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Friday, 22 August 2014

Glo&Ray Infinite Lash Definition Mascara REVIEW

Yosh!!!! today I'm gonna review this!!!

I've tried Lancome, Skinfood , Etude House , L'oreal , Bobbi Brown, Majorlica Majorca,kiss me & etc...
too many. lol  
BUT, none of them I really bother to buy second one from them. 

My previous top 3 list 
I used Lancome baby doll, which create your eyes like doll, big,long and waterproof. 
not much weakness, the only thing is if you apply few more times it'll became...hmm..
like this! 
ALOT mascara having this problem. 

and also...expensive .

2) Kiss Me 
Super duper smudge proof, I can say is almost, waterproof! 
can get from watsons easily , BUT TOO HARD TO REMOVE!!! 
even I use the oil remover especially for eyes also cannot remove omg. 
every time after shower my eyes are exactly like panda. Yes, sometimes they same with a remover too, use that is slightly easier to remove, but have to re apply a lot of times...

3) SkinFood
reasonable price, lots of fiber and very 'watery', very easy to apply. 
but very very easily smudge, go out few hours and bottom lashes smudge until like panda 

I came across while I'm reading review on some ang mo's blog, 
I heard they said this mascara not bad and price not expensive , 
so I just ordered from overseas and try it.

made its debut in September 2012 in London.

The brand name is derived from “Glo”, a gentle luminance; and “Ray”, vibrant beam of light. In a pitch-dark world, the two appear on the stage gracefully like two dancing girls. Different in characteristics, yet harmoniously integrated into an ideal picture of a perfect combination, sensual and graceful, complimenting feminine beauty.

This is Glo&Ray, elegant, glamorous, unique and professional.

''Detail is the key to eye makeup, and a stunning eye makeup cannot go without charming lashes. Every woman aspires for perfect natural lashes, which extensively amplify the eyes.
Length and volume alone does not guarantee the impression of perfect lashes. What’s more important is to create natural, curly and clean effect from the base of lashes. Therefore, Glo&Ray presents Infinite Lash Definition Mascara, making exquisite lashes an easy goal.
The ingeniously designed micro brush applies the mascara from the base of your lashes with attention to detail. Applicable to both top and bottom lashes, the brush magnifies and vitalizes eyes immediately, creating divinely natural lashes. The unique Multi Fiber Blending System makes our Infinite Lash Definition Mascara perfect with different particle sizes. Three different effects can be achieved with one micro brush—natural with one stroke, lengthened with two strokes, and divinely curled with three strokes. The lashes...''

The BEST of this mascara is ,
it look super dry and not as much as fiber like others brand, 
i tried to apply on my hand, is totally like 
''whuuuutttt?? you gave me a DRY mascara??''

but I tried on my eyelashes, O.M.G 
magic happens!!! 


讲多没有用, DEMO最实际~

normal packaging , with texture paper packaging outside. 

tada, INFINITE Lash Defination Mascara!!! 

very very thin & sleek, no fancy design 

the brush is incredibly SMALL . or I can say TINY !! 

see, not much fibers 

before apply. my eyelashes are kinda long already
 ( because I'm using talika eyelashes serum, super effective and gentle to eyes, highly recommended , review very soon, collecting all the daily pictures) 

the brush is small and it is very very easy to apply our bottom lashes <3 
normal mascara brush are too big to apply our bottom lashes, ended up all apply on our skin.
I feel you! 

just apply one layer 

after 3 or 4 layers,  sooooo nice =x 
根根分明 , 完全没有苍蝇腿,没有结块。 

after apply on both eyes. 
who needs fake eyelashes now?! 
not me XD 

照骗来了 来了

bonus point from me, 
super easy to remove, use warm water and it'll remove easily. 
but still better use make up remover wipe again la.

Malaysia is NOT selling this brand, if you really want I can help you get it from overseas,
price is RM60 + RM7 poslaju = RM67 

I'm going to order it on September. Please let me know ASAP if you want to order :) 


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