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Monday, 2 February 2015

Hair relaxing and hair colour at Purple House Hair Saloon Seremban

Hi ladies! 

Chinese new year is coming !
 I guess everyone is looking for new hair style right~ So do I :D 
Due to last year I did my perm , bleach & dye, without any extra care my hair is really really dry, frizzy & tangle everywhere :(  

this Chinese new year I just want my hair look healthier & straighter. 
So I came to Purple Hair Saloon once again at Seremban (My hometown) 

Purple House Hair Saloon address :
No .110, Thivy Jaya , 
70300 , Seremban. 
Negeri Sembilan. 

tel num: 
016-601 9013 
Reis Kit
Book your appointment now~! 

they always offer great deals & friendly service ! 

Hair colour around my hair length 
RM 100 plus 

Normal brand - RM130 plus 
Shiseido brand - RM180 plus  

The price is cheaper than KL saloon of course XD 

dry , unbalance hair colour , frizzy and messy curl 

so my hair stylist suggest me to do 'relaxing ' 
what is relaxing? 
people normally will thought of straight hair = rebonding .
but not anymore 
rebonding is super flat, super shiny & no volume at all .
so it'll make your face super huge & no style at all. 

so my hair stylist Reis recommend another way of straighten my hair (permanent)
'relaxing' thats the name. 
this method can make your hair straight naturally , keep the volume & easy to maintain! 

roughly took around 1 hours plus only, rebonding is 4 to 5 hours 
(maigod, sit till ass pain. You know what I mean haha) . 

After 1 hour, tada~ welcome back my straight healthy hair! 

After dye- dark brown 
and relaxing + treatment (1min treatment! fast & efficient !) 

Before & after 
the result is so obvious , my hair instantly look healthier & tidier ! 

-the second day-
straight hair always make people look younger, cleaner & look neater too. 
best of all, easier to take care . hahaha

call them now to get your pretty CNY hair done! =D 


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  1. I was looking for articles on hair rebonding in dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!