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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tutorial on how to create a Natural Brown Eyes Make Up

Hi ladies! 

Are you still using black eyelashes and black contact lens while you're having brown hair? 
then you're outdated!
 I believed everyone have a pretty nice coloured hair nowadays, but why still stick to traditional black eyelashes and black contact lens? 
Have you noticed nowadays Japanese and Korean starting to put on natural make up? 
 No more thick black dramatic false eyelashes and eyeliner . 

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts & how to get a natural Brown eyes make up! 

Firstly we need to prepare :

- Brown false eyelashes 
-Brown eyeliner 
-Brown contact lens 

I got this pretty Taiwan false eyelashes from  

RM15 for this set 
8 different top lashes and 2 different bottom lashes. 

super deal yeah? After I posted the brown eyelashes on my Instagram (Valerieyan7) 
a lot of you asked me where did I get my eyelashes from. 
so here is the link & the contacts :

Link : 
(the thread is in mandarin) 
contact :
016-6690124 (she prefer to use wassap) 


You can purchase from Taobao if you willing to wait . 
Price is around RM8 for a box only (haven't including shipping of course) 
Just type 棕色假睫毛 in and you can see plenty's of them. 
But oh well, downside is you need to wait for around 2 weeks or more to reach your doorstep. 
and I know how it feels while waiting for a parcel -_- 
I'd rather get it from the seller above and pay a little bit extra .
Some of you might ask , ''such a cheap eyelashes I don't think is really comfy. ''
nope you're wrong. 
this eyelashes is handmade from Taiwan, 99% Taiwanese girl is using this brand. 
they have over hundreds type of eyelashes to choose from. 
The lashes might not as soft as DollyWink or others expensive lashes. 
but look back the price we paid, 

DollyWink  2 pairs = around RM50
Taiwan Handmade eyelashes 10 pairs = RM15 . 

you do the maths :P 
If you have the budget well sure go ahead, as long as the result satisfied you right =D 

Contact Lens I'm using is 
EOS Bubble Brown
I've purchased few brown contact lens to see which one is the best. 
So, this is the perfect natural brown ring with enlargement effect and without the black ring . 
Simple yet nice. 

Link : 

If you're looking for cheaper one you can visit Time Square G floor ,
There's one of the shop are selling the same contact lens too for only RM35 (3months) , 
as for authentic or not , 
I can't guarantee . But if you're using it for shooting few hours, I think shouldn't be a problem :D 

Lastly, eyeliner. 
Brown Eyeliner you can get it from many different brands, 
Etude house, MAC , NARS , Elianto ,  Dolly wink,  The skin food and many more. 
from cheap to expensive brands . 
Personally I like DollyWink eyeliner, 
easy to draw and waterproof but yet easy to remove with make up remover. 
price at around RM40 ++ . You can get it from SASA . 

How to : 
1)put on brown contact lens 
2) take a brown earth colour eyes shadow apply at the end of your eyes 
and a highlight at the middle- front of your eyes. 
3)apply a thin brown eyeliner and drag till the end of your eyes and lift up a bit . 
4)put on brown eyelashes 
and this is how natural brown eyes look like! 

(outdoor natural light) 

Hope you like my review + simple short tutorial ! 
Leave me a comment if you have any doubts :D



  1. I agreed with you! Now is the trend of no-make-up makeup, as simple as possible. :D BTW, I love your eyeliner!