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Thursday, 10 July 2014

jill stuart jelly eye colour N in 13 antique chiffon and 19 passion fruit REVIEW

Hi girls!
Today Im gonna review JILL STUART PRODUCTS!!!!!
Jill stuart products is always so dreamy, so girlish, so pretty , so princess!!!
but sadly...not available in Malaysia....again....T_T
 Yves saint laurent also not available in Msia-.-
why all good and famous brand also not available in Malaysia
some1 please open in Malaysia please? lol

My friend went to Hongkong and help me bought this Jelly Eye Colour N
i want 010 vintage brown and 19 passion fruit
but sadly 010 vintage brown is Out of stock =(
so I change to 013 antique chiffon instead of 010 vintage brown.

Price is around RM 97 each .
Kinda pricy , but Jill Stuart products price range start from RM50-RM500 .
so this is cheap in their collection. lol

total 21 colours, but sometimes they will launch some limited edition shade's . 

pretty pastel pink paper box with fine 3D pattern

Japan language ._. i duno 

13 antique chiffon & 19 passion fruit

just like a diamond! shinning under sunlight *_* so beautiful 

so here is 13 & 19 

from the official colour cart is like brown colour? 
but actually it looks more to silver with a hint tiny of brown ._. 
but it still a pretty shade, so I don't mind. lol 

glittersssssss *_*

the texture is very unique, is kinda like gel / pudding type
bouncy bouncy one =O

glide and blend easily ! the glitters is actually rainbow colour , but hard to capture the actual colour. 
I've tried my best >< 

very pretty colour, last kinda long too

so here is 19 passion fruit colour , it's a coral orangy pinky warm colour 

so here is the comparison of both shades under natural sunlight 

another one. 

very nice colour I must say, I like the texture and packaging too,
I would recommend you to only buy 1 or 2 colours you like, and mix it with normal eyeshadow . 
1 jar can use super long -.- cause just need a tiny little bit is very enough for our eyes area. 

here is some of the Jill Stuart products 

Jill stuart always come out with some limited edition series  <3 _ <3 

Hope you like my review ! 


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  1. Really love your review <3. The packaging is great the color is awesome
    Miss Ika's Blog

  2. omggg I'm lemming over passion fruit now! been thinking about buying no.13 but then I saw your swatch and aaaaah... I think I'll just get both! thanks for your review!