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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fly to Korea with Laneige Day One


It's been a looooooong time !!! 
I'm recently very busy for my own branding ValerieYan Creation's due to CNY & Valentines ! 
Finally I have time to sit down & blog about it !
This post is about KOREA & Laneige ! 
Thank you for all vote for me , support my art work & I've won the contest ! 
I've won a ticket to Korea to visit Laneige HQ, factory & many more ~
This post is gonna be a LONG post flooded with pictures ! 

Im going to Korea with Laneige Malaysia team ,
 which is another winner (fong) & a 'nanny' (Jojo) from Laneige Malaysia HQ.

My flight was 1AM  at KLIA2 , had a good sleep in the plane . 

my fingers turn into red , itchy & dry just after I step out from airport. 
the weather was -5 Celsius and -7 at night . The wind was so strong too x_x
luckily I bought leather glove from Uniqlo Malaysia ! 

Our hotel at Holiday-Inn Express just beside LANEIGE Korea HQ building !
which located just 5 mins away from the famous MyeongDong market ! teehee!!!!

a warm door gifts from Laneige Korea HQ  :D
our transport + hotel + foods + event is absolutely 100% arranged by Laneige Q_Q  
thank you so so so much 

With Jojo 
after make up & hairdo . WE ARE SO READY TO SHOP & START OUT JOURNEY ! 

why the natural lighting is so so so so pretty there !!!!???? 
which in Malaysia , this sunlight + hot weather = sweaty hair + smudge make up . 

we have no idea what to eat & dint understand any korea words nor language. 
I only know those super basic one like oppa, saranghea , omma , daebak, hana, dul ...etc .
all learnt from Runningman hahahaha. 
our first meal treated by Laneige Malaysia 
ahjumma is very friendly and tried to explain to us how to order & what they have. 
so we ordered ginseng chicken stuffed with rice & hot ginseng soup. 

Our  foods is here! the kimchi is SO FRESH !  SO CRUNCHY ! 
 Now I know what's the difference with Malaysia & korea Kimchi ... haha
Korea Kimchi is super fresh mai god 
each meal cost around RM50 for each person. 
Kinda expensive thou . but definitely worth a try !

we took a very short walk around Myeong Dong and we need to head back to our hotel lobby to meet up others winners from others country , Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam , Hong Kong , China & our neighbour Singapore . Total 20 + persons in a bus :) 

WE HAVE OUR VERY OWN TOUR BUS !!! Thank you Amore Pacific Q_Q 

Top one biggest cosmetics factory that produce a lot super brand such as 
Sulwasoo, Laneige , Etude House , Mamonde , Innisfree & many more 

Im just too happy, way too happy ! 
Thanks to Invisalign, I can go to travel without worry about the monthly check up & most importantly I can eat anything I want :P 
I can smile wide anytime I want too~ 

we're on our way to visit a traditional museum & learn more about their culture. 

laneige korea even hired a super super friendly and very well english spoken tour guide !
her name is flora ~ and yes, this is our group from South East Asia .

the sky is so bright, clear & fresh 

my hair curl stays like forever. maybe because because the weather there is dry ? 

after a quick tour from museum & we head to the Korea famous NamSan Tour (Just like our KLCC) 
we go up by cable car  

the view is so breath taking ! 


wore total 4 layers of cloths (included a long john ) ,
2 layers of leggings and a pair of jeans , boots , scarf , leather glove !!!
I'm still shaking so badly ! 

the view is so breath taking *o* 

A quick view from NamSan Tour 
MALAYSIA IS 4,579.51KM away !

After awhile Laneige brought us to a 5 stars buffet in NamSam tower !!!!!!!! 
we can see the whole Seoul from here !!!!!! 

its a perfect dining place for couple !!! This view is so so so romantic !!!!!! Ishhhhhh!!!!

The foods is dayummmmmm! Especially this smoke salmon salad... I had 2 big plates...
the salmon is so thick & so fresh !!!! 

After our dinner Laneige team gave each of us one of this schedule .
I can't wait to start my Day 2 immediately! 

After dinner our bus stopped at Myeong Dong market because they know we want to shop haha. 
Night time MyeongDong is even more happening ! 
look at the trees decorate with LEDs , every corner also very romantic. 

3,500 won each which mean around RM10 for each. 

came with a cute bunny plastic bag too , aww 

the mouchi is so soft, the strawberry is so sweet , juicy & sweet , perfect combination ! 

bought this little egg-cheese-cake too, but kinda disappointed on this one thou. 
Not as cheesy as I thought. haha

rainbow cotton candy ! 

Day one. ended ! 

Stay tune for Day two ! It's the best best best day in my life ! 
Thanks for your time & thanks laneige !



  1. wow~~~ read ur day 1 , cant wait to read your day 2. Awaiting!!

    and when you said Nam Shan is sth resemble KLCC, I was thinking about the shopping place. haha. And wander why shopping place need to go with cable car somemore~~ =P, then only realise it's a place for city view~~ haha

  2. Wow, I suddenly missed Korean street foods at Myeongdong, especially the Banana Nutella Crepe!

    ieyra h. | blog

  3. aiyoh ...nice...i also tried the strawberry mochi...although i'm not a fan of redbean. but it is good for the cold weather. i understand the pain on the fingers in this cold weather...i experienced it in -4 in korea.


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