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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Cerro Queen Brush set

Special Thanks to Natta Cosme for sponsoring this brush set for me 
Every time Natta Cosme will pack my parcel with a lot of effort & very detailed with pretty deco! 
Every time they gave me a lot of surprise!! =D  
Just a small brush set they used a thick & a big paper box with a greetings, brush set & a cute tiny ribbon box with a chocolate inside . How Sweet ! 

Here's a cute little greeting/intro card when I open my box :)
 with lots of cute & sweet dessert elements on it 

Inside we have a brush set and a ribbon chocolate box in it ~ 

 Brush set came with a light blue color PU leather pouch with strap on it.  

Very handy , light weight and easy to carry when we travel to others country too

after we flip over the PU leather cover , tada~ 7 mini brushes!  
every brushes came with an individual plastic wrap 

 This was my favorite one! Blusher/highlighter /contour brush 

The brush is really really fine and soft 

after took out all the plastic wrap 

Brush 1 -  Powder Brush
Brush 2 - Eyeshadow Brush (in Big)
Brush 3 - Eyeshadow Brush (in Medium)
Brush 4- Eyeshadow Brush (in Small)
Brush 5 - Eyebrow Brush
Brush 6 - Eyeliner brush
Brush 7 - Eyelash Brush

what's the bonus point? 
Practical and functional makeup brush set
Don’t you often think that in a makeup brush set, there are always some brushes that you unlikely use them? And buying one brush by one brush costs more than buying a brush set isn’t it?
CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Fibre Wool - Blue contains 7 pieces of makeup brush not only for your face, but for your eyes as well!
It is the most basic makeup brush set that every beauty lovers should have!
Perfect cosmetic case
Don’t you like the more convenient traditional cosmetic case with long strap? Don’t you like cosmetic case with high quality and thus long lasting? Don’t you like cosmetic case with simple design yet fashionable? Don’t you like cute shiny colour cosmetic case?

Anti-bacterial mini fibre
Is your skin easily irritated? Try 0.05mm mini fibre as it is more comfortable and equipped with anti-bacterial property. Hence, it is the best choice for people who are sensitive to products made from the furs of animals!
Wooden brush handle
Don’t you like brush handle made from natural wood? Don’t you like handle with shiny surface and sustain decolourisation? Try Cerro Qreen brush set as all the make-up brushers are of high quality and definitely functional!

thanks for the yummy ferrero chocolate !

My Bare Face 

Blush I'm using here - Benefit Dandelion 
Brush I'm using here - No 1, Powder Blush 

Simple swipe on your cheek and you'll have a very natural & soft looking blush, if we use our fingers it will look thick & unnatural . So I think every girl should have a powder brush. it's playing a very important role. 

 Eyeshadow I'm using here is Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Palate in COLD 
Brush I'm using is No 2, Eyeshadow brush in BIG

with brush you can blend the eyeshadow very easily , it'll look clean & neat. 
if we use fingers it might end up look dirty and powdery. That's the reason why every make up artist will have a professional brush along them.

Next, Brow powder I'm using here is The Face Shop ( god, I used this little brow powder for very very long time, still got 80%in it @_@ I wonder when can I finish it) 
Brush I'm using here is No 5 brow brush. 

after that just apply my lip lacquer from shiseido in #203 

with my new love 

There's another color ! Pink with ribbons !!! this color so pretty! Kinda regretted that I dint choose PINK color :( But anyway, Blue is nice also la. Since I got too many PINK color stuffs :D
 But PINK sold out at the moment  0_0 
for blue color please click >  Blue Color  RM 29.52 Only  (Normal Price RM36.90) 
for Black color please click > Black Color   RM 29.52 Only  (Normal Price RM36.90) 
for Pink color please click > Pink Color  RM 29.52 Only  (Normal Price RM36.90)
for light purple color please click > Purple Color RM 29.52 Only  (Normal Price RM36.90)

there's many more different set & different color from Natta Cosme. 
You can check it out here
Please click 

Conclusion : For RM29.52 you can get such a good quality brush , it's really worth it, as we all know all those Big brand such as Bobbi , Shu uemura , MAC & etc they all selling the brush in very expensive price  x_x a mini brush set already cost RM200++ I mean if you got money sure can go for big brand, for people who are in tight budget/ student or beginner can try to get this =D

Here's some nice pictures that I grabbed from natta cosme website :

P/S : The PINK is too cute!! I hope I can get 1 set for my lucky reader too !

Hope you like my 2014 first post !!!
wish you have a great 2014 :D

all the best ~


  1. Love your post! And you look so pretty and young, so hard to believe you are a mummy! =)

    1. Thanks! !! Without makeup I look like an aunty too!! Hehe

  2. Your blog is beautiful and so are you :) ♡ xoxo

  3. Awesome post! You are so gorgeous and I love your look! I really love your brushes that you attach on your blog post!Thank you for sharing this one.

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