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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Health Carnival by White Dental Cosmetic Centre Sri Petaling

Hi everyone! 

Sri Petaling is nearest to my house so I've been transferred from Kota kemuning to here. 
Sri Petaling is newest among all 3 branches 
before I start my first appointment here . White dental cosmetic centre Sri Petaling is having a health carnival on 30-5-2015 from 9.00am until 5pm. 
Dr Tiew have invited me to come over with my family ,
 we can check our health conditions for free, well of course we're going! 
  not only health check, there are also health talk too! 

White Dental Cosmetic Centre Sri Petaling is really easy to spot, once you reach Sri Petaling area 
you should  be able to saw their big sign board on 1st floor. 
Nearby have a lot of boutique, restaurant and saloon, you can have a breakfast or lunch before or after appointment! 

we reach at around 9am, we're the first few people who drop by ,  
good because I can take a clearer picture of the centre for you all :P 

we're welcome by two friendly receptionist 

this centre is so pretty if compared to Kota Kemuning centre. 
The theme of this centre is more to natural /garden feel I guess? Full with flowers and grass.  

the chair is prepared for the health talk later. 

inside the walk way 

a huge Invisalign wall paper 

Ping Ping says :" we must know how to brush our teeth start from young! '' 

simple & clean interior

Dr Tiew is checking husband teeth. 
Here is some of the event booth . You can check eyes, teeth , spinal , skin and many more for free! 
I dint stay long for the health talk because I'm rushing for another appointment . 
But it was a great experience and luckily our health dint have much problem :)

Lastly, thanks for inviting me ! 
and I've learnt a lot of health care / knowledge during this health carnival =) 

*Additional info's*

Great news! 
They're having another Health Carnival on 
13th June 2015 
Enjoy free opportunities and check up such as dental check up, blood pressure test and etc. 
You can get a mystery gift worth around RM400+ too! 
For more information, 
please contact 03 - 51226680


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