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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glaour Lip 3-Step Kit REVIEW

Hello everyone!! 
Today is lip day again! 

Thanks to Janice(BigEyeJan) who brought this lip mask & many others beauty products back from Korea for me , 
you know me so well :D

have you heard of Holika Holika? 
it's a Korea brand just like Etude house with pretty and mystery packaging. 
You can get Holika Holika products from Time Square outlet 

Price : RM15 + 

product of the day !
Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit 
the colours & packaging is so cute! 

Step 1 : Lip Peeling Patch (Cotton Sheet) 
Contains gold ( I guess thas the reason why the lip mask call Golden Monkey?) 
and cellulose softly remove dead skin cells from the lip. 

Step 1 : 
Apply Step 1 exfoliating pad to clean lips and gently massage dull skin depending on your lip sensitivity. 

although it contains 'gold' but I don't see where is the 'gold' on the cotton sheet lol. 
maybe it's transparent? x(  

Step 2 : 
Volume Lip Pack (Hydrogel Mask) 
contains Hyaluronic Acid and collagen extract make your lip moist and soft . 

I like this kind of hydrogel mask very much! so bouncy and transparent just like a jelly ! 

Step 2 : 
Apply step 2 hydrogel to your lips and remove it after 15 minutes . Then gently lip area to absorb remaining residue. 

it have a cooling effect and I'm actually kinda enjoy it . 
Just apply 15mins and take it off . 

Step 3 : 
Honey Lip Essence 
Contains Manuka honey extract and Royal Jelly extract to boots up the moist & soft of your lips. 
it's kinda sticky but it absorb into my lip in just a few minutes . 

Step 3 : 
Apply step 3 honey treatment to the lips, specially to dry areas.

it's kinda sticky at the first minutes but it taste so yummy & sweet! 
Just apply on it and let it absorb. 
One pack can use for few times , you can actually seal it & keep it for next time. 

Before & After comparison 
-Before - 
It is dry , full with lip lines . 

so moist and fine lines all gone ! 

sorry for my bad hair day & naked face xD 

just focus on my lips will do :P 

Overall I think this mask is not bad, very convenient cause all came in a pack. 
can bring it to travel & hassle free ! 
Price is reasonable if you use it once a week. 

hope you love my review! 


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Neesya Brightening Eye Contour Gel (30ml) REVIEW

Hi ladies! 

This Is my first review on Eye gel , Normally I don't care anything about my eyes , 
because for me eyes products took really long time to see the result and due to my combination skin, 
most of the eye gel / eye cream in the market is too oily or too thick for me, past few years I wasn't really have the knowledge on eye gel/cream , in the ended my eyes area are now full with wrinkles, oil seeds & pigmentation :( 

Product: Neesya Brightening Eye Contour Gel 
Size: (30ml)
 Price : RM119 

I bought mine from TheMines NEESYA counter, they have different promotions every month, 
make sure you check out their website and do a listing on what you wanna purchase, 
you can save a lot ! The beauty assistance are very friendly too :) 

Now you can enjoy discount if purchasing Intensive hydration treatment set
(1 Brightening Eye Contour gel & 1 Hydrating serum) 
 RM199 (original price RM244) 

FREE a pretty tote bag worth RM79! 
I like the tote bag! Simple and stylish ! 

Description : 

An eye treatment formulated in a 360° approach to address the major concern of the eye contour. Helps visibly brighten dark eye circles, diminish puffiness and the effects of fatigue and aging.

Regu®-Age PF counters the causes of dark circles, puffiness and improves skin firmness and hydration. LumiScience® Technology helps diminish discoloration, protect against oxidative stress and refine the early signs of age, while light diffusers refract light for immediate optical brightening effect.

Fragrance and color free.

Look at the gel !! So pretty *_* !!! 
it has tiny little glitters in it ! 
shinning under sunlight 

It contains 
AcquaBiomin Gem Blend
It enhances skin radiance, hydration and active ingredients absorption. 
It gave our eyes instant brightening too! Don't worry , the 'glitters' actually will disappear once it totally absorb into your skin =D 

How to use :

Step 1 : Dispense 1 pump onto your fingers.

