very very smooth and it last up to 3 to 5 days long. so basically you can just do 1 or 2 times in a week. That's should be enough :) 

Thanks for your time once again! 

Hope you like my short review+ small workshop :) 


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Yoko Milk Body Series REVIEW

Hi ladies! 
Sorry for being inactive lately, 
due to a lot customers order flowers bouquet from me, 
I guess next month is a good month isn't it :) 

today is very MooMoo-Cow day!
All about milk & cow 
I've blog any body lotion before, so here it it ! 

where can you get it

available in alottttt of different types of lotions, scrubs, hair oil & etc ! 
and best of all the price is very affordable! 
with RM3X you can get a 200ML product already. 

so here's the total 4 YOKO Milk body series ! 

Yoko Milk Body Lotion 
RM35 - 400ML

Non-Greasy formula body lotion enriches with milk protein and vitamin B3 for nourishing and moisturising your skin, While Vitamin E and Licorice extract leaving your skin smoother , lighter , 
more supply and healthier looking. 

How to use :
Morning after bath, smooth yoko milky body lotion onto skin and massage gently until absorbed. 

I like this packaging very much cause it looks like a milk bottle ! feels so original haha.
This cream is very light and smell fresh, I doesn't like sticky or thick feelings on my skin, 
but this one is acceptable :) I applied to my skin in the morning after shower .

Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath 
RM20 -250g 

This is for exfoliating and nourishing skin with Vitamin E,Milk protein , with natural salt benefits.
It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body , giving you a new radiant skin after shower.

Pour YOKO spa milk salt shower bath on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin . Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water. 

Review :
OMG! is like butter cream, the smell is heavenly yummy !!! Trust me girls! 
I never use any scrub on my body, and I fall into this scrub immediately, 
It just smell so goooooood, I enjoy scrubbing my skin every time, 
and smell like a butter cake and skin smooth and soft after shower , even my parents can smell it too. 
I'll focus more on my knees , as our knees are always full with dull skin. 

Hair Spa Milky Rich 
RM42 - 200ML

for extra smooth & flowing fine hair 
A unique blended treatment with triple benefits from Milk Protein , coconut oil and Argan Oil 
that to boots up beauty shine hair. 

Step 1 :
After shampoo , apply YOKO hair spa especially at the end . Cover hair with warm towel for about 10 minutes. Rinse Off . 

Normally I'll use this after shampoo , apply on the end of my hair and leave it for 5-10minutes and rinse off, my hair instantly smoother , as I have kinda serious spoil and dry hair due to last time always colour my hair and dint apply any hair oil/serum. I guess I need this kinda badly .
The result is kinda obvious if compared to normal hair conditioner . 

YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein
RM30 - 200g
Rich Cream with fast absorbing is the key of it to retain skin moisture to combat wrinkles, 
brighten your skin and improve your skin condition for softer and smoother. Milk protein , Aloe Vera extract and camomile extract to creates the exclusive body cream. 
Night before sleep, apply YOKO body cream milk protein all over your body and massage gently until absorbed. 

The texture of this lotion is more rich if compared with Yoko Milk Body Lotion .
It's very very very very moisturise, great for girl who like to sleep in air-con room. It contains Aloe Vera too, to help clam out skin down from the hot day sun. 

for overall I think this YOKO milk body series is a very basic simple body care, 
which I think every girl should get at least one body lotion? We care much on our face, but don't forget our body, our skin is very important too. 


Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Candy Skin Velvet Matte Lip swatch

Hi ladies, 
I believe most of you have have already watch my review for 
The Candy Skin
 Velvet matte lipstick on last few posts I've made .
Some of the readers ask if I can do more swatch for this lipstick,
and sure! Here it is :) 

Previous post

Just couldn't stop starring at those pretty details *_* 
the packaging gave me a luxury laduree cosmetics feels

one of TheCandySkin team members told me they've been choosing the colour again and again for almost half year ! 

here is the colour swatch from left to right 
-04 La Hélénie d’automne 堆心菊 
a warm color pinkish coral color, more suitable on fair skin 
-08 La Ficoïde glaciale 松葉菊
an orangy pinkish color, a very unique colour indeed ! not orange but orangy pink. 
you need to put on foundation & blusher to pull out this look. 
-05La Bruyére 石南
similar & slightly darker if compare to colour 04 , more suitable for office / natural look. 
suitable for every skin tone. 
-10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
my favourite ! Dark pink with a hint of purplish! 
suitable for every skin tone too, no matter how casual you wear, a sharp colour lip stick will bring out the entire look! 

-05La Bruyére 石南
similar & slightly darker if compare to colour 04 , more suitable for office / natural look. 
suitable for every skin tone. 

-04 La Hélénie d’automne 堆心菊 
a warm color pinkish coral color, more suitable on fair skin 

-10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
my favourite ! Dark pink with a hint of purplish! 
suitable for every skin tone too, no matter how casual you wear, a sharp colour lip stick will bring out the entire look! 

-08 La Ficoïde glaciale 松葉菊
an orangy pinkish color, a very unique colour indeed ! not orange but orangy pink. 
you need to put on foundation & blusher to pull out this look. 

you can try gradient lip
here I'm using no 04 + no 10, 
the colour turns out very pretty and korean feel too :) 

all the colour is very pigmented and sharp, but before you apply you better make sure your lip conditions is good. This lip stick texture is matte , so if our lip is too dry, the lip line will be kinda obvious.

My suggestion? You can apply a thick layer of Vaseline before sleep. and rub off all the dead skins away the next morning. You're all set for the day! 

Hope you like my review!