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Sunday, 10 August 2014

KLCC Shu Uemura UV under base mousse POREraser in pink SPF35 PA+++ REVIEW

Hi gurls!! 

welcome to My first Shu Uemura review! 

actually this is not my first Shu Uemura products I've purchased ,
 I purchased their lip stick and eyelash curler last 2 years before, 
the result is so so just like normal lip stick lo. as for the eyelash curler is not bad . 
and past few years Shu Uemura dint catch my eyes from what they launched , 
so I dint get much things from them. 

Until lately the light bulb foundation and the cute shape sponge ! 
I like glowy, healthy skin look very very much like korean actress <3 

so I went to KLCC Shu Uemura counter  to see see or try only, 
and this is what I get from there  'accidentally' ... =X

i'll write each of them separately , if not this post is gonna be really really loooooong 
plus... if load so many photos in a post...malaysia internet know i know la... lol

If you going to KLCC Shu Uemura remember find Ms Maggie Tan, 
she's a pretty & friendly beauty stylist :) 
she gave me lots of samples and beauty tips XD 

Remember contact her ~ 

Today I'm gonna review this first!!! Because is my best purchased in this bag =P

behold~ Shu Uemura STAR PRODUCT 

POREraser UV under base mousse in Pink <3 

dang dang~ here it is 

for normal to oily skin.
transparent coverage.
covers redness for a natural finish.
protection against uv rays to prevent premature aging & pigmentation.

RM135 - 65g

Shu Uemura’s wonder product has to be the spf30 UV under base mousse. A whipped light foam that literally lightens the tone of skin, evens out texture and shimmers with radiance. Apply your normal base foundation atop and this lifts it to illuminating Spring like proportions. It is, quite simply, a find.

Combining matte and shiny textures, Shu Uemura transforms pale into interesting with this Blossom Dream range. This Limited Edition packaging range also features a new interpretation of the Shu Uemura unmask logo design. As collectible as covetable.

you have to shake the bottle for few times before press it out 

RM30 for 3 pcs 

wait ! not yet, not apply by fingers! 
I've heard review by others blogger saying that if use fingers apply the mousse the result is not good ,
not even. So Maggie recommend me to try their sponge. 
I rejected at first, cause my house have plenty of them (bought from Daiso),
why would I pay RM30 for only 4 pcs of sponge? 
but she apply on the sponge and let me touch and feel it ,
the sponge is still wet after few minutes! others ordinary sponge will dry up in just like around 1 min? 
and the texture of the sponge is different from what we bought outside, for me this is kinda like 
more to higher quality sponge? 
Maggie also told me that this sponge life time is 8 months, so here I guess I can use at least 2 years for RM30? So, I had to 'yes, please give me 1pack too, thank you' ....LOL

plus, I like the smell of the sponge too, very rubber smell =P but I like it ! 

very bouncy and soft 

the mousse apply on my hand is almost like transparent colour, I don't see any changes on my hand. 

after few minutes the sponge is still wet ! Great for beginner so that they can slowly apply and learn right ?  

just dab slowly will do 

*absolutely no PS*
well, do I need to say more? my uneven skin tone is totally fixed! my eye bags and my face look brighter and healthier too! 

and this is after apply on full face 
-redness gone
-uneven skin tone gone 
-pores not so obvious anymore 

TOTALLY not oily at all, I hate UV/sunblocks, I hate the sticky heavy feels,I need sun blocks that mean I'm going out that means It's gonna be a hot sunny day, but in market now sunblocks/uv cream is just so sticky and oily feel, after go out awhile face oil all came out, the feelings is just so uncomfortable -_-
But this UV cream is AWESOME!!!! 
SUPER DUPER LIGHT ! like nothing on my face at all.
*remember use make up remover to remove too!!* 

- SPF 35 (enough for daily )
- can be use as primer 
-can be use as sunblock/UV 
-adjust skin tone 
-super light texture 
-small and cute bottle 

the only thing is kinda expensive 
RM135 for 65g

Hope you like my first Shu Uemura post! <3 


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