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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The best gift for Mother's day . Imported Japan Preserved flowers and roses and handmade by ValerieYan Creation's

Hi girls! 
for those who followed my Instagram should be able to know how I love handmade! 
Before I start this blog, I'm full-time handmade artist and I have my own brand call
ValerieYan Creation's 
for 2 to 3 years. Due to I have to take care my baby boy so I stop handmade for 1 and a half year.
and now I'm back!!! 

I always wanted to try something new, something not in Malaysia market yet . 
last few months I found this preserved flowers , interesting ! 
Japanese used some special technic and let the REAL flowers stay alive for 3 years and above! 
This is definitely not 'dry flowers' , the texture, the shape is just like fresh flowers. 

Every women loves flowers, who don't ? But fresh flowers ONLY last for maximum 3days, 
I guess a lot people (me as well) always hope flowers can stay longer . 
Thanks to Japanese made it happened!!! 


Preserved Fresh Flower,永生花/ 保鲜花(Preserved Flower)源于浪漫之都法国巴黎, 于1991年发表国际专利(长寿切花)日本花艺师的精湛技术使鲜花得以恒久保存,它是用高科技手段,将鲜花经过脱水、保色、干燥等复杂程序加工而成的干花。永生花的色泽、性状、手感与鲜花接近,它保持了鲜花的特质,却可以更长久地陪伴在身边(一般可保存3年以上),是“永不凋谢”的鲜花。这也是迄今唯一一种技术可以保留鲜花50%的水分,鲜花的温润柔美得以保留,每一丝植物纤维都完好而优雅。


today this topic is about 'gift / present for mothers day' 

I'm doing a promotions now, you can get this flower/roses in pot/vase for RM60 only
 ( P/S. RM7 poslaju is not included)
size is approximately 12 x 12 cm 

 What you can get 

-2 roses  (colour choose by you) (2 朵玫瑰,颜色可以由你来选)
- 1 or 2 colours of Hydrangea flowers (colour choose by you)(绣球花 可以选一个或两个颜色)
- a heart shape 'happy mother's day' note (一个心型的小卡和小信封)
- some Gypsophila (一些的满天星)
- 2 hares tail grass ( 2颗 兔尾草)
- a wooden vase with lace and ribbon design 

I've posted to overseas before and it stay absolutely fine  =)  

here is what I customise did for a customer who want to gift it to her mother as mother's day present. 

This is wooden vase, very simple yet elegant 

roses colour you can choose from this 11 colours :
Please take note that this is before I make the rose bloom. 
All the roses after bloom is much bigger and nicer. 
for the AFTER picture please take a look at bottom 

After & before I made it bloom 


Please choose  the colours of Hydrangea flowers 
you can choose either 1 or two colours. 

Our flowers are imported from Japan =)

and a special card & envelope 

EMAIL to order 

Name : 
Handphone number :
Address :
Colour for rose : 
Colour for Hydrangea : 

请填写以下资料和所选的颜色email 到
名字 :

How to take care preserved flowers? 
-avoid strong sunlight 
-avoid humid place like toilet 
extra tips : If you wish to keep the flowers up to 5 years you can put it in a transparent box. 


如果你保存到很好的话保鲜花是可以耐到5年的。 你可以保存在透明的盒子里面。

Here is some others example that I made for my customers 
I accept bridal bouquet / hair dresser / hair deco / flower crown customise & many more . 
除了这个其实我还有做新娘的手棒花,头饰,花环 等等的订单。全部都是使用保鲜花哦。

Flower Bouquet 

flower crown 

for further enquiry/questions OR order you may Email to


Personal Instagram : ValerieYan89

Handmade Instagram : ValerieyanCreations 


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