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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Video - How to create an easy & simple natural looking make-up within 5 mins

Hi all ! This is my second make up tutorial ! 
This video I'm going to teach 
 How to create an easy & natural looking make-up within 5 mins 

there's a lot fake & 3ce products in the market now, be a smart buyer! 
3CE products price range is from RM40- RM100++ 
if you saw those lip stick / lip pen / lip lacquer / highlighter / foundation selling below RM40 that's definitely is fake products from China :/ 

where do I get my authentic 3ce products? 
you can get it from here :

Video : 

Tools : 

'weapons' for today 

- 3ce Glossing waterful faoundation 
-3ce glam shadow in # golden bronze 
-3ce Super slim eye pen eyeliner in # Black
-3ce lip pigment in # electro pink
-Benefit blush in # Dandelion
-Etude House Color my brow in # brown
-YvesSaintLaurent Radiant touch in # 2

where do I get my authentic 3ce products? 
you can get it from here :

I only use 3ce glam cream eyeshadow #gold bronze in this video , but I because i have 2 colours, so I just swatch both colours on my hand to show you . This cream eyeshadow is creamy & very pigment, it will stay on your eyelid super long. oily skin also can use. 

smokey grey is grey colour with silver glitters, but I not sure why in this picture it some how look like greenish grey 0_0  it's a very pretty grey I must say . 

3ce super slim pen eyeliner in BLACK ! 
the brush is super super super fine and soft , previously I'm using Dolly Wink eyeliner, but this 1 is far way more easier to draw and fine if compare to Dolly Wink. It can draw up to 0.01cm . 
use this to draw lower eyelashes is the best ! 

Lip I'm using 3ce lip pigment in electro Pink

super pigment ! 1 tiny tube you can use for very very long. 
it's a bit dry after you apply on your lips, better put some transparent lip gloss or lip balm to keep it moisture :) 

Hope you like my 2nd make up tutorial ! 
good luck ! 

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  1. ur so pretty I can't believe ur a mother of a child!
    I love ur blog design! Did u designed it urself?? =D

    1. hello! yea, I'm a mother of a baby boy ! Thanks! basically I told my designer what design/style I want and she did it for me =D Thanks for visiting! have a good day ^_^

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  3. Amazing!! Love your makeup tutorial so much, so natural <3 <3 Love it!!