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Thursday, 17 July 2014

YSL Pure Chromatics 4 wet & dry eye shadows no 6 REVIEW & SWATCH

Annyeong haseyo!!! 
Today I'm gonna review on YSL eyeshadow !

YSL Pure Chromatics 
4 wet & dry eye shadows 
No 6 

I bought this from KLIA Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics counter 
for those who haven't read you may check out my previous post :

the friendly sales girl told me this is YSL limited edition colour ,
which sold out they not gonna continue this palette anymore.
actually I went there only thought of buying their lip products, but...Malaysia ONLY KLIA selling YSL products, so of course I'm gonna spend more time and hope to loot more treasures la right! 
*super YSL die hard fans here* 

this cost around RM190 if I remember correctly =O 
yes I know it is kinda pricy, but the glitters is super super fine, and the colour combination is kinda rare and special, so ended up decided to purchase this one. 
if you going to singapore /bangkok or others YSL counter I think they're selling at RM220 + 
I bought from KLIA , duty free. that's why cheaper. 

so I bought the last palette #06

as usual , YSL signature packaging, glossy gold colour with simple YSL logo. 
it's really really hard to take a picture without showing me or my camera in it T_T 
can't imagine?  lemme show you lol

see >_< is just like mirror

back view 

took this under indoor light with flash 

indoor light without flash 
look at the glitter *_* 

this is....after few times of experimental lol 
under natural light 

it came with 2 brushes 
1 is normal sponge ( for dry )
1 silicon brush (?) ( for wet )
here is a swatch with dry brush 

the colour doesn't really stands out. 
'' I was like WHAT?! I paid for RM190 you give me this ?! ''

YSL leiii, they won't produce low quality products like this =x  

here let me show you by using another method but is in WET 

pick a brush, dip it into water and take the colour you want 

the powdery form instantly became gel type !!!! 
Magic !!! 0_0 

look at the glitters *-* <3 

LOOK !!!!! INSTANTLY became thick and the colour pay off is superb amazing! 
i am so amazed !

the differences of dry and wet 

from left to right

-dark purplish with blue glitters 
- army green with golden glitters 
- orange coral colour with tons of golden glitters 
-pastel pink with tons of silver glitters  

here is my eyes by using wet method 

sooo pretty *_*

overall i like it very very very much *-* 
apply by using wet brush the eyeshadow stays really really well for 1 whole day , 
not powdery at all <3 

how I wish it can be cheaper, so that I can get more =( 

Hope Malaysia can open YSL beauty counter !!!! 
praying everyday lol 

hope you like my review ! 




  1. I like it wet :D

  2. hi,your blog looks so cute and pretty.May I know how do you make it?