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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Review

Hello! How's your day going? Today I'm going to unbox this HOT selling product call 
POBLING Pore Sonic Cleanser 
from Korea! 
ok, before I start my own review , let's go through the benefit's of this product 
shall we? 

Deep pore cleansing Promise to make your skin bright Sonic pore cleanser - PO bling What is amazing is that something so gentle to your skin can actually dramatic improvements.

Excellent pore cleansing effect! Using Po bling helps to remove impurities and clear pores. No harsh abrasives! No chemicals! Our Sonic Cleansing Systems are a gentle and natural way to cleanse your skin.

Enhance skincare product! Without proper cleansing, pollutants, oil and bacteria accumulate on the skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads, blemishes and dullness. This prevents serums and moisturizers from performing to their fullest potential.
An advanced vibrate motion to effectively cleanse oily skin, large pores, and those hard-to-reach or uneven areas of the face, such as around the nose

Po bling Benefits
-Removes makeup better than manual cleansing
- Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
-Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best -Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
-Minimizes the appearance of visible pores
- Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes

你还在用手洗脸么?? 那你就 Out 啦...
Po Bling 电动洗脸刷为爱美的MM带来福音啦
柔软毛刷不刺激皮肤, 同时可以深层清洁毛孔深处
带走毛孔里的脏东东, 长期使用可以有效缓解甚至治愈粉刺、黑头噢!!~

这款产品一推出, 就受到韩国MM的热烈追捧!~

★ 解决毛孔粗大
★ 减少黑头粉刺
★ 改善老化肤质
★ 保养品更容易吸收
★ 快速卸妆更简易清洁
★ 使皮肤更健康更有光泽

1. 总觉得脸洗不干净的皮肤
2. 出油大,水油不平衡的皮肤
3. 黑头、粉刺、暗粒的皮肤
4. 肤质看起来比较粗糙不够细腻的皮肤
5. 平时用的护肤品觉得吸收不够好的皮肤

1. 适当沾湿刷毛
2. 放置适量的洗面奶在刷头上
3. 启动开关
4. 打圈的方式转动洗脸
5. 用清水冲洗,时间的长短按当日皮肤的状况而定
6. 清洗完毕.感受亮白清透的肌肤

Po Bling (pobling) 3D声波洗脸刷:
1. 100% 韩国进口
2. 金色版, 全新设计,高贵典雅
3. 坐台式设计,方便简单, 亦能使毛刷上的水倒流,使刷头快速干燥,以防止细菌滋生
4. 超过15万根经过特殊处理的纤细软毛, 呵护你幼嫩的肌肤,敏感的眼周也能使用
5. 每分钟超过 22000次极微的震动
6. 防水功能,淋浴,泡澡都能用
7. 替换式插头,经济实惠,一机全家都能享用
8. 3A电池.解脱充电的束勃. 让你何时何地都能感受清洁脸部带来的乐趣
9. 深层清洁皮肤,轻易去除浓妆,改善粗大毛孔和黑头

Front view. The packaging look very professional and light 

 back description with korea & english language 

Pobling is very handy and light 

it came with a stand as well 

The Brush is super super super fine & super super soft !!!!! 
even my camera couldn't focus the tiny fine brush! 

another thing!!! The brush is waterproof ! you can use it while you're taking shower :D
how convienient. So just apply your cleanser on top of the brush. Although the description said it works fine with any type of cleaner ,
but for me I think it works better with foam / bubble cleanser,
because I tried both, with bubbles one it works wonder! 

Just wet the brush,apply your cleanser on the brush, turn on the switch, and wet your face 

focus on the area with large pores, my pores is very big on my cheeks :( 
Just turn round & round gently 
tried a lot pore minimizer but none of them suitable. 

and just wash away the bubbles gently, apply toner & we're done! 

This one is after used 3 days, can see my skin looks healthier and cleaner. 

I can really feel my pores is very clean & breathing ! and my black head is slightly lesser already. 
Once you tried Pobling you will never use your hand to wash anymore, because Pobling can clean much better than our hand. and you can even use this to remove make up ! 
用了这个你才知道什么是真正的洗干净  lol

Special thanks to
Luxury Make up for letting me try this awesome product

mention my name you can get discount ! 
Normal price : RM169 
Special price for my readers! : RM139 !! 
remember mention ValerieYan to get the discount ! 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Unbox Limited Edition Benefit Advent Calender 2013 with my first video

Countdown to love with Benefit !

The time has arrived where you can get all the need to know information on… wait for it… the first EVER Benefit Advent Calender!!! You can now countdown to Christmas with cosmetics, and not just any cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics!
The Benefit Advent Calender is available to purchase from the 2nd November and is exclusive to Debenhams & Benefit Boutiques. Quantities are extremely limited. 
Official Benefit website SOLD OUT on the day one !!! 

