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Friday, 27 March 2015

Always Be positive and SMILE

Hi ladies & gentleman!

Have you ever been in an awkward situation and you didn't know what to do? 

I did!! LOTS of times!!

Here is a short 3minutes video and a painting I made for this contest , 
Hope you enjoy  it ! 

Of all, the most memorable would be this one.

Last year, a famous cosmetic brand invited me to their Mid Valley branch opening,
I was new to blogging and bloggers/media event. However,  as a blogger of course I had dressed up myself presentably, set my hair nicely and make up nicely. So here I am, at the event .

the decoration was so pretty & they had prepared lots of mini games for us too! 

During the event, the emcee announced that they need 3 volunteers to play a game. I excitedly raised my hand and I thought that it should be some simple game which I could handle.

the emcee took out an apple with a satay stick on it , 
and the game was 
'The biggest bite in 60 seconds win'  

The rule was simple,
it means we have to bite the apple within 60 seconds
and the one with the biggest bite wins.

these 2 bloggers did an awesome job and they have managed to bite the apple very fast .

for me.... 

Due to my crooked teeth , no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't , 
I even used up all my strength to try to bite it , ended up the satay stick broke into half 
and the apple fell on the floor  !!!! 

The situation was extremely awkward and embarrassing because every one was looking at me, 
even the emcee was in shocked and he said sorry that I had failed the task . 

I was really embarrassed but I still I gave everyone a bright smile and says it's okay , it's just a game . 
surprisingly, everyone smiled back at me and it gave me the feeling that they were trying to say
 ' girl you did great out there '

* one of the winner apple *
picture credit to Benefit Malaysia 

for everyone out there, remember to smile no matter how awkward the situation is,
 because that's the best way to neutralise the situation .

 I always wish I could smile like others people. it was supposed to be a happy and exciting moment , but I just didn't have the confident due to my crooked teeth . no matter how happy or how exciting 
the situation is, I'd just smile with my lips closed.

Altho the game didn't end well but I did enjoy the event ! 

Lastly ,

I really really wish I could smile with wide mouth open with perfect straightened teeth even just once with this great opportunity from Nuffnang Malaysia & Invisalign Malaysia .

Always be positive and SMILE ~  ! !


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Language is never a problem, Smile is everything

Hi everyone! 
How's your day! Hope all doing fine & great ! 
I would like to share a happy & short story to you,
here the story begins 

I believe everyone love Bangkok!  So do I ! 
This was my second visit to Bangkok, I'm a handmade lover of course i couldn't miss the best market in Bangkok which is Jatujak (Chatuchak) ,  It is a big big big giant huge market, 
I can spend my whole day there shopping, see see look look , eat yummy Thailand foods ! 
I won't go back hotel with empty hands for sure. 

We reach there by 9am, after few hours of shopping under humid weather with tired body 
and finally Lunch time is here so we were digging our lunch , 
everywhere is full of people we couldn't even find a comfy place with fan, table and chair. 
and we found this restaurant beside road side , so we finally settled down . 

our cold drinks under hot weather, how refreshing is that ! 

and soon , the owner of the restaurant from Spain came out to show everyone how to cook 
 an authentic Paella (Spain food) . 

Food is ready and in just a min half of it sold !!!
everyone is queuing for the delicious Paella 

Look at the BIG fresh prawns and BIG fresh mussel  @_@  
After a long long queue like 15minutes , finally my turn ! 

The cashier said one plate is 170baht ( RM19) 
and I was happily take out my wallet only realised 
I LEFT 100 baht (RM11)  !!!!
was digging all over my wallet and handbag, that's the last 100 baht left after a long shopping day...

yes, O.M.G. 

I was in panic and the people who queuing behind me started to show unhappy face and complaining why I took so long to pay. Everyone in the restaurant is looking at me, 
 I felt very guilty, awkward and sorry for making those who queuing under bright hot sun , 
 I dint know how to speak Thai nor Spain language 
and they don't understand what I'm saying too , 
I can only give them a bright smile and wave my hand saying that I doesn't have enough money to buy the yummy Paella and let the people behind me to buy. 

the owner who cooking beside me saw it and he understand what I'm trying to tell, 
and so , he passed me a plate of the Paella , and telling me ' FREE , FREE '' 

I was so touched and surprised !!!!! 

