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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Malaysia KLIA Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) shopping + Bangkok Day 1

 Hello Hello Hello!! 

If you follow my Instagram / fb page you should knew I went to Bangkok last week right!
I took lots of nice Bangkok shopping photo's for you all!!! 
Bangkok is a very very nice country, this was my first visit to Thailand! 
all the people are very friendly & fashion 
I thought Bangkok is slightly not as canggih as Malaysia KL. 
They are WAYYYYY better than Malaysia now. 
all those BIG & famous high class brands like Tom Ford , YSL & many others choose to open at Bangkok instead of Malaysia... Malaysia oh Malaysia...when can you stop all those Bomoh things and focus on develop Malaysia into a better Malaysia...
Back to Topic, 
the city is very clean, very neat, with lots of nice foods, 
nice brand, nice & big shopping mall & etc etc...
although just 5 days , basically just 4 days , because 1 day is attend my husband friend wedding morning+ night . 

my flight at 2.10pm ,  we reached at 12pm+ so I still got time to do my shopping at
Malaysia  KLIA YSL :P
I already have 3 YSL glossy stain , 1 volupte gloss , but most of them I got it from friends and asked my sg friend help me to purchase it.  (yes, Singapore do have YSL beauty counter) 
I've googled many times for YSL KLIA, but it seems not much details of this shop. 
So here it is !
Let me be the first blogger to show you how YSL KLIA look like ;)

pretty & classy looking interior 

YSL Travel exclusive set ! 
selling at RM240 only. quite cheap, but I dint get it because the eye shadow colour is not really my cup of tea and the texture I don't really like it too .

Travel set price range RM200- RM300 

Gloss Volupte 

eye shadow , selling at RM190 for each palette  
I bought no 6 , the colour is very unique and the texture is really really shimmery & very fine! 
the sales girl told me this is Limited edition colour, once sold out not able to restock anymore. 
gonna do a review soon! 

if you have extra time (flight delay) you can sit down here and try all their products. lol 

some travel exclusive package set 

YSL perfume 

anyway if you wanna try the lip stick on your lips, you can ask the sales girl anytime , she'll help you clean the tester and take a new lip brush for you to try on. The brush was the actual size of the YSL Volupte gloss. So I think it's quite nice that they had this kind of service =) Bonus point added !

on my lips - YSL Voplupte Shine no.19 
Lip stick it self is a very purplish pink tone , but surprisingly turns out super pretty on my lip!  

reached our hotel at 4pm++ 
sorry I dint take any photo's of our hotel x( 
was too tired and not feeling really well...but still manage to get some selfies (LOL)
my room has a very big and pretty window , such a nice natural lighting 哪里可以错过对不对!
My purchase.... >_< I'll post about it next time 

after rest awhile , at around 6pm + we went to Terminal 21 shopping mall 

This shopping mall is full of local designer shops!!! 
you'll see a lot unique dress /top/bottoms
each floor is with different theme/ country. 
they have London, Japan, UK & few more. my favourite is Japan 

This one my favourite shop!  the colour is so pastel so feminine so lady so cute so beautiful !!!!
I dint check the price, But I guess is not going to be cheap, 
because all the dresses is very detailed and quality of the fabric is tip top
when I was going to ask the price, my husband stopped me. He said when are you going to wear this kind of dress.... :(   he's right.....not much chances I can wear ... SOB SOB

MY FAVOURITE DRESS IS THIS ONE !!! Simple & elegance !!!! 
at the back with a big bow. 
the colour matching, the design , the lace...ahhhhh 
sorry I couldn't take you back :( 
Mayb next time

 I feel like I'm at Japan lo honestly ! (although I never been to Japan Yet)  
you can get any style you want from here, cute style, punk style, lolita style, simple style...
you name it they have it .

This shop Wila the interior design so cute hor, the design of the clothes also my cup of tea, 
pastel, lace , animals and polka dots. But price very expensive...a top for around RM295 & up. 
But I guess is very very rare because the designer only produce  few pcs for each design.  

and some random nice deco shops 

I was planning to get some nice Thai Silk scarf from this trip, because I saw from Internet about Thai scarf,  the design is very very sweet ! with pastel colours, animals, ribbons, desserts, polka dots , lace elements . Which I saw it quite different from the scarfs that selling in Malaysia la. 
but surprisingly quite expensive...
cheapest start from RM90 up to RM130 and above . I thought RM30-RM50 can get 1 already. haha
I will pass it this time, dint exchange so many cash . maybe next time! 

this shop very very Liz Lisa style !!! 

you can purchase your own Ribbons material & DIY ! 

different interior 

customize colorful instax/cheki any1? 


sorry guys I dint take much photo's & dint purchase any thing from here = (
because I was totally sick after this, 
headache, dizzy & cold. But luckily after a good rest I'm all alright & able to shop again ! =D

Bangkok is really a shopping heaven !! MUST VISIT !!! 



  1. YSL counter 是在KLIA還是KLIA2呢?是要Check In才可以看到的嗎?

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  3. 请问ysl专柜要有登记飞机的人才可以看到吗?

  4. 请问klia2的ysl专柜要在check in之后才能买到的吗?

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