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Friday, 7 February 2014

Star Product YSL Glossy Stain in #6 and #17 part one

*lips using YSL Glossy Stain #17*

Hello!!!! Happy Chinese New year !! How many kgs you gain lol 
Me? I don't know , I don't even dare to weight 0_0 hahaha

Today I'm gonna review a STAR PRODUCT!!!! 
YSL Glossy Stain 
#6 Camel Croisiere
#12 Coral Fauve
#17 Encre Rose 


YSL Volupte Gloss 
#206  Fuchsia Oran

But this post I'm gonna review on #6 & #17 . 
for #12 & #206 I'm going to it separately on next post  =D

4 golden bars !!! it's really hard to capture this photo!!!
because the golden packaging make it over exposed omg
this is the best shoot I can take with my Casio ZR-1200. Surprisingly this camera have a really really great MACRO mood, of course cannot compare with DSLR la, but as in digital compact camera it did a splendid job! 
A lot people asked me, my Casio TR15 (TR350) better or ZR-1200 better. 
My answer? both also good, different function different target, different price. 
Cannot compare. 
I'll do a review on bot of them ( If I got time *crossed fingers* ) 

ok, back to the topic, the packaging look soooo luxury , sleek and simple.
as I mentioned earlier . Gold bars . lol 

 from left to right 

#6 Camel Croisiere
#12 Coral Fauve
#17 Encre Rose 


YSL Volupte Gloss 
#206  Fuchsia Oran

The brush is very soft and extremely comfy on my lips. The brush apply the lip gloss on our lips evenly just 1 or 2 swipe. very easy to control the amount too ! thumbs up for the design of the brush! 

#6 Camel Croisiere  is a coral colour but more on orange colour with a bit shimmer 
#12 Coral Fauve is a rose orange pink colour without shimmer 
#17 Encre Rose  is a Korea-ish baby purple pink colour with a bit shimmer 


YSL Volupte Gloss 
#206  Fuchsia Oran   is a solid medium pink colour without any shimmer 

and just 1 wipe . yes I know I shouldn't use this toilet tissue. lol  

tada! Look at the stains !! 
I like how the stains stay on my lips, look sooooooooo natural & longggg lasting!
makan, minum? No problem ! 

this is just 1 layer  

 2 layers 

 under natural lighting 


Overall #17 is a very very sweet colour, but this colour is better not to apply on bare face, you have to put at least some foundation, eyeliner and blusher and also apply concealer on your lip as a base to lighten your original lip colour . Because this colour require a light colour bare lip and the pink only stands out. If you want natural just 1 layer will do, if you want the colour sharper you can apply 2 or 3 layers. and the colour is SUPER LONG LASTING OMG !  this colour I'll strongly recommend to fair lady ( not the car. lol ) , K-pop looking girl , sweet looking girl .


#6 Camel Croisiere 
 a coral colour but more on orange colour with a bit shimmer

Overall this colour is light orange colour , it's coral looking on my hand but look like orange on my lip. so I guess YSL lip stain is very depending on what colour is your lip. Different people different result. Interesting ? But as long as you apply concealer before it I think should be fine. 

This is my first orange lip , for me orange lip look kinda weird for me, but after many Korea dramas, NOOOO, ORANGE LIP IS SO PREEETTYYY!!! 
and here is my first orange lip look and I love it & I look very fair in this colour  ! 
oh yea, did I mention this colour #6 and #17 is the best selling among YSL glossy stain? 

*Anyway I'm going to Bangkok on next month early of March for 1 week! 
and I'm going to bangkok YSL beauty counter to purchase something ,
and if you want me to help you buy it just E-mail me or Facebook PM me. 
I can purchase for you and post it to you . 
YSL Glossy Stain is selling at RM120- RM130 each and poslaju is RM7 ya.

Follow my INSTAGRAM : Valerieyan89  
and I'll keep you guys update while I'm in Bangkok  *

for my readers / friends who are reading this post, I'm telling you this.

do it while we're young! Who knows you'll look amazing right !


Hope you like my YSL glossy stain post! 


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