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Friday, 14 March 2014

Tutorial One. How to remove glitter nail polish easily

Hi girls! Sorry for not posting any post for the previous week! 
Because I went to Bangkok...teehee
Bangkok is a shopping/handcrafters/designer heaven!!!!
 Now I know why everyone like to go Bangkok with empty bag ! 
Especially Platinum mall <<< OMG!! FREAKING NICE & CHEAP CLOTHS!! 
ok ok, I'm way out of topic now, 
today I'll do a short tutorial on how to remove glitter nail polish easily
(don't worry, I will post my Bangkok trip next week! yay! ) 

My instagram followers will definitely know I like super glitters nail polish  XD
I bet a lot girls out there like it too, but what stop us is glitters  nail polish damn hard to remove wei !
right right right ??!! we have to keep rub it away again and again endlessly !
 wasted a lot of time and cotton pads . its not fun at all.

so let's start ! 

 The 4 basic tools we need for today.

-cotton pads
-nail polish remover 
-finger nail foil or normal kitchen foil also can 
(well, kitchen foil is definitely expensive a bit la, but we just only need a little 
because we can recycle to use it)

Step One - cut the cotton pads into 4 small pieces 

as long as it cover all your finger nail will do 

wet it . yes. wet it  XD

place it on your finger nail 

cut the foil into this size 

IMPORTANT POINT * wrap it tightly ! don't let any air go in 

like this. Just like a robot 
my suggestion is , do it on the left hand and after that only do right hand. 
don't do it both hands together. Because you're not able to anything once you wrap your fingers.
and you can use the foil on another hand later! see! smart & easy :P

8 to 10 mins later unwrap it ! 
 before unwrap please press the foil & cotton pad gently to left & right left & right , after that only take out your finger. wooolllaaaaa! it's sooo simple ! 

all the glitters left inside the cotton pads. 

and we're done! don't forget to apply hand cream after this to moisture ! 

after all fingers done let's see whats inside! 

Now every one can enjoy glitters nail !!! 

as easy as a cake!  Hope you enjoy my first tutorial  : > 
any comments/ suggestion are welcome!

Thanks for visit my blog 
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  2. Hi! Is the YSL counter located before or after the flight check in? Is is accessible for public that are not boarding onto the plane??