Step 2 : With your fourth finger, gently pat Eye Contour Gel under the eye area, blending gently from inward to the outward corner. Followed by application over the top of the eye lids.

Step 3 : Follow by smoothing the product over the eye contour until it's fully absorbed.

Step 4: Apply twice daily, in the morning and night.

 For a refreshing experience for tired eyes, place product in the fridge and apply a generous layer like an overnight mask to soothe tired, puffy eyes.

Here is a comparison before & after 2 weeks,  you can see the difference between this 2 pictures. 
Although not a very very huge difference But as an eye gel it considered fast & efficient , 
because eyes area is the most sensitive and thin skin compared to our whole face area. 
So far I am satisfied with the product, hopefully it will totally remove my wrinkles and others problem of my eyes. 

Hope you like my review! 


Friday, 12 June 2015

How do I keep my lip moisturise everyday - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask REVIEW

Hi everyone !! 

Today I'm gonna review Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask! 

As a beauty blogger , I always need to keep my lips moisturise ! 
Especially I like to review lip sticks / lip gloss (That's my favourite among all products) .
I have a very sensitive crack lips, couldn't live without a special care lip balm. 
normal lip balm couldn't work on my serious sensitive lip. 
If night time I forgotten to apply a thick layer of special care lip balm the next day 
D.E.F.I.N.I.T.E.L.Y will crack and bleed T_T 
All this while I've been using shiseido Moilip (only available in Japan),
that's the best lip balm I've ever used. But due to only available in Japan so sometimes is kinda troublesome , need to find agent help me purchase it from Japan. 
and as blogger, of course I won't stop exploring new products ! 

Finally , Laneige have a new products call 
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 
''A lip sleeping mask that provides smooth,
 firm lips by gently melting dead skin on the lips over night. ''

well it does sound like what I've been looking for! 

Size : 20g 
Price: RM70 
you can get it from any Laneige counter~ 

The packaging is just like Laneige sleeping mask. 
just the bottle is smaller and sweet pink colour :D 
it came with a little pink rubber spatular in a little rubber pouch too!  

ingredient : 
Berry Mix COMPLEXTM - 
Vitamin C and antioxidant -packed berry ingredients are smooth and will cultivate a tight little lips 

The smell is so Cherry Berry ! Smells so good & delicious!  Yum Yum 
(eventually I've accidentally lick my lips and it turns out taste just like a berry lollipop omg!) 

Before spread out the texture is a hard type of balm 
after speared out is like a melted wax . 
The texture is very thick and very oily just like Vaseline . 
Kinda hard to wipe it off once you applied , definitely need a make up remover . 

This is the instant result , 
although the result look great and cure my dry lip instantly but I don't think this is the correct way to use this lip sleeping mask .
 Because is too oily for day time? and the name call 'Lip sleeping mask' . 
this is for overnight of course ! 

I applied a thick layer before sleep 
Sleeping between your lips gently dissolve dead skin cells , smooth lip only sleeping mask to cultivate a tight little lips. 
MOISTURE WRAPTM - Supporting the skin , hyaluronic acid purification factor in mineral Network , Continued on the skin during the night , absorption , and maintains.
Sour , sweet berry flavors help feeling a good night's sleep.

The next morning. 
I use my finger to rub my lips gently before brush my teeth
 and all the dead skin came off immediately! 

If you wanna enjoy every nice lip stick /lip gloss you need to take good care of your lips 

For the price RM70 (27sgd) = 20g , I think it's kinda worth it , 
 for people like me is gonna use it everyday, 
it will last me around 3 months plus . For people who with normal lips you can do this mask every once or twice in a week , I think this little jar can last up to 1 year or more.  

Hope you like my review!


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tutorial on how to create a Natural Brown Eyes Make Up

Hi ladies! 

