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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Miss Hana Natural-Born Lip Balm Crayon in Purple Sakura Season and Moulin Rouge Diva REVIEW


Today this post if full of happy joyful & colourful pictures !!! 
I've reviewed MissHana gel eyeliner before 
if you missed it , you may click on the link below to view it again :) 

Miss Hana is a Taiwan brand 
very well known in Taiwan and HongKong. 
Cute packaging, affordable price , target audience is women around 15-30 years old. 
young and fun ! 

where can you get it? 
you can get it from 

It's only selling for RM35.00 each now (Original price RM39.90 each)


every readers able to get a FREE Miss Hana Sharpener worth RM15.90,
if you purchase this MissHana Lip balm crayon (any colour) before October 15 , 2014 !!! 

Just simply Key in MHSHARP while proceed to check out in Natta Cosme website.

Hurry up girls !!!! 

here I have 

-Moulin Rouge Diva
-Purple Sakura Season

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon
Keep your lips well moisturised and protected from harsh and dry environments, especially for you ladies that spend hours under office air-conditioning, which tends to leave your lips and skin dry, resulting in chapped lips. With several colours to choose from, you can easily achieve a natural lip colour, and repair your dry or damaged lips as well!

[ Increase Your Charm ]
- Use at any time, release and moisturise lip all day.
- Apply lip balm crayon before bedtime, your lip still keep tender when you wake up.
- Bicycle riders wear face mask, can protect yourself from dry lips that caused by sands.
- Reduce licking lips.
- Do not rip off the lips dry skin.

[ Especially Suited For ]
- Chapped lips
- Dry lip 

[ For Best Effect ]
Moisturizing chapped lips, repairing dry lip.

[ How to Use ]
Evenly apply on the lips, you can easily made your lips natural color.

[ Note ]
- To maintain the quality of the product, to avoid placing at extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures and direct sunlight.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Do not use if wounds or abnormalities. During use/ after use, skin appears flushed, abnormal swelling, itching or pain, stop using it immediately and consult a physician.
- Please do a skin test stimulation before use.

[ Packing ]

[ Origin ]

I just feel like using them to doodle on the paper. haha

here is my kind of 'doodle' hahaha, doodle on my hand =P 

With my foundation done, eyelashes done, blush done. 
looking pale without any lip stick. 
I've noticed some of my friends doesn't like to apply any lip stick after all the make up done. 

you must must MUST apply lipstick or lip balm with a bit of colour, 
it will make you look entire different ! If not you'll look very pale and sick. 
with lip stick you'll look fresh,fairer and energetic too. 

Some of you telling me that , you doesn't like sticky / oily feels on your lips, or it will stick your hair. 
You just need to find a good lip products =D 

For people who have serious lip crack like me,  Miss Hana is very very suitable for us !
it's a lip balm with colours! no need to apply any lip gloss and you can see the juicy watery effect already. Highly recommend for dry lip. 

Moulin Rouge Diva might looks super red /chili red on it self. 
BUT !!! when I apply on my lip, it became transparent jelly type of reddish colour,
instead of solid sharp red colour. 
the colour is very very natural and look healthy. 
highly recommend this colour to girls who like natural colour. 

see, so juicy! no need apply any lip gloss already. 

it's a transparent watermelon red colour . suitable for every skin tone ! 
easy to mix and match. 

*my duck face*

and here is Purple Sakura Season, 
it's a cold tone light pink colour , the colour compared to Moulin rouge diva is different. 
this is solid & thick colour. 
this colour only suitable for fair skin tone, and you have to make up with eyelashes, foundation , blusher and so on, this colour only will look nice on you. 
 btw this lip colour match so well with my singlet. lol 

this colour for me look younger and will leave a strong impression for others people. 
dare to wear sharp lip colour girls ! 
you'll get unexpected results ! 


 redeem your FREE miss hana sharpener when you check out from their website !

Natta Cosme Team always so heart warming , taking care of every tiny little details, 
I'm really appreciate your handwork , your time and your caring :) 

This is what I draw for them, on the empty postcard they sent to me  xD

after I drew only realised they asked me to draw my childhood memories. OPPPPSSSS!!! 
SORRY >_< 

anyway, I'm going back to my hometown Seremban for 1 week, 
sadly my dad removed streamyx -_- so no internet at home. 
sigh. all I can do is use my hand phone data. which very limited. 
and every post I write here is with lots of photo's =X
it takes very very very long to upload all at once T_T 

so I'm trying to sum up all the posts within this 2 days @_@


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  1. These colours look beautiful on you! ^ ^
    I would like to try Purple Sakura Season colour one day! ^ - ^

    1. Hi babe, thanks ^^
      I like both of them :D thanks for dropping by my blog too <3