I insisted to give him my last 100baht , he doesn't want to take it ,
and said ' SHOPPING , SHOPPING ' , He's telling me to use the last 100baht to shop later . 

Thank you !!!! It meant so much to me !

Language is never a problem, Smile is everything 

I take out my camera and asked for a selfie,
the chef is happily nod his head and pose with me! 

Thanks for making my Bangkok trip full of good memories! 

and here is my  FREE yummy delicious authentic Paella by this wonderful Chef from Spain !!! 

I will definitely visit here next time ! 

 Nothing taste better than a free lunch by a friendly kind heart chef ! 
It was sooooooo good ! I was so happy until smile non stop while having my lunch. 
Just a simple kind act and you can help other's people , 
I hope I can help some one next time !

Good Luck & smile !
You'll never know what will happened on your saddest day! 
tomorrow is a better day :) 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

ChuLip blogger workshop and review

Hi ladies! 

I'm lucky to be chosen to attend ChuLip workshop at 1utama last week :D
Thanks Butterfly !
Today I'm gonna review for this cute Lipbalm Chulip!

The ChuLip Lipbalm by Mentholatum has been the talk of town with its cute dome shape and funky colours of Pink, Red , Purple and Green. Applying lip balm has become a trend with most ladies seen holding a Chu Lip lip balm in their hand and using it in public. Its unique design, ultra moisturising properties and easy glide-on formula makes it a favourite among the ladies.  

About The Mentholatum Company 
The mentholatum company founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. Headquarters are in Orchard Park , New York, U.S.A with operations in Australia , South Africa, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan & many more. 
Brands under Mentholatum : LipIce, Oxy , Hada Labo , Selsun, Sunplay , Rotho C cube , Deep Heating Rub and now,  ChuLip . 

cute chulip designed by local designer 

Organizer prepared a table full of pretty , 
cute & interesting decoration for us to decorate our one & only Chulip!

this was my favourite among all , simple yet eye striking 

donuts anyone? 

Mentholatum is taking the popularity of the Chu Lip Lipbalm to the next level by getting Chu Lip fans to pimp up their Chu Lip lip balm and personalising it, The Chulip has a distinctive design and attractive colours which makes it desirable and extremely fun. There is so much you can do with ChuLip lip balm apart from caring for your lips. Let your creativity run wild when you pimp up 
your Chu Lip lap balm. Call it Mr Man by attaching a must ache or turn it into a pink belly dancer with accessories and bling . 

Organiser gave us 1 hour plus to decorate our chu lip, and here is total 50 of them by 50 bloggers :) 
They're choosing Top 6 and let 50 of us vote the Top 3! 
and thanks to everyone support , my chulip is in Top 3 and I won a Baby-G watch ! 

my goodie bag bag and my creation's ! It was so fun and I've meet few friendly bloggers too! 

There are four different scents to suit your mood. 

-Paris , Perfect Memories to feel the eternal love of sweet berry scent with its unique mix of raspberry and peach flavour. 

- NY, Brilliant My way and be dazzled with the powerful fruity scent of apple, ginre and tea rose.

- Arabian Floral shower and experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of rose, germanium and clove. 

- Nordic, fancy nostalgia and enter the world of fairytale surrounded with the refreshing scent of orange, lime and mango. 

it moisture my lips for more than 7 hours , I just love the scent of the Pink paris! 
The scent is sweet & cute. 
It's totally transparent colour , so it suitable for gentleman too. 

If you haven't got yourself a Chu Lip lip balm, head over to any leading pharmacy or major supermarket nearby and purchase it for only RM25.90 each. All Chulip lip balms are formulated with a delicious blend of recipes as well as being enhanced with moisturising ingredients of olive oil, macadamia nut oil and rose hip oil for happy and healthy lips.  

To create more excitement for its fans, mentholatum is organising a contest ins search for the most outstanding creative Chu lip designs, Participants of this contest can decorate their ChuLip in their own style with a little creativity , then take a photo of their finished creative work and upload to 
which will be ongoing from 5th March until 30th March 2015 only.
Hurry up girls !  

Good Luck! 


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Story about two Valerie

Hi dear all, 
how's your day! 

This is a short story about how I meet her and we became a good good friend! 

