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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Isetan X Vivi X Foruchizu blogger personal shopper workshop with Cheesie and Audrey

 I'm very lucky to be the lucky 10 girls who able to participate this event =D 

Location - KLCC Isetan 
Time- 2pm 
date - 11 Jan 2014 

It's Audrey and Cheesie!! Malaysia famous fashion bloggers 
*clap clap*
Cheesie married to a Japanese and she is pregnant now!!! But still so thin and petite 
she's from Seremban as well! me too ! when I told her I'm from Seremban she was shocked and she thought I came from Seremban in the morning. haha

Audrey is mom as well , baby fighter is growing very healthy and cute too : > 
the way they speak is very soft and friendly! 

 don't you think he look like 黑人 from Taiwan? the way he dress up, the way he talk, just like him!!

so Audrey and cheesie teaching and giving us tips how to wear in style  

with sharon :) 
here's her blog 

selfca time!!!!!

3 mothers here : P 

with Hermes 

and every participants received a small door gifts as well! 
It's a matching black bow necklace and bracelet 
made from Korea. hahahaha 

This post is more on pictures XD
still, hope you enjoy it! 

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  1. hahah .... envy !! i accidentally bump into Audrey one day at One Utama , but i'm too shy to go up and said hi to her ... so regret now and thinking , i should have said halo and snap photo with her !! her eyes is so big !!

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