Are you still using black eyelashes and black contact lens while you're having brown hair? 
then you're outdated!
 I believed everyone have a pretty nice coloured hair nowadays, but why still stick to traditional black eyelashes and black contact lens? 
Have you noticed nowadays Japanese and Korean starting to put on natural make up? 
 No more thick black dramatic false eyelashes and eyeliner . 

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts & how to get a natural Brown eyes make up! 

Firstly we need to prepare :

- Brown false eyelashes 
-Brown eyeliner 
-Brown contact lens 

I got this pretty Taiwan false eyelashes from  

RM15 for this set 
8 different top lashes and 2 different bottom lashes. 

super deal yeah? After I posted the brown eyelashes on my Instagram (Valerieyan7) 
a lot of you asked me where did I get my eyelashes from. 
so here is the link & the contacts :

Link : 
(the thread is in mandarin) 
contact :
016-6690124 (she prefer to use wassap) 


You can purchase from Taobao if you willing to wait . 
Price is around RM8 for a box only (haven't including shipping of course) 
Just type 棕色假睫毛 in and you can see plenty's of them. 
But oh well, downside is you need to wait for around 2 weeks or more to reach your doorstep. 
and I know how it feels while waiting for a parcel -_- 
I'd rather get it from the seller above and pay a little bit extra .
Some of you might ask , ''such a cheap eyelashes I don't think is really comfy. ''
nope you're wrong. 
this eyelashes is handmade from Taiwan, 99% Taiwanese girl is using this brand. 
they have over hundreds type of eyelashes to choose from. 
The lashes might not as soft as DollyWink or others expensive lashes. 
but look back the price we paid, 

DollyWink  2 pairs = around RM50
Taiwan Handmade eyelashes 10 pairs = RM15 . 

you do the maths :P 
If you have the budget well sure go ahead, as long as the result satisfied you right =D 

Contact Lens I'm using is 
EOS Bubble Brown
I've purchased few brown contact lens to see which one is the best. 
So, this is the perfect natural brown ring with enlargement effect and without the black ring . 
Simple yet nice. 

Link : 

If you're looking for cheaper one you can visit Time Square G floor ,
There's one of the shop are selling the same contact lens too for only RM35 (3months) , 
as for authentic or not , 
I can't guarantee . But if you're using it for shooting few hours, I think shouldn't be a problem :D 

Lastly, eyeliner. 
Brown Eyeliner you can get it from many different brands, 
Etude house, MAC , NARS , Elianto ,  Dolly wink,  The skin food and many more. 
from cheap to expensive brands . 
Personally I like DollyWink eyeliner, 
easy to draw and waterproof but yet easy to remove with make up remover. 
price at around RM40 ++ . You can get it from SASA . 

How to : 
1)put on brown contact lens 
2) take a brown earth colour eyes shadow apply at the end of your eyes 
and a highlight at the middle- front of your eyes. 
3)apply a thin brown eyeliner and drag till the end of your eyes and lift up a bit . 
4)put on brown eyelashes 
and this is how natural brown eyes look like! 

(outdoor natural light) 

Hope you like my review + simple short tutorial ! 
Leave me a comment if you have any doubts :D


Thursday, 4 June 2015

SKIN FACTORY 7 Seconds Touchfit Liptatoo Pack Sexy Pink , Jewelry Pink and Vita Fruits Peach REVIEW

Hi everyone! 

Lately I know there's a lot of people discussing about this very hit peel off lip tattoo from Korea,
and finally I have a chance to try it and review it .  
Among all cosmetics review, Lipstick review is always my top 1 favourite.  
I just like to exploring different shades and different textures :D 

where to purchase? 
please click : > NattaCosme Lip Tatoo by Skin Factory << 

Original Price : RM49.90 

Good news! 
For all my readers you can get RM6 off when purchase above RM100 in 
valid till 21 July 2015 

Just key in coupon code when you check out : 

''Sick & tired of heavy lipstick that leaves behind stains everywhere? Want a lip color that’ll actually last for a long time? Well, SKINFACTORY has amazing news for you ! The innovative, revolutionizing 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack is here to perfect & pump up your lips.
Included in the pack are the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo & the 7 Seconds Speed White Cream to maximize the effects of each product for that flawless look that’s sure to flaunt your lips and turn heads. Made with all natural ingredients with no irritants, hydrate, nourish, & color with the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack today!'' 