It's exclusive for SEPHORA Starhill & SEPHORA 1utama in Malaysia ONLY.
You couldn't get it from Benefit counter either, 
Selling at RM260 & Limited 200 pcs in Malaysia .
with RM260 you can get total 24pcs mini products , TOTALLY WORTH IT !!!! 
and the 24pcs is their BEST selling products as well ! 
I'm glad that I able to purchase it because when my husband went to purchase it
(raining that night and I'm carrying my son ,so my husband said he help me ran over to purchase) 
left last few boxes only. 
The only thing that doesn't included is foundation , well maybe different people different skin tone, so it's not so suitable to put in the box. so i understand as well. 

so here's my FIRST VIDEO !!!! hope you like it >__< 

I'm so happie =DDDD
as you can see it's super big and heavy! almost 2kg!!! 
the box is very thick paper box with very nice and detail printing on it. 

the size compare with me. I look tiny here. hehehe 

there's 24 doors , door 1 you can open on 1-12-2012 , door 2 you can open on 2-12-2013 and so on, 
so its a count down to Christmas, you'll never know what's inside the little door. How brilliant! 
I love the idea so much ! 

Here is what you get from the box =D

product I'm using to complete this make up is by using 
-POREfessional (oil control base)
-BADgal lash (mascara)
-BADgal eyeliner 
-Dandelion (blusher)
-CORALista (lip gloss)
-Highbeam (highlight)

can you see my face is glowing? thanks to highbeam ! Mini enough to let me carry to travel !
love love love!!!

all the cosmetics on this make up is using mini benefit from this advent calendar  2013.
Dandelion blusher is one of my fav too! create a pinkish and natural blush and the powder is very fine.
wana try long time ago, but the original size of the blush is too big for me, I think I can even use for 10 years x_x now this set came with a tiny one!!! well, I can use for 2 years I think? hahaha

Bonus ! 
after you took out all the products can even let your child play with the doors.  Pffft!!!

Merry Christmas !!!! Hope you enjoy your Holiday ! 


Friday, 20 December 2013

TinyPinc Miniature accessories

First of all thanks to My friend Tiny Pinc aka Ah Ling send me these 
cute handmade miniature before Christmas!
Gosh this year Christmas is the BEST !! I received lotssss of present !!! 
Blessed! Thank you guys!!

Her Facebook page :

Her Blog & Etsy :

E-mail address :  (a very cute one. LOLOLOL)

handmade golden pussy cat earing , something not too cute but not too matured. 

and the 2nd pair of earing is ginger bread man!!! so tiny little !

and lastly, a christmas snow globe!! (which I force her to give 1 to me. HAHA)
I loveeeee christmas snow globe! 
so tiny, so pretty, so fairy tale! 

and here is some works done by her 

support handmade ! 

Her Facebook page :

Her Blog & Etsy :

E-mail address :

Hope you like my first accessories post ! =D
*gosh I still have a lot post is coming up, not enough time >_<*

Happy Christmas everyone !!!Enjoy your present & holiday !!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Benefit Rockateur contest !

Benefit had a contest about their new launching blusher name Rockatuer. 
the blush is in rose gold color, which I think is quite unique and have a very nice glowy effect.
So, I won ( YAY!!!!! XD ) They contacted me and asked me to get the prize from Starhill Sephora 2nd floor (honestly, before this I don't know starhill  sephora got 2nd floors...

so here I am ! The happy me with my worth RM500+ of Benefits products!!
ya, RM500 can only get a small bag of products, cause Benefits products not cheap =X

so here total 5 products they gave me 

Let's take a look in the benefit interior, so girly so pinkish so lovely!!!! 
Because it was around 9pm, so doesn't have customer at the moment..and I guess they're closing soon.
so I just took a quick snap

How I wish my room can have the wallpaper, the decorations, and full with cosmetics XD

Beautiful and clean stands for all the benefits products

why the floor with balloons ? Because they're having a bloggers party on the next day,
too bad I dint manage to join, hopefully next time I can !

Lovely isn't it!

Christmas Tree!!! 

The stairway up to the 2nd floor with all the benefit wallpapers

Little Cute pinky Benefit paper bag 

Stay Flawless 15 hour primer 
it's actually is a base before you apply foundation with oil control.
Price RM 120 . 

Maybe Baby perfume ! 
I never heard of this perfume before! anyway my mom wants it and I think the smells is very feminine and womanly. too bad my husband doesn't like perfume, his nose is allergy with perfume  =( 
why oh why

Refined Finish Facial Polish 
nice packaging, and quite big bottle , i think it's a facial scrub or something 

Primping with the Stars
a kit with all the best selling of benefit! 
-stay don't stray (eye base)
-benetint (blusher)
-gal meets pearl (base)
-porefessional (base)
-they're real (mascara)
-gorgeous (foundation)

 tada~~ My first give away christmas contest to my readers!!!!
I'm giving away 

-dandelion lip gloss (RM120)
-Stay Flawless (RM60+)

How to join? 

like my personal page 

2) Follow my Instagram 

3)Share the picture on which products you wanted the most in Facebook
 (Stay flawless or Dandelion lip gloss)

 and put my blog link =) 

(remember to share as 'public' if not I couldn't see it )

Contest end at 24th night time 11.59pm

I'll announce on 25th december 2013 =)