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Thursday, 12 February 2015

D.U.P wonder Eyelid Tape REVIEW

Hi ladies! 

Today I'm doing a review for this wonderful eyelid tape from Japan! 
yes, altho I have double eyelid but sometimes after eyelashes , eyeshadow and mascara, 
my double eyelid is like became single eyelid :/  

until I found lace type double eyelid stick, 
it was awesome, last super long and the transparency is awesome. 
For my previous lace stick review please visit here:

BUT , the only one thing I don't really like is the lace type is kinda troublesome to bring around. 
always hope can find something convenient and easy to carry around even I'm travel. 

so I found this~ 

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape (Hard) is a double eyelid maker that is made in a tape type, and these tapes are used in medical fields. 

Its 0.09mm high-quality ultra-thin transparent and high adhesive tape to keep the double eyelid while resisting water or sweat all day long.

All you need to do is peel this eyelid tape from the sheet gently and apply to your eyelids! These eyelid tapes is very thin, transparent, and it have adhesiveness, but it does not cause any burden to your skin!

Where can you get from Malaysia?
Price : RM59 

I've tired google for this D.U.P wonder eyelid tape in Malaysia,
but sadly it seems only available in Natta Cosme , and it was the LAST box,  
Hopefully they'll restock it very soon ! 

dear readers you may try your luck to find from or . 

total available in 3 different types , 
Dark Blue - Extra strong (for single eyelid)
Pink - Gentle (for sensitive eyes)
Light Blue - smaller size (for double eyelid certain part) 

me with every make up on, eye shadow, eye lashes , mascara & eyeliner. 
after make up my double eyelid is like became-not-so-obvious anymore. 

so basically you just need to tear it and stick it to the V stick that came with the box . 

I'll stick slightly higher above my double eyelid line to create a more higher double eyelid .
the sticker actually is matte and very transparent. 
BUT , please put it AFTER you done your make up on, 
DO NOT apply eyeshadow on top of the sticker, cause it doesn't blend in and it'll reduce the stickiness of it. 

Left - AFTER
Right - BEFORE 
The result is very natural and comfy too 

after apply to both eyes 

a clearer picture of Before & After . 
Overall I'm very satisfied with the stickiness and transparency of this D.U.P wonder eyelid tape. 
it's easier to use if compare to lace type, more convenient to bring around too. 
But lace type can create more dramatic and deeper double eyelid , if you're having heavy make up on,
I'll strongly suggest you to use lace type too. 

this is only suitable for light daily make up :) 

Hope you like my review! 


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