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Thursday, 17 September 2015

[Sponsored] My first Botox at Premier clinic TTDI

Hey ladies!!! 
How are you doing! 
I believed every girl like to have a perfect V shape face am I right? 
some people have a perfect body , perfect hair, perfect eyes,nose & mouth . 
with a chubby face :( I totally feel you !! 
no matter how you diet you can't get rid of the baby fat for sure. 

Thanks to Primer Clinic & I finally have a chance to get rid of my baby fat !! 

Premier Clinic FB :

Premier Clinic website :

Contact Number : 
012-662 5552

TTDI Address:
 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.
TTDI Branch GPS coordinates: 3.139242, 101.628448

Free car park:
 1 car park lot available for our client right in front of clinic doorstep. Available on a first come first serve basis.
(This is super useful! because it's so hard to get a parking at TTDI area and it's so convenient to us!
#ParkLikeAQueen )

Bangsar Branch

Bangsar Address: 40, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 WP Kuala Lumpur.
Bangsar Branch GPS coordinates: 3.131138, 101.670436

Bangsar Branch Phone No.: +6012 -662 4278/ +60-3-2282 2263
Fax No: +603-2282 1120
Customer Service Hotline: +60-12-662 5552

picture took from my Instagram 
with friendly Dr Elaine 

after awhile they arrange me to sit inside a comfy room to fill in my forms.

As usual, every aesthetic clinic need your informations before proceed to further procedure . 

There are few types of method to make our face shape perfect , 
-Botox (easiest , last up to 4 months) 
-Thread lift ( instantly lift up the place that you concerned, last up to 2 years ) 

after consult we decided to go for botox . 
This is the Botox that Primer Clinic using. 

BOTOX Injection for Facial Sculpting / Contouring


Facial sculpting or contouring is a technique that gives the patient an oval- or V-shape face that is slimmer in profile. A common and popular facial slimming treatment amongst Asian, the slimming of the facial features gives the individual a more youthful look, while the skin will appear rejuvenated and healthier.

This treatment is ideal for:

A square-shaped jawline
A jawline that is more masculine in nature
Chubby cheeks
Cheeks to appear “slimmer”
Those who want to reduce involuntary teeth grinding (bruxism)

while waiting Dr Elaine prepare the botox I went to get some drinks , 
the machine have my favourite drink MILO !  :D 


Botulinum Toxin (Botox) acts as a relaxant for jaw muscles, inducing relaxation and also thins the chewing muscles (masseter) in the lateral jaw. The injected Botox will block the nerve impulses of the muscles in the selected area, diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles while ensuring your cheekbones look full and face is lifted. It also helps to refresh your overall appearance, giving you a more youthful face that shaves years off your actual age.

Jaw line Botox is injected into the Masseter muscle, which is used to close the mouth and chew. The technique is probably most popular in the Asian community. A bulky masseter muscle makes the lower face look full and heavy. Just a small amount of Botox in this muscle on both sides will cause loss of mass in this muscle and help improve the shape of the lower face. The dose used should not be so great that it interferes with the actual function of the muscle.

a lot people might ask , does it hurt? 
No. doesn't hurt at all , it just like normal injection . 

The treatment is also suitable for individuals who are afraid of or do not want to opt for surgical methods. It consists of a few simple injections to the selected areas, with numbing cream applied prior to treatment in order to reduce any discomfort or pain. The smallest and finest needles are used to inject Botox, minimising any redness, bruising or bleeding on the facial skin – these are the only “side effects” of the treatment, as actual side effects are extremely uncommon.

Improvements will start to show after 3-5 days, and your skin will appear smoother as the new oval- or V-shape begins to form. As the treatment only affects injected facial muscles, other muscles continue functioning as normal and your facial expressions will be unaffected.

The result after 2 weeks (14days) 

Before & after 1

Before & after 2 

Now I can enjoy selfie's with lots of different angles ! 

Woohoo now I no need photoshop my face shape anymore :P 


The effects of Botox on your face can last up to 3-4 months after the initial treatment, but more sessions are required in order to maintain your youthful appearance. Once a few treatments have been completed, future sessions may only be needed once in 6 months as the effects will begin to last longer. Your doctor will advise you on initial and subsequent treatments if needed, as well as schedule an appointment 2 weeks after the initial treatment to gauge the progress made.

My thoughts after 2 weeks
During this 2 weeks I can see my face is getting slimmer & slimmer in very natural way,
none of my family member noticed it , they just asked me ' are you on diet? ' .
I'm very satisfied with the results , only hope the botox can last longer . Hahaha.
I don't feel anything different of uncomfortable during this 2 weeks,
Highly recommend to those who want a nice jawline without surgery :D

Hope you like my review !



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