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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glaour Lip 3-Step Kit REVIEW

Hello everyone!! 
Today is lip day again! 

Thanks to Janice(BigEyeJan) who brought this lip mask & many others beauty products back from Korea for me , 
you know me so well :D

have you heard of Holika Holika? 
it's a Korea brand just like Etude house with pretty and mystery packaging. 
You can get Holika Holika products from Time Square outlet 

Price : RM15 + 

product of the day !
Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit 
the colours & packaging is so cute! 

Step 1 : Lip Peeling Patch (Cotton Sheet) 
Contains gold ( I guess thas the reason why the lip mask call Golden Monkey?) 
and cellulose softly remove dead skin cells from the lip. 

Step 1 : 
Apply Step 1 exfoliating pad to clean lips and gently massage dull skin depending on your lip sensitivity. 

although it contains 'gold' but I don't see where is the 'gold' on the cotton sheet lol. 
maybe it's transparent? x(  

Step 2 : 
Volume Lip Pack (Hydrogel Mask) 
contains Hyaluronic Acid and collagen extract make your lip moist and soft . 

I like this kind of hydrogel mask very much! so bouncy and transparent just like a jelly ! 

Step 2 : 
Apply step 2 hydrogel to your lips and remove it after 15 minutes . Then gently lip area to absorb remaining residue. 

it have a cooling effect and I'm actually kinda enjoy it . 
Just apply 15mins and take it off . 

Step 3 : 
Honey Lip Essence 
Contains Manuka honey extract and Royal Jelly extract to boots up the moist & soft of your lips. 
it's kinda sticky but it absorb into my lip in just a few minutes . 

Step 3 : 
Apply step 3 honey treatment to the lips, specially to dry areas.

it's kinda sticky at the first minutes but it taste so yummy & sweet! 
Just apply on it and let it absorb. 
One pack can use for few times , you can actually seal it & keep it for next time. 

Before & After comparison 
-Before - 
It is dry , full with lip lines . 

so moist and fine lines all gone ! 

sorry for my bad hair day & naked face xD 

just focus on my lips will do :P 

Overall I think this mask is not bad, very convenient cause all came in a pack. 
can bring it to travel & hassle free ! 
Price is reasonable if you use it once a week. 

hope you love my review! 


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  1. Wanted to try this one before when I saw it but didn't know why I didn't get them. It looks nice as a lip scrub,maybe I should try. Btw, nice blog template ;D