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Friday, 4 December 2015

MiniMini Cafe

Hi everyone! 

I believed every one heard of there's a new cafe opened at Mid Valley ! 
what so special about this cafe? 
They use pullips & blythe dolls to decorate the whole cafe even every single table ! 
I, myself is a doll collector too, altho I don't have much dolls , but I have some nenderoids & pullips doll with me too ! 
So here I am at the Mini Cafe ! 
it located same floor with cinema and just few shops beside cinema, kinda easy to spot it also. 

interior is based on white colour with all the dolls around 

this two is my favourite dolls ! 
pastel blue and pastel pink colour :3

more dolls! 

and moreeeeeeee! 

They sell some of the dolls too! 
But the price is slightly higher if compared to outside toy shops .

Finally! After all the dollies and now is time to order ! 

all the foods is so cute!!! 
Food price range is only RM10-RM30 
I think the price is quite ok, is kinda cheap thou if compared to others cafe in Mid Valley. 
So I order 
Mini Trio Burger

Tada~~~ Look so yummy & cute!!

surprisingly  the meat (beef & chicken) is reallyyyyyyyy REALLYYYYY TASTY!!!!
The meat is so juicy ! This is a must if you going this cafe!

How can we not order dessert in cafe right! 
this is fruity ...errrr sorry I've forgotten the name :'( 
the price is RM12.90 

this is very yummy too ! crunchy outside but soft inside! 

my friend ordered peanut butter waffle 
super huge portion! She almost can't finish lol 
the taste is awesome too! 

with Jeen from ! 

hope you like my review !


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  1. Really do love your sharing !
    if have opportunity, I will go have a try ! :)