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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Review Shiseido lacquer rouge in RD305 and RD203

Last December I've participate Shiseido Malaysia lip competition named 
My Best Holiday Lip 
so I submitted my best lip picture and I won! and so do my friend. She won as well but the lip color doesn't suit her , so she just gave it to me (lucky me! XD )

Shiseido promises moisture and adherence,
A balm beneath might help, and the brand recommends the blot-and-reapply method for a longer-lasting finish.

Here is my prize from Shiseido Malaysia, 
they also gave us a mini lip & eye makeup remover  in a lovely pouch . 

The design is light & sleek 

the sponge is very comfy & it will take out the exact amount that our lip need.
brilliant !

Here I'm having this two color in RD305 & RD203.

Official color chart from Shiseido. But they just launched few more nice colors!! 

nice color eh! I wanted to get RD404 Disco Pink so badly! 
*stares at my make up pouch with full of lip stick, lip balm, lip lacquer & lip gloss....* 

without lip stick - looking dull & pale

firstly I'm going to try on RD203. 
It's a very natural Coral color with a hint of pinkish , suitable for working or people who want to look natural & healthy glowy look. 

here I'm using Bobbi Brown highlighter , the glowy effect is just soooooooo nice!!!! soooo natural!!!
I'm going to blog about it soon!

here is a picture I snapped & posted on my Instagram : Valerieyan89 last few weeks! 

ok, NEXT! we're going to put on RD305

This color is more lady look, The color is more rosy 
& color is slightly darker if compared to previous RD205 . 
I personally prefer this color, because I like high pigmentation cosmetics XD

But my mom loves this color very much, so I gave it to her =)  
for those who feel like wanna buy something for mom, maybe you can try this , I'm sure every women will like this color & this kind of texture . hehe 

Double color on my lip here to let you see the different 
left RD305 & right RD203. 

I'm getting RD404 Disco for sure ! =D 

Thanks for reading my blog once again . 
Hope you enjoy your Sunday! 

Good Night ! 

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