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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Dolly Wink Sales at TANGS Genting Highland

Good day ! I've never been to Genting highland for around 2 years. Surprisingly not much people there, I think most of the people were waiting to go by this week during Hari Raya Public Holiday =O 
and my friend told me last few days about Dolly Wink is also having sales there!! 
They're having sales until 18th ! go girls!!

于是老公大人就说不如星期日上云顶,刚巧同一天我的朋友告诉我dolly wink在云顶的tangs有做sales,说可能可以买到比较便宜的东西。当然点头要去咯!
她们的促销是到这个月 18号!! 还有很多天,姐妹们hari raya 可以上云顶扫货!!

so here is the Dolly Wink booth.
Dolly Wink False Eyelash buy 2 boxes at RM95 
Normal Price was RM55 per box, 2 boxes = RM110 
So you from here you can save RM 15 ~

终于找到dolly wink 的小档口了,
原价是RM55 一盒,买两盒是 RM110.
可是这边才卖  两盒=RM95。

令郎满目,我也选了好久才决定要哪一个 @_@

Not only that, all Dolly Wink products also have discount.
I also bought a Dolly Wink liquid eye liner at RM49.
Normal price was RM55 as well.
dolly wink 的东西全部都有折扣哦!我也买了眼线笔,原本是RM 55,折扣了是 RM 49。

Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, glue and many more 

others Japan products 

This packaging is SO CUTE !!! With lace design and available in baby pink & baby blue 
(both my fav colors!) 

This is Sana Hadanomy collagen mist 90ml . you can spray on your face anytime anywhere. and this heart shape design is 
限定 Special Limited edition from Japan. surprisingly it was just RM19  (0_0)!! GET !
这个是Sana Hadanomy collagen mist 90ml,胶原蛋白喷雾,任何时刻都可以喷一喷,化妆了也可以喷,可以预防妆容裂的!这个心型包装饰是限量的!而且才 RM19 !!! 哪里可以不败!!

and this is baby blue version, Hadanomy Aquaplacenta cream and mist .
But this doesn't have the heart shape limited edition design, so I din't get this >_<
粉蓝色这个是Aquaplacenta的。 可惜这个没有出心型的!不然我也会买下来。。。

so this is the Normal design of the collagen mist. Look pretty too 


Here's some Hello Kitty facial wash too !
Lots of mask in sales too!

Ok, here's the things I bought from here.
-Dolly Wink black color eyeliner
-Dolly Wink false eyelash in No.15 
-Dolly Wink false eyelash in No.1
-Limited edition Hadanomy collagen mist 
and the friendly sales girl named Apple gift me a Koji black eyeliner , 
Dolly wink file and some samples =D

-Dolly Wink black color eyeliner
-Dolly Wink false eyelash in No.15 
-Dolly Wink false eyelash in No.1
-Limited edition Hadanomy collagen mist 
那位亲切的sales girl 名字叫 apple, 送了我一支koji的眼线笔,在手背试了一下,超防水的。
还有松了一些小样品和 dolly wink 的 文件夹。嘿嘿~

No 15 Pure Girl  & No 1 Dolly Sweet
will make a review soon

No 15 Pure Girl  & No 1 Dolly Sweet
will make a review soon
买了 15号和 1号。一个自然,一个夸张的。

See!!!! How cute !!!! I just couldn't resist >_<

and lastly Dolly Wink black color eyeliner =)
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Here is some picture of the TANGS sales
Lots of BIG brand is having 50-70% sales, and the place SUPER HUGE!  I dint manage to take more photo because my baby boy is very cranky and wanted to sleep =( 
You MUST visit here if you're going to Genting! 
这边附送几张现场的照片,其实很大很大,我心里只想着要找dolly wink,所以前面错过了很多便宜的品牌,dolly wink偏偏又在最后面 . 买好了儿子也吵着要睡觉了。
所以就随手拍了几张  >_<
Husband bought a pair of leather shoes from here as well! 

  I bought some Bio-essense products from here too,
 the Tanaka whitening cleanser and night cream is just RM10 and RM26!!!  @_@
Normal price is double or triple price of that. 
像这个Bio-essence 的洗脸霜,精华等等的才RM10 和 RM26 等等(半价了),也败了一些给母亲大人。

alright , here's the end of the post, Thanks for reading =) 

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