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Monday, 17 February 2014

eyelash boss professional eyelash and brush cleaner 睫老板 假睫毛残胶。化妆工具 专用干洗清洁液

Good day! 
Today I'm gonna share a short and useful post =D

How to wash your beauty tools ! 
I bet every girl will have their own make up brush, yes? no ? 
if no you better go buy 1 set because it's very useful ! 
for blush , for eyeshadow, for foundation, for loose powder , for lip & etc 

around RM30 you can get a good brush set 
you can get a good & affordable price brush set from here,
please refer to my previous post 

if your budget allow you can even go for Bobbi brown , MAC those big professional brand. 
but just few brushes might cost up to RM300 & above la. lol

This eyelash boss professional eyelash and brush cleaner actually I did a review on last few months, 
Please take a look on this post before you continue this post , 
you'll be more understanding and amazed by this awesome product
>> click here << 

Where can you buy this cleaner? 
30ML RM25 
100ML RM60

So here is the basic tools you needed
-empty clean plastic box 
-eyelash boss professional eyelash and brush cleaner
- foundation brush 

this brush can apply foundation evenly
so almost every time I'll use it. this picture is after used around 5 times   XD
(if you're having sensitive skin the best is wash it every time you used it, to prevent bacteria)
MUST MUST MUST wash your brush! if got bacteria in your brush and your face habis liao 完蛋了. 

actually from the look of the brush it doesn't seems very dirty hor?
 you have no idea how dirty is it later you scroll down *giggles* 

actually you can get a smaller container , easier to wash and no need pour our so many .
the cleanser is oil based, so it can remove all the waterproof cosmetics in the brush . 
the smell is like peach and in transparent purple

you see, theres 2 ways to clean our brush, 
method 1 - you can put the cleaner on cotton pad and just use it to wipe the brush will do 
method 2 - just like me,  dip the brush into the cleaner and keep turn round and round,
you'll notice all the cleaner will be all suck up by the brush, what you need to do is squeeze out from the brush and do it again and again for 5 times


..and this is what you get in the end 
After.  omg So dirty ! the water turns into my foundation colour ...

who want milk tea? lol 

-after this just need to bring your brush go through tap water wash awhile 
-use towel to remove the water 
- let it air dry 
and we're done =D yeepee! 

tada!!! super clean & smelling good ! 

thanks for stopping by =D
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