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Monday, 5 January 2015

Japan Palty Hair Bleach set and Color Set REVIEW

Hi ladies! 

Today I'm gonna do a review on Palty hair bleach set & colouring set . 
Almost 3 to 4 months never dye my hair and black roots is kinda obvious , 
so call pudding hair 布丁头 in mandarin.  
I doesn't like black roots , I'll either dye colour again or I'll dye my hair all black or dark dark brown. 
So I was walking around in Watsons Ampang Point , and saw Palty Bleach set , 
 bleaching is kinda difficult and need professional skills, 
but the instruction seems very easy & convenient. So I grabbed a medium colour bleach set .
there's another set which is bleach until golden yellow colour. but I think that's too light for me. 
so i grabbed this Gold Brown colour .  

my pudding hair 

Left , Palty Golden Brown Bleach set 
right , Palty Raspberry Jam Hair colour

you can get it from any watsons in Malaysia :) 

very clear & detailed picture even I doesn't know any Japanese at all . 

From Right to left 
-Bleach powder 
-Palty bleach cream
-Empty bottle 
-Hair conditioner

so you just mix the powder and the cream into the bottle and shake it . 
after that take off the cap and replace it with the comb . 
and you're good to go . just press and the cream will came out from the comb :) 

here is my result just in 10 minutes . My hair roots is normally very hard to bleach & colour . 
But this Palty bleaching set is so fast & the colour is so obvious . 
best of it, it doesn't hurt my head scalp at all ! 
I bet most of you who ever went to bleach in saloon definitely will taste the pain.
Me too. lol 

the result after 10 minutes. 
*important* IF your hair is like my length or longer you need at least 2 sets of this bleach! 
1 is not enough for my length . 

the colour I choosed , Raspberry Jam, 
red, orangy color 

second step,  colour ! 
from Right to left 
-empty cup 
-hair conditioner 
-a spoon 
-color cream 
- the last one i duno. LOL 

all I know is Mix the colour cream & the last bottle into the big cup 
and stir it for around 20-40 times. 

this is very interesting, like magic :X
from this 

 to this ! 
all the bubbles! 

so just use the spoon apply all over your hair again . 
after 25 minutes rinse off , and now you can apply hair conditioner as much as you can~

indoor light 

outdoor natural light 

at first it kinda light , and I really don't used to this colour, 
because light hair colour without make up will make us look pale & sick. 
Unless you're angmo. No need make up already so pretty T_T 
match with different colour contact lens can create different feelings too. 

after 1 month plus .
I still prefer dark brown contact lens. more natural & looks younger. lol 

ok, enough for the selfies. lol
Overall this 2 sets is very affordable & and easy to use . 
you can DIY while relaxing in your own room, watching TV , Drama, having snacks. lol 

Hope you like my Palty review ! 



  1. Ah, looks good! Does the bleach burn?

  2. So pretty leh. Feel like wanna dye my hair myself :P

  3. Hello there! This looks pretty perfect on you & I would like to give it a try! If you don't mind can I know which hair treatment you use to make your hair stay healthy? Thanks in advance! x)

  4. I hope this product save me from my misery. I really really want to lighten my hair from the stubborn black hair dye I put on my hair last year.

  5. Is it okay to use the hair color right after the bleach? :D I want to have light ash brown hair but my hair is black like abyss :'(