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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Althea grand opening & PIOLANG 24K golden wrapping mask REVIEW

Hello ladies!! 
I believed there must be some one who noticed recently a lot beauty bloggers share about this in fb/ instagram .

website  :

it's a new website that we can order our products straight away from Korea!
expiry date guarantee fresh and new because they don't keep stock like local online shop.

At Althea, Four (4) promises guarantee to make you smile!

*Althea Promise #1 - Free International Shipping
Directly hand picked & packed from Althea warehouse in Korea. Free shipping above RM150!

*Althea Promise #2 - Authenticity Guarantee
In case the product is confirmed as non-authentic, 
Althea will honor returns right away and refund 200% of the purchase value

*Althea Promise #3 - Best Price Guarantee
If you happen to find a lower price on any particular item, tell us and we will match that price for you

*Althea Promise #4 - 30 Day Unconditional Returns
If you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, Althea guarantees 30-day unconditional returns.

to celebrate their first week of opening , they have a lot of awesome deals for us,
Today's Daebak Deal (also their last Daebak deal) is the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Buy 1 Free 1 from

Only from 9/7 - 11/7! 3 days.

 I've placed my order on June 25 and I received on first of July. That was considered fast !
the whole package is pink , pink & pink~ 
it looks super sweet isn't it :P

all the items is in good conditions and none of them are crack or spoiled. 
they box itself is very thick , heavy & good quality . 

so this is my shopping haul from althea ,
Innisfree cream mellow lipstick x 2  - RM33 each
Innisfree capsule recipe pack mask x 3 - RM5 each 
Piolang - 24k gold wrapping mask x 1 -RM65 each
total RM150 . 

Today this post I'm gonna give a short review on this Piolang 24k gold wrapping mask. 
the whole packaging is very heavy because the of the glass jar. 
look high-class too. In Korea this golden mask is getting more & more users , 
why? I'm curious too, that's why I order this mask to try & review. 
it is for firming , whitening, hydration , brightens , clarity up , elasticity , minimised pores .
Basically it sounds like a wonder mask for me. 

the smell is fine , not really heavy . Acceptable . 
the liquid is in golden colour , can you see all the super fine tiny golden dust? 
look so pretty *_* 

A close up .

after 20-25min. 
I just apply a very thin layer and surprisingly I can peel off the whole mask down in perfect shape! 
I thought it's gonna be like koyak here koyak there like normal peeling mask but this was awesome. 
easily peel off .

what I think about this mask? 

-The liquid keep drip off from my mask ( I just applied a thin layer) , so I need to prepare a tissue. 
-I don't see much improvement of my skin after this mask ( or maybe I need to use few more times) . 
- hard to apply evenly . 
- dry up very slow. 

other than this , so far so good. 

Hope you like my review! 


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  1. Hi!!! Miss Ika here. Have you try Piolang's 24k Gold mask? I love the mask alot.! I enjoy shopping at Althea Korea too. Don't forget to read my haul here :)
    Althea Korea's Haul