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Thursday, 19 November 2015

How to bleach hair and maintain your hair on the same time

Hi ladies!!! 

I always wanted to bleach my hair and get some crazy colours ! 
But I'm so afraid of bleaching my hair cause is super damage :/ 
I always love pastel colour hair like those ang moh, their hair is so pretty! 
Ohya , I like Xiaxue's hair too! So fantasy feel :P 

One day , Im very lucky to meet a company who supplies all the hair products to Malaysia. 
I've spoken to the person in charge about my problem and doubts about bleaching my hair. 
The hairstylist (Kelvin) , he said not to worry they're gonna provide the best hair treatment and even repairing my hair WHILE bleaching my hair! 

so, what I'm waiting for? 


made a short video for the whole progress too! 

Kelvin is using INNOluxe. 
Product from UK.



Innoluxe’s new product range that will take your salon’s colouring and technical services to the next level.
Repair during all colouring processes
Richer, longer lasting colours using safe innovative protein technology that gets to work during and after the treatment, protecting and restoring hair bonds, maximising strength and allowing stylists to achieve even greater results
Complete client accessibility – every colour, every lightener, all hair types

Innoluxe also offers:
repair during all other chemical services – perm, straightening, relaxing
even greater repair with keratin services
an exciting new stand alone treatment
freedom to take your colour & technical skills further & offer your clients the hair they most want.

Innoluxe uses advanced protein technology to repair hair during the colouring process. It creates incredibly strong sulphur bonds that deliver highly effective restoration to hair. Innoluxe features Aminobond Complex, an advanced blend of multiple levels of exceptionally low weight proteins, reinforcing sulphur bridges within the hair to provide greater strength and flexibility resulting in ever better repair and longer lasting results.


a huge range of premium hair products from Milan. 

''Medavita was founded 50 years ago,All our products must offer the utmost efficacy right away, respecting the physiology of the scalp and hair. This means we cannot accept any compromises in our choice of ingredients: just essential oils and ultra-pure plant extracts selected with great care all over the world. And there are other people to take into consideration in the productive process: the people who work with us, and consumers. Efficacy, wellness and respect are Medavita’s keywords.

MEDAVITA, founded in 1963 and with its headquarters in Milan, is a family joint-stock company and the leading Italian brand for haircare treatments. The Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialise top-quality professional cosmetics for the beauty of hair. With more than 50 years’ experience in this industry, MEDAVITA maintains its steadfast vocation of providing the best service by offering a wide range of products that meet the most demanding needs created by the far-reaching cosmetics world of today.'' 
says MEDAVITA . 

Kelvin says my hair scalp is very sensitive , easily red & itchy every time I over scratch . 
So he use intensive care Spray on my hair scalp .
This product is awesome!
My itchiness is gone instantly ! 

this hairstyle is kinda cute. HAHAHA . 
last picture before my hair turns into yellow! 

on the progress of bleaching ! 

Kelvin is patiently helping me taking care of my scalp while bleaching. 

actually my hair stylist Kelvin used the strongest Bleach , normal hair should be become white But due to my hair black pigment is too strong so I can only bleach until yellowish , thats why it may depending on your own hair conditions , If you couldn't get 100% grey colour that might not be the hairstylist wrong too, it might be your own hair problem. 

TADA ~~ 
How's my grey hair ? 
Although my hair couldn't bleach until totally white colour , but the outcome is surprisingly nice too! 
it's like yellowishhhh greyyyyyy
I love it !! 

Before & After 

my hair colour is so even now ! 
Kelvin did a great job ! He keep sweating and stand behind my hair to make sure my hair colour is perfectly even. Because my hair is very heavy black pigment , dry , black roots , red base and frizzy (gosh so many problems) 
it's a very very very big challenge for him, but he did it !!! 

this grey colour last me around 5 weeks ! 
the colours slowly change to yellowish but it still look nice! 

After bleach I don't feel my hair very dry , yet I feel my hair still moisturise with the helps of MEDAVITA & KERASTRAIGHT (INNOLUXE) products. 
thumbs up ! 

where can you get MEDAVITA & KERASTRAIGHT products? 

You can always go to A-cut above saloon and ask the hair stylist use this brands for you. 

Hope you like my review! 



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