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Saturday, 26 April 2014

REVIEW DIOR fluid stick in colour 373

Howdy! Been busy for mothers day preserved flowers orders lately =D
today I'm gonna review on this pretty Dior fluid stick~ 
I'm was SOOOOOO HAPPY that day because this is my first time drove to Pavillion by my own!! (with my son on his baby car eat at the back)
and my husband dint know at all, because if I told him he would probably not allow me to drove out by my own ,because I'm still clumsy for him. But I believe I can and I did!!!! when he came back from work I told him I went to pavilion this afternoon and he was totally shocked XD
was so happy untill a bastard runied my day *roll eyes* 

anyway! girls if you're looking for DIOR cosmetics please please please visit Mr Zaidi Zain! 

his contact number : 012-6791990 
email :

he is super friendly , helpful , joyful & nice person !!!
 he is the best beauty assistance that I've ever meet! no joke, he is really kind, 
chat with him you will never feel stress =D 
his professional service will make you willing to buy buy even more. hahaha!
I bought 1 DIOR fluid stick ( RM102 )
1 DIOR best seller Lip Glow ( RM97 ) 
1 DIOR Lip Maximizer ( RM97 ) 

but this post I'm gonna review on Fluid stick。

his sunshine smile! how cute! hahaha

this is what mr Zaidi choose for me, I told him I prefer pinkish tone, 

so he choosed 373 , 893 and 479 for me. 
373 Rieuse - a warm coral pinkish tone 
893 Trompe L'Oeil - a cold purplish medium pink tone
479  Magique  - similar with 373 but slightly more pinkish 

swatch on my fist. lol
It is very very hard to get the exc
act colour from our camera honestly and it look deferent in dior official swatch . strongly recommend you must go to Dior counter to try it by your own & find your favourite colour . 

I like 893 honestly , but i already have similar colour for 893 in my YSL lipstick collection . 
479 is very similar with 373 . so I decided to go with 373 . A more natural pinkish coral colour . 

 This was my first Dior cosmetic! 
chang chang! DIOR Fluid Stick colour no 373 ! 

The sponge is soft and bouncy! 

under normal sunlight - more to pinkish 

under flash / indoor yellow light  it became coral pinkish colour .
coverage : 4/5 
moisturise : 4/5
pigmentation : 4/5 

it last for around 3 to 4 hours .

Mr Zaidi even show me DIOR latest collection !!! it not even in the market yet ! 
it's going to launch at May! prepare your money XD

this one is super duper pretty!!!! price at RM195

the packaging is just like jewellery <3 


Lastly, nail polish came with stickers! 

Hope you like my post for today : > 


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