Have you noticed we have the exactly same teeth? :D 

How the story begins and what so special about us?

we both have the same name, Valerie
we know each other thru online game, 
but I wasn't really close with her, we were only Hi-Bye friends. 
One day she decided to meet us ,
 so she fly to Malaysia just to meet us (Malaysia online game friends) , 
well of course I'm happy to meet her! 

The first impression was 
the shapes, the crooked part is totally the same!

and our friends was laughing at us and said :

' LOOK! They're having the exactly same crooked teeth! ' 

and they keep laughing at us, 
we can only smile to each other and laugh with them to escape this extremely awkward moment.

Since many years ago, I'm very afraid on how people laugh and look at my crooked teeth, that's why I never laugh /smile with my mouth wide open , every time I laugh I'll just use my hand to cover my mouth. I have no confident at all . I was actually very down and sad on the whole day...
But guess what , due to this incident, we both became good good friend! 
Just like twins! 

we started to share our own story, own hobby, 
our daily life routine, gossips just like what other's bff do.  we msg each other everyday, 
we always send each other our daily picture, our foods picture especially ,
even thou she's in Singapore and I'm in Malaysia BUT we don't feel like we're far part, 
we're just like living next to each other.

after few months
 I decided go to Singapore alone to find her, 7 hours by bus with my small backpack. 
this was my first time travel another country alone, altho Singapore is just beside Malaysia but still need lots of courage to do so. 

She take Leave to accompany me to shopping , eat & be my tour guide :D
and 3 months later she told me she decided take bus come to visit me again but alone ! 
I know she's afraid of coming alone ( cause of Malaysia is not safe if compared to Singapore )
 but she still willing to do this for me, just to see me again.

Time flies, 3days 2 night ended so quickly. 
She have to go back Singapore and I have to stay in Malaysia. 
I know her well , she know me well, before she leave we almost cry, 
but we hold our tears and give each other a big big hug 
promise each other we're going to meet very soon . 

Thanks to our crooked teeth make us became best friend. 
Beside her I'm no longer afraid of showing my teeth to everyone, 
not even in front of the camera. I'm just proud of it :) 

cause that's the thing that brought us together. 
that's the thing to make us look alike. 

Sometimes, we'll look in to the mirror and laugh at our crooked teeth together. 
I hope someday we both can fix our crooked teeth together 
and show the world our teeth is perfectly fine!

Smile ! 

Valerie &Valerie 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

VisaPure Review (after 2 months ) & studio shooting with Philips VisaPure

Hi ladies! 

How important is cleanser to me? 
Do you still remember my VisaPure review? 
Part one

Part two

this is the changes of my face within 2-3 months, before & after Philips VisaPure . 
a HURE change! 
Below picture I never edit nor turn on my beauty mode in my casio TR camera . 
you still managed to zoom in to see all the pores and pimples. 

I have so many acne is because too many make up on my face everyday and i dint clean properly, 
and my pores getting bigger and bigger, and lots of dirts stuccoes inside my pores ,
thats the main reason that cause all the pimples and white head appeared . 
I tried to put mask everyday, it dint help much. 
even I stop putting make up for few weeks, my skin problem is still the same. 
This is all because I dint remove the dirts properly :( 

until Visapure appear ~ 
let's see my skin condition

1month later. 
much better altho still have small pimples and white heads , but overall improve really well. 

what about 2months later? 
all I can say is my pores is much smaller and Im not worry of cosmetics is blocking my pores anymore! 

I'm sharing my own opinion in the video too! 

barely see my left face right ! felt so different :P 

some candid shoot during the shooting 

Happy studio shooting day with the ladies! 
altho the video is only around 3.1 minutes but took us 8 hours + to finish it. 
the result is simple & nice! 

take a look :D

I keep NG due to over nervous , Ive did many studio shooting last time but I'm still nervous .
Thanks for the awesome shooting team! 
hope to work with all of you again <3 

What is Visapure? 

Do you know? 

my current skin conditions :) 
Hope you achieve a healthy, glowing and awesome skin condition! 

remember girls, VisaPure is 10 times more effective than cleaning with hand ! 
especially girls who like to make up, make sure you clean all your make up away everyday in just 1 minutes ! 

Hope you like my review!