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Monday, 27 January 2014

My first make-up tutorial [Chinese new year look] with video

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!
Finally! my first video tutorial is up! 

Downloaded Imovie video editor software & i'm enjoying exploring!!! super fun & easy!!! 
but have to pay $14.90 at Apps store la...BUT! TOTALLY WORTH IT ! =D
From planning, make up, shooting , editing , uploading and now blogging it ,
woah, takes a lot of time & lot new things to learn @_@ 
really salute michelle phan how she manage to do it every day every week for new video & new idea! 
such a hardworking girl + hot boy friend . you know what I mean XD 

the video first scene I'm talking in chinese, because I don't think ang mo will wanna learn chinese new year look right? =O 
and I feel more comfy to talk in CHINESE ! because this video is CHINESE new year video! 
I hope I dint made the wrong choice. lol

I hope I can get more ideas, tools and time to make more nice video tutorial for you all !
I hope you enjoy my first video, and please, share it on your Facebook wall , 
to your friends or family! Just a click, won't cost any $ :P 

feedbacks are welcome! but please don't be so mean XD haha




video time !! 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Glitter Nail Polish 1

Hello!!!! I'm very exited to share this nail polish to you you you!!! 
Because this nail polish is SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY !!!! 
The Glitters is just so shinning and pretty!!! 
Just like a lots of diamond inside *_* 

I think I'm addicted in to snapping products picture, especially Macro mood !
I'm just feeling very satisfied after seeing the final result of the picture.  

and I've also uploaded a short video to show how shiny is this nail polish 
in my Instagram account : Valerieyan89 
Please follow me for more awesome video and pictures! 
back to topic

Price for each : $ 19 each
around RM60++ for each

Here's a short BIO of 
Deborah Lippmann 

Deborah Lippmann is the go-to manicurist for the most fashionable magazines and renowned fashion houses from Vogue, InStyle, W, Vanity Fair and Elle to Donna Karan, Rodarte, Narciso Rodriguez, Marchesa and Versace to name a few. After years of experience in the industry, her eponymous line of lacquers and treatments for nails, hands and feet is as coveted as her incredible talent.

Working closely with some of the biggest names among celebrities, editors, fashion
designers and models, Deborah quickly identified the need for a diverse range of
nail colors and luxury care products, which was missing in the market. It was at that
moment that Deborah set out to create her own line of high-quality nail lacquers
and treatments with her unique fashion point of view. Deborah has since
collaborated with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cher, Narciso Rodriguez, Kelly Clarkson and
other A-list celebrities in the fashion, music and entertainment world to create a
series of signature nail shades.

where can you get it ?
website : 

So here I bought 3 colors  
A - Glitter and be gay  ( 2013 Limited Edition-Jewel Heist Series) 
a rainbow color small & big glitters 

B -  Shake your groove thing 
a golden color big glitters 

C - Shake your Money Maker ( 2013 Limited Edition-Jewel Heist Series) 
a mermaid color - green/blue and golden color big glitters  

and due to I share it with my friend, 
so I bought an additional 3 empty small nail polish jar to put them in. 

Let's talk about #Shake Your Money Maker  first, 
for me just like mermaid color , a bit of green, blue and a hint of golden glitters 

*pictures grabbed from Deborah Lippmann official website*

The brush is soft and easy to apply. 

 A - Glitter and be gay  ( 2013 Limited Edition-Jewel Heist Series) 
a rainbow color small & big glitters 

B -  Shake your groove thing 
a golden color big glitters 

C - Shake your Money Maker ( 2013 Limited Edition-Jewel Heist Series) 
a mermaid color - green/blue and golden color big glitters  

no matter what angle it still looking super shiny , oh my eyes!! 

and 2nd , Glitter and be gay 
a rainbow-lazer-gold-color glitters 

 Layer 1

Layer two  

Layer three 

and lastly Base Coat
REMEMBER ! must apply Base Coat!!! it will give the color look more vibrant and last longer! 

 Zoom zooom zoooooooomm in !!!! 

