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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Miss Hana 24hours waterproof Eyeliner Review

Hi every one! 
I've heard a lot feed backs about my day 1 Bangkok trip post ,
 a lot of you told me you definitely going to bankrupt after visit YSL KLIA . lol 
yes you will !!!! muahahaha! =X 
alright, today I'm going to review MISS HANA Eyeliner pen.
Thanks Natta Cosme for letting me experience this Miss Hana waterproof eyeliner 
it's very famous in Hong Kong & Taiwan , there's many well known beauty blogger review this eyeliner before, and most of them given good comments about this products. 

where to purchase ? 
Click here! 

available in 4 colours! 

I was suppose to receive this parcel before my trip to Bangkok, but the postman delayed it =( 
but it's ok, at least I receive it after I came back from Bangkok.
so let's start shall we =D

Overall the packaging is very feminine with black lace on it 

natta cosme gave me 1 black colour & 1 choco brown 

#01  black is a very solid black colour without any shimmers
#03 Choco Brown is Dark brown colour with tiny golden shimmers in it 

it saids smudge proof, so let's try! I place my fingers on it and try to drag it really hard few times. 

it stays on! totally no smudge =O amazing!!! 

waterproof? let's try ! I place it under tap water for around 2mins 

amazing! absolutely water proof! now we can wear this to beach! hooray! 

a lot of you must be wondering , smudge proof, waterproof = hard to remove ? 
no, you're wrong . Here I'm  using my Bobbi Brown Oil smoothing make up remover,
just rub gently and it came off easily 


I'm using Black here. very easy to glide & draw on my eyelid 

eyeliner is very important , without eyeliner your eyes will look tired and lack of something 
and most important, it makes your eyes look bigger too! 

this eyeliner is suitable for girl who like Bold & solid eye liner , especially smokey eye! 

you can try different style too! 

I love this eyeliner seriously ! 
Normal price RM24.90 for each
 BUT NOW they are giving out special discount!!! 


Apply discount coupon

entitle to get RM5 offer when 
purchase any colour of 
Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner, 
this coupon 
expiry date will be on May 15th, 2014 

where to purchase ? 
Click here! 

after discount is just RM19.90 ONLY !!!  

here's my review about this eyeliner 

-100% smudge proof 
-100% waterproof 
-price is reasonable 
-packaging is cute & feminine 

-hope available in many others colour like red, pink, blue and many more 
-it doesn't include sharpener 

I hope you enjoy my review on this Miss Hana Eyeliner ! 
have a nice day! 
*next post I'm going to upload my daily natural simple & fast make up tutorial ! *

instagram : Valerieyan89

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