It came with a small size of 7 seconds speed white cream! 
the cream I tried it on my hand and it really moisturise and instantly fairer within few seconds.
for girl who're looking a instant white cream you can try to get this :) 

cute & simple packaging 

How to use :
1) Apply touchfit along the lip line and fill in colour for plumping lips.

2) let the touch fit on your lips dry for about 5 to 10minutes ,
avoiding touching lips or making lips rubbed together. 
3) When the product gets dry, take it off slowly from the lip ends inward 

4) After the colour of the touchfit sits well on lips , finish touch with a lipgloss or lip balm for moistures lip. 

I'm actually kinda like the glossy and pigmentation of the touchfit tattoo before peel it off :P 

No1 Sexy Pink
A hot cherry pink colour suitable for fair skin ,
 perfect match with a bold cat eye liner! 
Although it look scary on the first application , but after peel off it doesn't look scary at all. 
Just a small problem of sexy pink , due to the heavy pigmentation sometimes it is very hard to apply evenly on my lips. the best is to use a lip brush to apply. But the colour is my favourite among this 3 .

No 2 Jewelry Pink 
A very sweet pink colour , suitable for OL / natural daily look! 
light colour like jewelry pink and vita fruits peach colour can apply evenly on my lips even without using a lip brush.  Wanna get a young sweet safe impression ? This is the best colour for you. 

No3 - Vita Fruits Peach 
A coral orange color , a very k pop colour , if you would like to try something different highly recommend this colour! orangy colour will give you a young and special look compared with traditional pink lip. 

Well, life is too short to be simple & ordinary. 

Dare to go for different colour and you might found a new you!  

on my lips- I'm using No1 Sexy Pink 

Hope you like my review! 


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Health Carnival by White Dental Cosmetic Centre Sri Petaling

Hi everyone! 

Sri Petaling is nearest to my house so I've been transferred from Kota kemuning to here. 
Sri Petaling is newest among all 3 branches 
before I start my first appointment here . White dental cosmetic centre Sri Petaling is having a health carnival on 30-5-2015 from 9.00am until 5pm. 
Dr Tiew have invited me to come over with my family ,
 we can check our health conditions for free, well of course we're going! 
  not only health check, there are also health talk too! 

White Dental Cosmetic Centre Sri Petaling is really easy to spot, once you reach Sri Petaling area 
you should  be able to saw their big sign board on 1st floor. 
Nearby have a lot of boutique, restaurant and saloon, you can have a breakfast or lunch before or after appointment! 

we reach at around 9am, we're the first few people who drop by ,  
good because I can take a clearer picture of the centre for you all :P 

we're welcome by two friendly receptionist 

this centre is so pretty if compared to Kota Kemuning centre. 
The theme of this centre is more to natural /garden feel I guess? Full with flowers and grass.  

the chair is prepared for the health talk later. 

inside the walk way 

a huge Invisalign wall paper 

Ping Ping says :" we must know how to brush our teeth start from young! '' 

simple & clean interior

Dr Tiew is checking husband teeth. 
Here is some of the event booth . You can check eyes, teeth , spinal , skin and many more for free! 
I dint stay long for the health talk because I'm rushing for another appointment . 
But it was a great experience and luckily our health dint have much problem :)

Lastly, thanks for inviting me ! 
and I've learnt a lot of health care / knowledge during this health carnival =) 

*Additional info's*

Great news! 
They're having another Health Carnival on 
13th June 2015 
Enjoy free opportunities and check up such as dental check up, blood pressure test and etc. 
You can get a mystery gift worth around RM400+ too! 
For more information, 
please contact 03 - 51226680