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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Oh Jun hair saloon first experience

My HAIR ~!! 
due to always colour my hair and last 2 months I did digital perm...
my hair is super dry, frizzy & tangled 
EVERYDAY wash hair MUST use super thick conditioner only can comb my hair !!! *flip table*
-_____- sorry long hair, I need to chop you off 
I know every one asked me don't , because it took me almost 1 year plus only reach this length. 
after 1 months plus I only decided to chop it off  /_\  
plus I found a hair style that I wanted to give it a try. 

normally I will just go back my Hometown Seremban to trim/colour my hair 
because cheaper? =x
but I wanna try something different, 
so I googled is there any nice saloon around my house and the top one that appeared is Oh Jun hair saloon, also with lots of positive feed backs. So I just called and make an appointment with them.  
and, it was super duper near my house, maybe not even 5 mins drive =X 

the environment is very comfy , with low light and soft music . sorry I dint manage to take any photo's of the shop cause I kinda nervous and embarrassed due to new places, new people. 
and I was surrounded by Koreans! >.< 
because ampang here we call it ' little korea' as well, 
with lots of korea foods, korea saloon , korea shops. 

all I know is very basic beginner korea language such as 
(annyeonghaseyo , daebak, jinjja , omooo & etc)
which i learnt it from Running Man..haha! 

Oh Jun hair saloon 
Close on every Monday
1 Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor
03-4251 1727

Boss is Korean named Oh Jun and the pretty & friendly korean lady hairstylist who did my hair is Michelle (she told me she's half japanese half korean, super pretty ) 

sorry due to my shyness I dint manage to snap any photo's of the saloon & also no selfie with my pretty hairstylist T_T 
Next time I'll, I promise =D

after post my picture of short hair,
 I received a lot pm/comments enquiry about how much / where is this shop from.
Plus the owner leaved a msg too. lol

so here is the promotions they currently having now

so this is after a week after 7 times wash =o 
I dint put any oil / gel / serum , so this kinda look like bad hair day. lol 

I like what my hairstylist did to my fringe , a very soft and natural curl <3 

Loving the soft & natural curls 

a closer shoot of the curl 
so basically I just use hair iron to curl it in and out . for around 5mins and I'm done =D

tada , this is after few min of my 'anyhow' curl LOL 

' I'm gonna hit you with my hair Iron ! ' face   =X

*this picture took right after saloon*

So, a lot people asked me how much I spent on my hair
with colour + cut + perm curl + spa treatment 
total is RM528 

for me , for KL area, for kinda well known saloon, 
this price is acceptable , 
most of my friends (including a hair stylist) also said worth it. 
nice environment , nice & friendly hair stylist <3 
I'll definitely go again! 

Hope you like my review ! 


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  1. Nice hair cut! R they good in men's haircut?