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Monday, 22 December 2014


Hi ladies! 

today is food post !! 
any one love snacks? love potato chips? 
yes I bet everyone loves it ! 
snacks is just perfect for any time, any occasion , any places ! 

Perfecto official fb

Freshly garnished on every crisp, where great flavours come alive!

Perfecto ‘fresh garnishings’ on every crisps.
 they has 3 flavours :
*natural sea salt
*sour cream and chives
*chilli and spice infusion.

I'm here with my yummy Perfecto chips ! 
dress code was black! 
every one is black on that day, look so classy 

here is our Perfecto Snack Bar ! 

 *Remember !* This campaign is only available from 13th Dec- 9th January Only

You can enjoy the dippings at these cafes: 

1. Wood & Steel (Halal) – 17th Dec onwards 

2. Fikcles (Halal)

3. Roast & Grind (Halal)

4. 42 East (Non Halal)

5. Dukes & Duchess (Non Halal)

Just pay RM3.50 and we are good to go ! 

Step1 : Choose your fav crisp! 
-natural sea salt
-sour cream and chives
-chilli and spice infusion

Step 2: Choose your fav Garnish ! 
-Sliced mushroom
-Parmesan cheese powder 
-Parsley Flakes 
-Chilli flakes 

Step 3 : Dip your fav sauce ! 
-Cheese Sauce 
-Mustard Sauce 

My favourite ! chilli and spice infusion! Cause it is spicy enough! 

Tada! This is what we all waiting for! 
you can now customize your own crisps with different dippings, how awesome!! 
 all I want is cheese cheese cheese ! 

Perfecto -freshly garnished on every crisp <3 is my cute little bowl of chips with lots of different sauces and garnish

My favourite combination was :
- chilli and spice infusion
-Sliced mushroom
-Cheese Sauce 
-Mayonnaise ! 


Perfecto also prepared a mini game for us ! 
find your group members and use all the foods that they prepared for us and create a nice 
food art with concepts within 5mins !!!! 

Tada!!!! Here is our creation!!!!  
awesome or not! 
and our team won!!! so happy XD

can I bring it back home T_T 


Don't forget to join ! 

Perfecto Instagram Contest: 

The Perfecto Snack Bar will be available at the abovementioned cafes from 13 December 2014 to 9 January 2015. Drop by these cafes to customize your Perfecto crisps with a variety of garnishings and sauces. 

For one month, Perfecto will be picking three lucky fans every week to receive a carton of Perfecto crisps each! If you want to stand a chance to win a carton, here's what you have to do: 

1) Take a picture of yourself enjoying Perfecto crisps at one of the cafes mentioned above. 

2) Upload that picture to Instagram with the hashtag #Perfectochips

remember share some with me if you won! :D


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