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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Unique-Q whitening soap REVIEW

Hi girls! 
Today I'm gonna review this soap! 
made from Malaysia! support local ! 
Charlie (a super efficient and very friendly owner ^_^) 
Price : RM80

this soap can be use on face and body, stated 100% natural ingredient too. 
Ever before had blotchy skin pigmentation? This is typically resulted in by remaining the sunlight for long runs at a time or if you’re experiencing melasma or if you have regular breakout issues and also scars. One of the most economical means of managing these issues is if you acquire papaya skin bleaching soap. This would definitely be one of the first things people might normally encourage to someone who would like to even out their skin’s coloration as well as normally make it also lighter. However have you ever before asked yourself, why papaya cleansing soap? Why does it have to be made with papaya? Can not another fruit or veggie work as well? There is one factor in Papaya that makes it unique. It is additionally the very same active ingredient that determines it aside from some other skin whitening solutions out there. And also that is Papain Molecule.
Papain molecule is a solution that is simply found in the papaya fruit. One of its several usages is its capacity breakdown meat which makes it an excellent meat tenderizer. It is commonly located in powder form as an ingredient to common meat tenderizers that may be acquired in any sort of ordinary shop. It this powder state, it likewise has an unique use. If you include a bit of water and turn it in to a pasty solution, it could be made use of as a property solution for stings caused by insects like as well as mosquitoes because it divides the venom from the lesions which results in the agonizing stings.

- whitening 
-lighten freckles 
-minimize acne
-eliminate scars  (not sure why sound kinda wrong, lol )
-exfoliating / bootes metabolism

I seriously they will improve their packaging >.< 
this design is kinda like soap that wash clothes.... >.< 
maybe change to pink would be much better =) 

-palmitic Acid ,
-Papaya ,
-Coconut vinegar ,
Acid Salt ,
-Pure distilled water ,
-Palm kernel oil ,
Contains Vitamin A, C & E

here I'm using a bubble net

to create a big amount of BUBBLES! 



 Moist  29,6% 
Oil 44.4% 

Moist 59.7 %
Oil 19.1% 

the result is just instantly to much better! 

Moist increased 30.1 %
oil drop - 25.3% 

Moist increased a lot! but as for oil drop a lot as well, 
so if you feel itchy it is very normal due to booting your skin . 

after 2 weeks 

I've noticed my skin is fairer and smoother after 2 weeks of usage. 
I don't feel any itchiness for the first few days , i think depending on our skin? 
if your skin is kinda dry I guess it will be itchy 0.o 

this is a great products for those who want to get a fairer skin tone within a month maybe?

 hope you like my review = ) 


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