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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Glitter Nail Polish

I think this is my first review on Nail Polish right? =D
girls that follow my Instagram (Valerieyan89) Or like my Facebook page should be able to know 
I LIKE BLING BLING nail polish very very much XD
Today I'm able to try out this SUPER bling Bobbi brown 2013 holiday limited edition nail polish! 
I'm so excited to write this review!
Because I manage to shoot all the glitters details on the following pictures!
can't wait to show you all how shinny is this !

Price : around RM60 each
11 ML

This is how Limited Edition glitter nail polish from bobbi brown packaging look like.
very classic & simple design. 
just gold & black.

Left #Ballet Pink 
Right #Chrome 

Left #Ballet Pink 
Right #Chrome 

Ballet Pink is a pale pink color and with super super tiny fine gold glitters in it! 
the outcome is pastel light pink, clean yet with a hint of gold glitters, 
suitable for people who like natural & sweet looking nails.

Chrome. golden glitters? no, rainbow glitters!!! 
I can just play & look at it for very very long, because every angle , the glitters shows different colors.
*_*   << my eyes 
it just shine like a star , a diamond! 10carat sumore. lollll

so pretttyyyyy >____< 

not close enough? ok, let me zoom it for you! LOL

sooooo many rainbow glitters inside. gahhhh!!! take my money!

ok, so I apply on my ugly toes. because my fingers is on UV nails.
my toes shine like a diamond now. pfffttt XD

My review : 

-very long lasting. 
-once apply, dry really fast
-nice packaging 
-beautiful color 


hope you like my nail polish review, good day!


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