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Thursday, 13 February 2014

YSL Glossy Lip Stain in #12 and YSL Volupte gloss in #206

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today I'm gonna  review YSL glossy stain #12 first 

#12 is a rosy red + a hint of orangy colour. 
suitable for people who want matured look. 
for me this colour is kinda special because rarely seen this colour 

This one I apply #6 all over my lip and #12 inner of my lip , I like gradient lip! 
you can mix and match with different shade of your YSL glossy stain, the outcome is surprisingly pretty! 


beautiful colours 

see the brush shape!! so cute!! it's a LIP shape !!! awww

the brush tip is very soft and flexible! 

the texture is thicker than the glossy stain and the smell is different too! 
This one smells like peach! 

classic ambassador pose. 
I should add a thumb up.

outdoor natural lighting 

this is the lip stain after I came back from ISETAN KLCC for 3 hours . 
the stain is very natural & moist my lip as well .usually normal lip stick/ lip gloss will dry my lip out after few hours  :/

*picture credit to taiwan famous blogger 花猴*
actually I wanted to get this colour #49 !!!! this colour so pretty!!!! 
very sweet purple tone pink colour with shimmers BUT sold out at singapore counter T_T 
this is YSL volute gloss best selling colour. 
anyway I'm going to 2 YSL beauty counter next few weeks , 
pray that I can get this colour and another few limited edition colours. 

bought this Korea Banana milk from Isetan KLCC food department. RM3.50 for each. 
taste not bad and smells good overall . but kinda pricy . drink it once in a month should be ok. lol 

overall YSL lip product is awesome if you put the price aside. lol. But it worth the price la, 
the colour #12 and #206 is kinda same from pictures here, but actually not really same,
 #12 is a pretty rose pink reddish colour . 
 #206 is a fuchsia pink colour .
here I put the colour swatch again for you to compare both colours. 
see, not really same right

  I'm going to Bangkok on next month early of March for 1 week! 
and I'm going to bangkok YSL beauty counter to purchase something ,
and if you want me to help you buy it just E-mail me or Facebook PM me. 
I can purchase for you and post it to you . 
YSL Glossy Stain is selling at RM120- RM130 each and poslaju is RM7 ya.

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and I'll keep you guys update while I'm in Bangkok  *


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