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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Etude House Help my finger - Nail finger pack / nail mask REVIEW

Good day to you! 
today I'm going to do a review on Etude House Help my finger - Nail finger pack 
basically it's a nail mask with 
great for those who always like to apply nail polish/ UV nail/ gelish nail.
no matter what nail polish you apply your nails will be damaged . for sure. 
when times goes by and you'll notice your finger nails became yellowish and dull. 
a healthy nail should be pinkish and shiny

I like do DIY my own UV nail 
suitable for lazy people like me, the design can tahan up to 1 month XD

here is my own CNY UV nail design, bling bling all the way~ 

after all the UV nail remover steps my nails will damaged until like this. every time. 
because the UV nail remover is very strong and dry up our nail . 
Look horrible *gulp*

after polish nail block sanding files manicure 
much better , but still looking dry and weak 0,0

so here I bought this Etude House Nail Mask ,
cute packaging! 

price at around RM10+ 
sorry I couldn't remember correctly. 

look so attractive right! 

so let's start! 
This Nail Finger Pack moistens and brightens up frequently colored, dull fingernails and its surrounding area.

How to use
1. Wash hands and cut along the pouch's dotted line.
2. Cover thumbs with lartest sheet and other fingers with smaller sheets.
3. Remove sheets after 10~15 minutes and gently absorb remaining contents into fingernails' surrounding areas.

inside got a lot cream hor, don't forgot to squeeze all of them out and apply into mask  

 the nail mask is ordinary cotton face mask texture/material 

 and...within 15 mins you can't do anything with this nail mask on...
can you? hahaha. what you can do is watch drama lo. 
by the way the new K drama 'you who came from the stars 来自星星的你' very nice lei =X 
Do Min Joo oppa is so cute! his lip is so small so cute, I think he can do lip stick ambassador lor.
I hope in the end do min joo and chan song yi can live together in earth happily ever after!
yes! I like HAPPY ENDING & I hate sad ending T_T 

back to topic, 
that's the only bad thing of this mask.I hope they put like a waterproof layer at the bottom, so we can do our things within the 15 mins. 

WOAH!!! Awesome result ! my nails so shinny and so healthy instantly !!!! 

see see see!! so moist so shinny!!!!  this mask even moist those dry skin around my nails! 

a comparison picture 
Before & after 

what can I say about this product ? awesome , awesome & awesome! 
price - affordable 
packaging- cute 
easy to get from any Etude House 

the only weakness is within 15mins you cannot do anything with your hand.
 I really hope they can improve this. 

Hope you like my review :) 

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  1. Nice sharing, it will help those who needs it badly!

  2. Hi dear! Yesss!! You can do your own nail care at home now. No need go to nail saloon ...most of them very expensive!

  3. Haha i wonder if they have mask for toes too. ^^ it will be awesome when u are doing diy pedi

  4. Hi, thanks a lot for your review :) How many pieces in the one pack? 5 units? 10 units?

    1. I am wondering about that, too, while trying to decide whether to place a bid for a pack on eBay...