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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Agete First counter is here in MALAYSIA KLCC ISETAN !!!

I am so excited to share this news to all of you !!! 
I think 90% of the people of Malaysia never heard about Agete this jewellery brand .
I wish I can copy Agete history/brand concept from their official website but sadly all in Japanese
and I don't know any of them :( 

never mind, as long as you know it's pretty & unique that every Japanese loves this brand. 
and it is from JAPAN. 
a lot of you asked me what's the price range for this brand. 
haha, I know every one is waiting for this answer.
Price range was RM300 - RM1000- RM2000 + 

rings- RM350- RM1000++ (depending on how many diamonds/gems you want lol) 
bracelet - RM500- RM1000++
necklace - RM600- RM1000 ++
pendant - RM500- RM800++
Watch - RM1000 - RM2000++

Ohya, Agete KLCC is not only selling Agete jewellery ,
they're selling NOJESS (a sister brand from Agete) 
Price is slightly cheaper, design is more to fancy & more suitable to young girls 18-30 yr old. 
Agete is more to classic , simple design. 

why am I so excited? because Agete is ONLY available at Japan, Taiwan & China shangHai .
only these 3 country you can get it. I have a lot of readers/friends like this brand but we just couldn't get it from Malaysia. So that day I went to KLCC Isetan pass something to my customer and I accidentally saw this counter !!!!!!!!! 
I thought I was dreaming or look wrongly. 
After shocked for few sec, I straight away ran to the counter and ask the promoter
Seriously I think Agete boss need to promote Agete in Msia more !!! 

I'm just a small blogger, I hope I can help Agete get more attention & please please please let your friends know about this shop. I dint get any pay to write this post. 
But I really wish Agete can open a proper counter/ shop in Malaysia this year. 
So that every one in Malaysia get to buy this awesome vintage jewellery brand . 

To be honest, price is-not-so-cheap. But I'd rather buy Agete if compared to Pohkong, pendora , Tiffany&co etc etc. I don't know why, maybe because the design is really really pretty and fine. 

I couldn't take much nice picture due to all their jewellery is too fine and mini , even my casio TR1500 macro mood also couldn't get his job done. lol 
so , please visit the shop and look at the jewellery by your own eyes *_* 

The counter of Agete @ KLCC Isetan 
the counter design is simple, vintage & classy. 
Japan Agete shop / counter is even more vintage design! 

a quick display view 

Necklace , rings , earings , bracelet 

some rings that I like a lot ,
 price range RM350- RM1100++ 

due to all Agete design is mini and cute, 
you can wear few rings on your fingers , it wouldn't look too over or too much . 

isn't it mini and special ?
 you can mix and match with every agete jewellery and became your unique style . 

their watch is seriously vintage & mini, suitable small hand ladies! 
I never thought of buying watch at all and I went to help me friend take picture of the watch & send to her, ended up I kena poisoned immediately after I wore it on my hand. 

i like this pendant SOOOOOO much! 
Pendant RM590 
it's not crystal, they told me is a stone/gem but I don't remember what's the name of it.
the gem is crystal clear transparent, shinning under light.

the side look so pretty !!! 

when I wore it just for fun...instantly took my breath away T_T 
I was screaming ''OMG ! THE NECKLACE LOOK SO PRETTY !!! '' 
and there was another few ladies beside me looking at the Agete jewellery , 
once I put it back to the table , one of the ladies took it and bought it immediately ...
I shouldn't put it back..I shouldn't put it back... I shouldn't put it back...

sooooo pretty T_T 

so in the end, I bought this watch , isn't it look petite , classy & unique? 
my wrist is very small , most of the watch in shopping mall is too big for me, kinda hard to find a perfect small watch for my self. 

I can change the golden chain anytime, 
there's leather & more different type of chain I can choose from. 
so it's kinda flexible , I can mix & match anytime. The colour of this watch is champagne , 
not gold not silver not rose gold. 
which I found this colour is kinda unique, so I just get this one <3 
but sorry ladies, this was the only one in Malaysia, you couldn't get this design anymore >_< 

look at the packaging !!!!
I was so exited when it came to packaging, 
cause Agete packaging came with the melted vintage stamp to seal it, I asked the promoter ,
are you going to stamp it now? (while she packing for me) 
promoter laugh and said no , actually it's a metal thing, so they just stick on the ribbon . 

look so real , but actually is metal thing. lol . 

Imma happy girl ! 

with super friendly & cute Agete promoter !
Qiu Wei & Camille  
remember drop by to say hi to them if you visiting KLCC ! 

Make sure you visit them as fast as you can after this post, because the stocks they have it in store now is very very very limited , probably 1 design only have 1 unit only. Once sold out probably couldn't find in Malaysia anymore. Unless you go Japan/Taiwan/China buy :) 


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