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Friday, 20 December 2013

TinyPinc Miniature accessories

First of all thanks to My friend Tiny Pinc aka Ah Ling send me these 
cute handmade miniature before Christmas!
Gosh this year Christmas is the BEST !! I received lotssss of present !!! 
Blessed! Thank you guys!!

Her Facebook page :

Her Blog & Etsy :

E-mail address :  (a very cute one. LOLOLOL)

handmade golden pussy cat earing , something not too cute but not too matured. 

and the 2nd pair of earing is ginger bread man!!! so tiny little !

and lastly, a christmas snow globe!! (which I force her to give 1 to me. HAHA)
I loveeeee christmas snow globe! 
so tiny, so pretty, so fairy tale! 

and here is some works done by her 

support handmade ! 

Her Facebook page :

Her Blog & Etsy :

E-mail address :

Hope you like my first accessories post ! =D
*gosh I still have a lot post is coming up, not enough time >_<*

Happy Christmas everyone !!!Enjoy your present & holiday !!!

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