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Monday, 16 September 2013

Etude house Princess Etoinette September Sales

Etude House is having September sales now!! 
all items in this list is having 50-70% discount~ while stock last! 
no members card required. just walk in and buy. thats it ! 
To be honest, I adored the Princess Etoinette Series for a super long time, because the packaging is kinda look like the super japan brand laduree blusher (selling at RM400+) 
Etude House is much cheaper but the original price was RM159.90
 (considered expensive to me too >_<) Now they're having sales for RM49.90 ONLY !!!
I SAVED RM110 !!!!! man! That's a lot to me !!!
So I went to Time Square Etude House to buy this product, i choosed PINK = PK01. 
Here's the list of their september sales, you may take a look. baby choux base is not bad too, 
but i heard a lot outlet already Sold Out. 

Etude House 现在九月份有促销啦~而且比买一送一更值得! 
我其实看中去年韩国12月圣诞节推出的限量版Etoinette 公主系列好久了,
等了又等,马来西亚差不多2月3月才到货 -_-(好慢哦)我不知道为什么本地的etude house会卖得比韩国贵。。我看中的这个腮红都要卖 RM 159.90. 对!!!  RM159.90!! 
(我看这个是etude house到目前为此最贵的产品)我一直买不下手。。因为etude house 的产品都应该在50到100 左右的啊。 RM159 我真的有点接受不到咯 >_<
才卖 RM49.90...我省去了 RM110 !!!! (对我来说好多好多了。。)
我二话不说就跑去 time square etude house 购买了!
下面👇 就是我从她们 Facebook page 盗回来的图片

This is their official Princess Etoinette Poster, sooo pretty ! even if you just put it on your make up table  already super chio (pretty) :P


jeng jeng jeng! Behold the prettiest blusher in Malaysia!
 ( if worldwide laduree is number 1 >_<)

*敲鼓*! 马来西亚目前最美的一款腮红!!!
(国际的话还是日本牌子 laduree 的花瓣腮红最漂亮) 

Packaging base using baby light pink color(same color with my room) 
and with silver & golden words


open!!!!(a strong light came out from the box) LOLS!! 
*such a 'creative' mom* -_-

一开!!! (一道光从盒子发射出来) 哈哈!

*这位妈妈很有创意* -_-

the heart shape blush is well sealed inside the box, non of it crack (well done)

里面就是被安顿好好的心型腮红 (一粒都没有破,不错不错)

the blush is with a hint of glitters in it 


we start with the darkest color 


medium color 


lightest color . this one we can use it as highlighter on our face as well 

最浅的颜色 。这个你可以拿来在脸上做打量

let us continue look at the design of the blusher 

我们再来continue 欣赏这个腮红的美貌(喂你到底要欣赏多久啊!>_<)

it's quite small actually . just like my fist 


came with a matching fluffy sponge too!


applied on my cheek under natural lighting , a very natural pink color

扑在苹果笑容上。 在户外自然灯光下的效果,淡淡粉粉很自然的粉红色

Indoor lighting


conclusion. i loveeeee the packaging, totally my cup of tea. Totally! 
nice color, nice packaging and most important Nice Pricing! 
only RM49.90 for this beauty !
what you waiting for! Faster go to nearest Etude House now! 

(please, don't ask me to PM you the price. IM NOT SELLING COSMETICS!)

听说有些outlet 已经卖光了!记得打电话去询问先哦

(各位!请不要再我的facebook 图片下留言说叫我pm你这个产品了,

Lastly, thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy my review ;D

最后,谢谢各位抽空来看我的部落格,希望你喜欢我的review :D

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