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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Princess Pinky Eclipse Contact lens in Pink from

Hello girls!  Here is my first contact lens review !!! 
there's a lot of girls was asking me what contact lens I'm using, what brand, what colours, 
My fav was GEO brand from Korea, super in love with the Nudy Series in brown & grey ! 
I've tried this series few years ago, probably like 5 or 6 years ago while I'm still studying at TOA collage. that series is super duper comfy and natural !!!! it gave me watery big eyes with a beautiful hint of brown/ grey colour. i'll definitely gonna a review on that don't worry =D

My friend introduce this online shop to me
Malaysia largest online contact lens shop! 

Most of the contact lens they selling is yearly instead of monthly/daily. 
I like natural looking but not-too-natural looking contact lens( what are you saying?! LOL) , 
I want it look natural on my eyes, i doesn't like to wear those super blue/purple/green one...
because for asian is hard to handle this type of colour. it will look super weird with on our black eyes. 
I bought 5 pairs on my first order, received it within 3days. 
fast service, easy & with lots of choices. 

 pretty website *_*

Just came across this new contact lens Princess Pinky Eclipse Contact lens in Pink
selling at 
(original RM91.32) 

and its on promotions now! 30% discount ! I was thinking wanna get grey or brown,
but in my order all is grey n brow, I wish to try a bit different colour, I never try PINK contact lens,
because it looks like your eyes are bleeding 0_0 
but from the model picture they provided is seems ok,
quite natural, the pink is light transparent pink, so I just give it a go! 

 not to mention ! they giving free cute casing for every pair contact lens!!! 
bear, fish, pig, hippo !!! all in different colour too <3 

the quality is surprisingly very good too, not those china cheapo quality =O 

using Marco mood under natural light. love it ! 

looking good when you looking aside too :D

with and without 
i like the gradient from black to pink, the colour blending is awesome & natural <3 <3 
Don't you think so ^-^ 

Overall the lens is comfy for 6-8 hours + but is still better to put an eye drop in your handbag. 
Just in case! 

I'm gonna order a pair of grey & a pair of purple/ blue before 10th !! 
so that I can enjoy the 30% discount >:D 
Hurry up order within this 2 days!!!

Hope you enjoy my first contact lens review ! 
more to come ! 


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