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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Herbal Essence Neo gal party at signature the roof

How's Herbal Essence Neo Gal party? 
you can see my first picture face expression ... so so la...not really fun :X
This post is more on complaining.  lol

Thanks Sharon for inviting me , she joined the herbal essence contest & won 2 tickets! 
So she brought me along to the party , Thanks Sharon! 


with a huge Herbal Essence backdrop for us to take photo's 

Goodie bag. 
what's inside out goodie bag ? 
- 1 kids bubbles? 
( I duno the exactly name for it , nehhh, those kids play in the garden one in teddy bear shape ) 
- 1 Feb 2014 VIVI malaysia magazine
-1 Feb 2014 cleo malaysia magazine 
(the magazine it self suppose came with a small Dove shampoo , but I duno why they took it out )
-1 paper bag 
(they gave us some stickers, some markers to design out own paper bag) 

That's it . Honestly, maybe you're judging me why so serious on goodie bag. 
let me tell you why 

 -this is Herbal Essence party, they launching new products which is rose & lavender . 
But I couldn't see or try any herbal essence shampoo ,  not even a small pack of samples 0_0'' 
The party was great , they did put a lot effort on in, I really appreciate & enjoy that . 
the reason of herbal essence party is to promote their new products right, but I really can't tell how good is the shampoo to my readers , I can only tell how good is the party 0_0 

-why give us  a bottle of kids bubbles ? (fine, at least I can let my son play with it ) 

-the 'expired' magazine , the magazine was last 2 months ,  it gave me the feel of just to simply choose some unwanted expired things to give us 打发我们而已。sorry,  I just don't really feel good about it...

- Lastly , WHY YOU TOOK AWAY THE DOVE shampoo in the magazine ?!  
I think there's 2 reason , first, This is Herbal Essence party, of course we won't give you DOVE shampoo la! (BUT you dint give us herbal essence shampoo too!!!) 
OR Second, some1 at the backstage took away all the shampoos. that's it . 

from bottom of my heart, I rather they don't give us any goodies.

 Just good foods, good games . That is good enough. 

I hope Nuff nang/ Herbal Essence will improve on this .

let's stop complaining about the goodies bag. 
continue our party

The location is at The roof signature . environment is awesome 

first counter you can use hair chalk to colour your hair temporary . 
But hair chalk will leave stains/ powder thinggy on your cloths , so I din't try it . 

cupcake table! we're able to deco our cupcake! 

This is mine ^_^ 

a whole table cupcakes for us to deco! 

This table we're able to do accessories by our own. 
basically they packed all the tools you needed in a bag , you just choose what colour you want and take out use glue gun to stick them up. 

looking messy  

 I choosed a pair or earing & hair clip

and here you can deco flower hair band....looking horrible messy too... >_< 

Photo Booth was good , nice background, nice elements to play with . 

Everywhere is looking messy so I din't take any more photo's...
no point to show you guys =( 

selfie time! with Audrey again ^_^ 

Sharon is a big fan of Audrey & Cheesie <3 

with pretty  Janechuck from 

they served buffet, games, band, famous bloggers, overall the party was good. 
that's my conclusion for this Herbal Essence neo gal party. 
I was SOOOO excited and happy looking forward on this party...maybe I'm over expecting la. 
next time I'll expect lesser? haha

I mean, man, you spent a lot effort and money on the party, why not spend a little on goodie bag? 
just a little small herbal essence shampoo and 1 APRIL  Magazine maybe??? 
I think this will make us happier instead of a kids bubbles and a few expired magazine....

I know this post might sound boring and I think this is the first post that I complaining something. 
I hope future event they can do it much better >_< 
jiayou ba! 


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