Lastly, Shake your groove thing
it's a very pretty golden color glitters 

with all together

- LOTS of glitters 
-Easy to apply
-dry very fast
- affordable

-Only last for 1 or 2 days
-not available in Malaysia

My favorite among these 3? 
ALL of them are my favorite honestly! I really can't decide x_x 
I'll try to apply UV base coat and UV top coat and see will it last longer, because I really love to see all the glitters dancing under the sun light but sadly only last for 1 or 2days. I hopefully UV top coat will make it last longer. will let you guys know after after I experient =D and I seriously hope Deborah Lippmann will create lot more fun and pretty glitters nail polish in the future, I swear I'll buy them all !!!
Hope you enjoy my 2nd nail polish review . 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Isetan X Vivi X Foruchizu blogger personal shopper workshop with Cheesie and Audrey

 I'm very lucky to be the lucky 10 girls who able to participate this event =D 

Location - KLCC Isetan 
Time- 2pm 
date - 11 Jan 2014 

It's Audrey and Cheesie!! Malaysia famous fashion bloggers 
*clap clap*
Cheesie married to a Japanese and she is pregnant now!!! But still so thin and petite 
she's from Seremban as well! me too ! when I told her I'm from Seremban she was shocked and she thought I came from Seremban in the morning. haha

Audrey is mom as well , baby fighter is growing very healthy and cute too : > 
the way they speak is very soft and friendly! 

 don't you think he look like 黑人 from Taiwan? the way he dress up, the way he talk, just like him!!

so Audrey and cheesie teaching and giving us tips how to wear in style  

with sharon :) 
here's her blog 

selfca time!!!!!

3 mothers here : P 

with Hermes 

and every participants received a small door gifts as well! 
It's a matching black bow necklace and bracelet 
made from Korea. hahahaha 

This post is more on pictures XD
still, hope you enjoy it! 

Instagram : ValerieYan89

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A date with KOMUGI cafe

My first food post ! KOMUGI from Japan , baked daily ! 
so 100000% fresh & crispy ! 


Mid Valley Megamall,
LG 078, Lower Ground Floor
T +603 22821994

Operation Hour

Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pM


Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Lot 24/1A, Tokyo Street, Level 6
T +603 21480369

Operation Hour

Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Komugi actually they have 2 types, 1 is komugi cafe and another 1 is normal komugi bread shop .
the first time I pass by Sunway Pyramid branch, attracted by their superrrrr cute snowman pudding! 
i dint manage to snap the picture of it because I accidentally spoiled it...
and the snowman face cacat already, I am so careless *sob* 

so I just took a picture from google 
I know, so cute right !!! 
and very yummeh too! with strawberry filling <3 

so I went to Pavillion KOMUGI Cafe last week! 
located at tokyo street .
we ordered 2 melon buns, 1 cheese bread , 2 mini cheese cake and 1 pudding 
cost me around RM20 only 
the price is considered ok . they even heat up the breads for us on the spot! 
so soft, so bouncy , so crispy & so delicious !!!! heavy !

left to right
2 half baked cheese cake - RM2.90 each
2 melon bun - RM2.90 each
1 cheese bun( heavy cheese) - RM5.90 (please correct me if the price is wrong, sorry I don't remember the exact price, too gan jiong to eat all of them already lol )
1 orginal caramel pudding - RM4 only 

can't help it, must put the bling bling effect just like Japanese comic ! 
My husband and my son love it ! crispy outside soft and bouncy inside <3 

This is my love! KOMUGI toyohashi pudding in ORIGINAL flavor. 
available in green tea, chocolate , strawberry & mango flavor too! 
just RM4 for each, very very very yummy, melt right inside your mouth ! ahhh! 

smooth, wobbly , sweet in a very cute jar , and the jar is not small too! 

cheese bun, look yummy, but the cheese inside I doesn't like it >_<
maybe the cheese taste too heavy (I'm a super cheese lover , but this cheese i really beh tahan)
so I won't order this next time , but maybe different people different taste, maybe you'll like it 

tada! the mini half baked cheese cake we dabao. Too full, couldn't finish it 

mini Half baked Hanjuku cheese cake
taste ok, just like normal cheese cake 

The environment 

The environment 
The environment 

this is what I've ordered from Sunway Pyramid KOMUGI 
apple bun and Honey Bee swissroll 
both also taste very delicious 

they always have super cute cakes and bread, maybe because it's a Japanese company , so everything they also design and pack until very neat, pretty and creative 

this is for 2014 chinese new year , for people who doesn't like ordinary hamper can try this! 
look more stylish too. ppfffttt XD

ok, end it with my picture. hahahahaha! 
Hope you like my first food post =D